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In summer 2012, I decided after about 10 years of...

In summer 2012, I decided after about 10 years of waiting to get my second tattoo. For years, I wanted a second one, everyone I knows has sleeves, large tattoos etc... so it was easy to get absorbed in the culture and influenced by others.

Regardless, I made the choice to get it done and there I was, almost instantly regretting the decision. After many hours, days and weeks went by, I knew it simply wasn't me. Although the tattoo wasn't horrible, it also wasn't what I asked for. It was larger than what I expected and didn't suit my personality.

It hit me pretty hard emotionally and I was not myself for many weeks as I felt guilty and as though I ruined my life to some extent. I was an individual who enjoyed the beach and exercised regularly and there I was, unable to even take off my shirt when I was alone. It affected my happiness, my job and my relationships with the people I love. Seeing the tattoo in the mirror, just made me feel so stupid and I hated myself deep down for making such a poor decision, especially at 30 years old.

I found a clinic in Toronto that offered a new laser called "Tatt-X. " I rolled the dice, but the bullet and decided to endure the R20 treatment in an attempt to fast track my tattoo removal.

My tattoo was 3 months old at the time of my first appointment. I received a numbing cream an hour prior to the session. I couldn't feel anything when touched so I was confident heading in. The first pass was still painful with the cream as were the remaining three. They were increasingly more painful with each successive pass as the numbing effect gradually wore off over the duration of the appointment. If you've ever heard the comparison to hot bacon grease on your skin, it's about right.

Almost immediately after the treatment the skin was very red and I had blistering, which is normal. The blisters were all over, more so on the darker sections. The blisters drained on their own over the next week or two, and I kept it covered and applied polysporin for about 3 weeks after just to be sure.
I could some some minor clearing in the days after bu most of it came in the 6 weeks afterwards and I feel it is still occurring slightly heading into the seventh week. I am scheduled to go back in a few more weeks so I will keep a close eye on the fading as I hope to see more yet. Although I was expecting more fading overall, I think it was a positive first step in what looks to be a year to a year and a half process.

I will continue to update you all as I go along as best I can with more photos. Good luck to everyone else going through this, keep smiling!


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Just checking in to see how you are progressing with your treatments, hope all is well!

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Any update on the fading? Like yourself, I only have the outline to remove.
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aloha bossfish, I hope you are seeing continued fading. I too got a much desired tattoo last October after waiting years...but alas it wasn't me and not what I expected at all. So I started laser removal almost as soon as it was healed and this past week began the R20 (the clinic's new standard procedure). I hope I see fading like you say you have seen. So I hope it's going well with you and we'd love to hear an update. all the best. aloha...k
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How is your progess since your last R20 session? Hoping for lots of fading for you! I would love to see more pictures if you have any!
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ouch! Thanks for the update :)
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Congrats on getting started with your removal. Thank you for sharing so openly how the tattoo was affecting you emotionally. Its so important that people see they aren't the only ones experiencing those emotions, so thank you for being brave enough to be open about it.

Looking forward to hearing how your sessions go!

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Great post - thanks for sharing as this is a new machine, interested to see the results. I am near Toronto, I didn't hear about this machine...wish I knew, but my treatments are going well.    
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I can definitely relate on how you described your feelings! What colors are in your tattoo?
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My tat was all black, fading has improved in the last 2 weeks. I will post more photos before my next treatment and after of course.
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Your story sounds all to familiar! I had my 3 children's names tattooed on my wrist on nov 17. I thought for a long time about it. I had some touch ups done a month later, thinking that I might like it a little more but still didn't. I felt that it changed me in every sense. It would make me almost sick to even look at it. It is just not for me! Talk about quilt too, it being my kids names!! I am starting laser removal on feb 15. It is so nice to know that we are not alone in all our feeling of regret. Good luck to you! I noticed you were in Alberta too!
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Good luck and let me know how it goes!
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