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I've been trying to lighten my skin for the past...

I've been trying to lighten my skin for the past seven years now. Due to my abusing hydroquinone, azelaic acid and monobenzone, (a powerful whitening agent used by people with vitilligo) I am dealing with hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation on my face. It's quite depressing but I've learned my lesson.

When it comes to lightening skin, slow and steady usually wins the race. I'm peeling my skin with Maxi Peel #3 from head to toe. After a week or two I'll start using Fair & Flawless 5X cream on my upper body. While I use Pro Derma light's 10% hydroquinone 3 times a week on my lower body.
I'll moisturize with Shea butter and use a mild soap.

Once I've evened out my overall complexion, it's time to get glutathione injections. I've already had a consultation and he suggests I get them twice a week along with Vitamin c injections.


Thanks so much for sharing on RealSelf.  We'd love to see some pics so we can follow your progress.
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My results after using Maxi peel

I used maxi peel all over my body about a week ago and I'm still peeling. Once my skin began to shed, there was a bit of redness but it went away soon after. The peel was far too mild for me. I realize that I'll need something stronger ,like a tca peel, in order to completely remove my blemishes. This is why I've just purchased Makeup artists Choice 12.5% TCA peel.

My skin is much softer now but the itchiness I suffered during the peel was almost unbearable.
I will never do a full body peel ever again. One step at a time from now on.

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More pics


Hi where would you be getting your gluta shots?
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Hi, I'll be getting them from the Liberty Clinic here in Toronto,Canada

TCA peel results so far

As you can see in the following pics ,I was dealing with quite a bit of hyperpigmentation on the side of my face. I applied 3 layers of the solution to the area and it looks like I won't have this issue anymore. I also applied the peel to my legs and feet. So far I haven't noticed any peeling. The area is just scaly.
Wish me luck,
Be back soon XOX


♥ yes yes please do keep us posted! What is the name of your glutathione product? If you don't mind me asking love.
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Try using another organic moisturizer instead of Shea butter because I read that it attracts the reflect of sun to ones skin especially dark skin.
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Yes you have to be very careful with TCA I have heard very scary stories about that chemical.
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