My Nose Looks Bigger and Tip Looks Bigger, and No Shape - Toronto, ON

I got a nose job 1 year ago, it use to be thin and...

I got a nose job 1 year ago, it use to be thin and had bump and to be honest it looked better before then now, my tip now looks more bigger as you can see, no shape, and the tip looks more bulbus, and as you can see in the picture my right side of my nose has a bump... what can i do to fix my nose what solution do you guys think. Do you think its possible to get it smaller thinner and more natural profile curvature line and more refinement.... PLS HELP!


Would you be willing to come to californi to get a specialist in middle eastern rhinoplasty and revision rhino?
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I think you look good! Handsome as is.
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Thanks for sharing here on RealSelf! I think you're nice looking as is, too, but if you're interested in a revision, you can check out our rhinoplasty revision community. Make sure to choose a board certified surgeon VERY experienced in revisions. Good luck and please let us know what you decide to do!
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