Stopping Invisalign Mid-treatment, Refunds?

So far so good...However, my ortho intial consult...

so far so good...However, my ortho intial consult said my treatment would be 1.5 to 2 years. However, with only 12 trays for the top it means 6-8 month completion, and 24 trays about a year. I felt that the quoted price was over compensated for the time which is not reflected in my treatment!

My invisalign treatment includes 12 trays for the top and 24 trays for the bottom. My main concern was for the top where I had a gap in the front teeth. However, because of the significant cost of the treatment, I feel I will be satisfied by stopping the FULL treatment to the 12th tray where my top will be completed. Since I did not know the full extend of my treatment before they quoted the price, is it possible to request this? What sort of refunds can I expect back?


I have always wanted to try Invisalign. I should get a consultation from my dentist and see how much it would cost me.
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If you are in the Washington DC area I can refer you to a great Invisalign dentist.
Refinements, "If the patient wants to change the end position because the actual position is not optimal, new aligners are ordered, which are usually included in the originally quoted cost, called a 'Refinement" (Wiki). I tried looking up a more credible source but couldn't find anything. I'd into your invisalign contract or contact invisalign directly and explain your situation.
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