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I am 39 with fair and oily skin. I got the...

I am 39 with fair and oily skin. I got the procedure 4 weeks ago and the only changes I can see, so far, are negative.

I went for enlarged pores, few sun spots, acne scars around the mouth, and fine lines around the eyes. As my skin is over-reactive (my whole body is in fact), I started with a session of intense pulsed light to see what would be the reaction. Everything went well and I decided to go for SmartX 3 months later.

The procedure was extremely painful (and I have had my share of physical pain in my life, trust me). I looked like a monster for 5 days, which was expected. I could not wear makeup after 10 days, because it was useless: my skin was too red and the dots still too visible.

Here I am, a month later, and I still see the dots everywhere, even though they are fading very slowly. My skin is very red on the region under my eyes, going towards the hairline, where we usually have freckles. The overall color of my skin has changed. Compared with the skin close to the hairline that was not treated, you can see it is much darker. My skin breaks out a lot, with 2 new pimples a day on average, oddly all on the left side of my face. As for the issues the treatment was supposed to fixed, so far I cannot see a difference. For two weeks the bags under my eyes went away (that was a good surprise), but otherwise, nothing.

At this point, I am just praying that my "old face" will come back. I want the red patches to go away and my fair colored skin. (Any comment from people with similar experience will be welcome!)

My subjective and personal conclusion, based on the technical information I gathered, opinions from online forums, and my experience is that you don't know what will be the result. If you have money to spend, do not have a sensitive skin/body/system, and are ready to take the risk that the results may be minimal, if not absent, go for it. I believe my case is rare and that problems like mine are rare. This said, they do happen and you have to be aware of it. Otherwise, get a couple of books by the Dalai Lama and learn to be compassionate with yourself and the way you look.


Hi Ado, I'm very sorry to hear your story. I had pretty bad skin when I was younger but it all changed when I learnt that skin problem is more than skin deep. The 1st thing I did was dealt w my digestive system- strictly no processed or fast food, lots of yogurt,digestive enzymes plus multi vitamin esp vit A & E crucial for the skin. I saw amazing improvement in a few months. But I still had an oily T-zone with open pores, surface wrinkles, n sagging skin. I used light make-up to camouflage all that the last 10 yrs n then I discovered smartxide.
I did my 2nd smartxide 8 days ago. The 1st time it took longer to heal but the results were amazing. Many of my friends n I were impressed. This time the healing is much faster. My skin is a little rough to the touch but the results are just as amazing. I guess laser treatment treats the skin nearer the surface but one's health has to be properly looked after n the body supplied with proper nutrients for repair n rejuvenation to take place. Getting to bed on time n having sufficient sleep are impt. Cigarettes r also known to contain many harmful toxins for the skin. Hope this helps.
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Yes, it does help. Thank you for your comment.
I'm 39 medium n did a smartxide mid Feb 2011. The results were impressive n enticed me to go back for my 2nd round ytd. First time I could not take the pain n asked for sedation after which I had bad nausea n giddiness. Ytd I still could not take the pain but because I had to go to work after the treatment I could not ask for sedation. I cried n cried but after 2 hours the pain subsided n now I'm looking forward to next week when the new skin will surface. Be patient. Every one has a different ability. Taking some vitamin A, C & E always helps.
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I have the weird impression I was either not well informed of the possible side effects, or someone could not use their toy properly.

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