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Major Regret After Only 2 Weeks - Toronto, ON

It's been 2 weeks since I made the mistake. It...

It's been 2 weeks since I made the mistake. It wasn't a quick decision - I had consulted and sat on it for over 6 months. I really thought about it, yet am paralyzed now with regret.
I have gone in for 2 consultations thus far and have 3 more over the next 3 days. I have booked a tentative date for my first session on November 1st - 6 weeks after the mistake. My tattoo is fairly large and is only in black ink. There are some dark elements to it, but I would say that 60-70% is the dotted/faded look.(for some reason, I have this thought that my artist used super ink that will never come out!)
Does anyone have a recommendation for a tattoo removal place in Toronto? I have heard great things on-line about Shane at Fading Fast? My tattoo place said to go to the Baywood Clinic. Does anyone have feedback?
Also, how do you get over the regret and move past? I know that I need to stay positive and I have a lot to be thankful of, but I just can't shake it at times. I'm happy that I found this group and I will continue to update with photos and words.

New Session booked

So, I have had another 2-3 consultations since I last posted. One of those consultations was at Fading Fast with Shane and I am booked for the 16th. From the moment I walked in, I felt good about the process - which was a first for me in over 2 weeks. Being a former artist himself, he was able to tell me the different techniques used and how long it would take to remove. He did not fill me with promises of 100% removal, but said that we can get 'pretty damn close' for sure. And it is also comforting to know that he ONLY does tattoo removal. It's what he does all day, every day.
My mood is much better now. I have my days when I let regret take over for a bit, but it is only a tattoo. Nothing else about me changed that day. I made a bad decision, but I must move forward. I will post a pic closer to the day of my first session. Right now, I think it would be safe think that I will need anywhere from 10-12 sessions.
Thanks to all that have offered words of support.
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Hey there checking in to see how you are making out with your treatments. 

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I just had my second treatment at Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery (ask for Jennifer!) and am very happy with the results thus far. I have an upper back tattoo in black ink only and it is healing nicely and fading. **************.com for my blog!

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Thanks for the update, what kind of machine does Shane use? I have great things about his shop so I think you are in good hands. I am curious what he has to say about the different techniques he uses, can you expand on that?

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Bless your heart. I know exactly how you feel. I have the same shame & regret and it sucks. I'm sorry you're having to go through this too. I don't have any idea of where to tell you to go, as I am all the way down south in Alabama and the nearest place to me that offers laser removal is a two hour drive away :( :( I have my first consultation this coming Friday and hopefully they'll go ahead with the first "session". Please post pictures of your progress. Best of luck!
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Welcome to the community!! I am so happy you found this group, it's filled with amazing people who continue to offer support and guidance, such wonderful people!!  Where is your tattoo located? Black ink responds very well to laser, especially shaded ink, and being dot work, that should respond very well too! Let us know how your consultations go.


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I had a tattoo removal done at the Institute of Cosmetic and Laser Surgery in Oakville, here is the website: ****removed website*** They have all the up to date lasers so you can have a consultation and they will advise which one is the best for you. I had about 12 sessions done in total on my X-Large multi colored tattoo / The colors are gone but now I have a scar , the skin looks like it was bleached. It's called hyperpigmentation. My tattoo resulted in a scar because the first few sessions I had somewhere else, a local spa, and their laser was no longer removing the ink on my tattoo, that's when I got referred to The Laser Institute and I had the rest of the sessions done there. If it wasn't for the large size of the tattoo and the multicolor I would have probably had it removed with less sessions and less scarring so I can't really blame the clinic, they did their best, I would still recommend this place. I am not sure if any laser treatment can treat now the hyperpigmentation scar . If anyone here has any information about this please share.

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In the above post I meant to say the scar is hypopigmentated (skin looks bleached); there is a little bit of hyperpigmentation as well(skin looks darker in certain spots)
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Will the hypo and hyperpigmentation go away with time? I've heard that they sometimes do. Also, was the damage done at the first spa? Thanks for the feedback. I had a consultation this weekend at Fading Fast with Shane. It was fantastic. I have yet to go for my first session, but I am feeling better about the process already. How long did it take to complete the 12 sessions? And how large was the tattoo?
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the hypo and hyper pigmentation will not go away. I completed the sessions over 3 yrs ago and no improvement in the scar. The tattoo was about 5-6 inches ..Some minor damage was done at the first spa where I did my first 5 treatments..Then as I continued with the treatments the skin became more damaged. I feel that if I went to the institute from the beginning the tattoo would have responded better to their lasers and would have required less sessions. It took about 8 months to complete all sessions, then I took a break, (had a baby so I didn't want to expose my skin to lasers during pregnancy), then went back and had one more session after a year. Overall I am not happy with how my skin looks. There is a big visible scar on my arm with 2 tones of pigments(bleached and dark). Also some of the pink ink was not entirely removed but it became darker red. Apparently it has something to do with the chemicals used in the paint to obtain the pink that the laser can't break. I also find it hard to cover it with makeup because of the size. It looks obvious. . Not trying to discourage you, just better be aware of what might occur.. everyone's skin is different and the colors used for tattooing are all different, so hopefully your experience will be a positive one. Best of luck with that and keep as posted on how it goes.
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Thanks for the honest reply. I am aware of what could/might happen during the process. What keeps my spirits up is that my tattoo is only black which is best for removal. My tattoo is 6x6, so quite large, but about half of that is faded. I'll keep you all posted.
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