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Fixed my Breathing Problem - Toronto, ON

I had a rhinoplasty done 2 years ago which left me...

I had a rhinoplasty done 2 years ago which left me with breathing difficulties. my family doctor recommended Dr. Solomon and I'm glad that she did! I had a deviated septum and apparently not enough cartilage to support my airways (which made my nose look collapsed on the sides). its only been a month since my surgery and there is still a lot of internal swelling so my breathing is not perfect yet but I can already breath better than before. also, my nose looks way better now! he added cartilage to open up the airways so now it doesn't look collapsed and its perfectly symmetrical! I wish I had done my rhinoplasty with him cause its obvious it would have given amazing results.

before and after photos

Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Solomon is a very nice person who listens to you and is never rude. after the surgery, he explained everything that he did and cleared up any concerns I had.

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P.S. you have a very cookie cutter nose. All his patients end up with the same pathetic nose. He has no skill and can only do one type of nose. He does not have the skills to individualize his noses.
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oh thank you very much for insulting my looks! I'm sorry you had a bad experience but you shouldn't go around being rude to his other patients and mocking how they look. Also, as I said before, he only did a septoplasty and not a rhinoplasty.
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never rude???? are you kidding me? I think telling an unhappy patient to F off is pretty rude. he is a wolf in sheep's clothing.
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I'm sorry, but I have a hard time believing any doctor can get away with telling their patient to F off. If what you said is really true, why didn't you report him?
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you can ask him why I did not report him. I was in his office with my husband. I sent him an email regarding the breathing issues and apparently he was on vacation while I was emailing him. He was frustrated clearly by emails and he said I quote " F-off all ready". Believe me, I wish this were not true. I do apologize about the cookie cutter nose comment. that was unfair. But if you have a minute to look, look at all his noses. they are alllllll the same. I wish I did my research (which I thought I had done) Every time I look in the mirror or have a free second to think, I am reminded of what this man did to my face. Who am I to report to? The plastic surgery industry is not regulated and these so called doctors can do whatever they want and no one will do a damn thing about it. I could file a complaint against him with the CPSO which I am still considering. I spoke to the CPSO a couple of times and no one can stop you from making a formal complaint and you can not get into legal trouble if you do, contrary to what some doctors want you to believe. You can try and file a lawsuit, but that will cost you thousands and a lot of time. I have already consulted with a lawyer as many of his other patients have. I don't wish my experience or nightmare on anyone. I will make every effort to post a factual review of my experience with dr Solomon. I am almost 1 year post op and wanted to be "fair" to see if this blob on my face is just swelling as he calls it. He is manipulative and has lied to me since day one. You are very lucky not to be in the shoes that some of his patients are in now. It is literally worse than Hell I am sure of it.
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Iam shocked .
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Thank you for sharing. I'm glad you are breathing better!
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Of course, no photos of these "amazing" results??? Would you like to share photos to prove your credibility?
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I just posted before and after photos. I realize some people might think my after nose looks worse considering it's wider but I just hated how sharp and pointy the tip looked before. also, please keep in mind that this was just a septoplasty. so its not like like I was expecting a better looking nose but it was just bonus that I ended up liking my new nose better. Anyway, I read your review and I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry about what you had to go through.
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Thanks so much for posting your photos. I'm so glad you are happy with the results. Dr. Solomon was absolutely horrid to me: he was never rude but rather very deceptive and manipulative. He could not wait to shoo me away from his office despite his earlier promises. I now know it was because he had to spend "time" on fixing my nose and his speed nose-jobs do not let him focus on one patient for an extended period of time! It is a shame that money and greed come before another human being's health and wellbeing (physical and emotional). Thanks again for responding to me and taking the time to read my review. Keep well :))
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i'm so sorry, that sounds like a really stressful and frustrating experience, especially when the doctors behaviour makes everything worse. and you're right, its really sad that some doctors don't care as much as they should about their patients. I really hope everything turns out well for. best wishes =)
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