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I've always had great brows. They're thick and...

I've always had great brows. They're thick and bushy but my real issue is that they grow like weeds and reshaping them was always a hassle when they started growing so fast and out of control. I started using a #1 guard on my trimmer and shaving them down and just drawing them in with brow powder. So, of course on days I didn't feel like drawing them in I'd look like a freak! I was told I should get them done a while back because my shape was off. I didn't think my shape was off. My eyebrows were fine. I've always shaped my eyebrows as nice as possible, but on the off time I would over tweeze and could not make both sides even. So enough was enough. I did a bunch of research online and found Tina Davies from Natural Effects Permanent Makeup in Toronto. She posts a lot of her work online on FB and her website. I loved that she did feathering rather than the solid eyebrows. Her wait time to get an appointment is approximately 3 to 4 months!!! That really goes to show how in demand she really is, so obviously people trust her and she gets so booked up. It was worth the wait.

She did the consultation and drew in my eyebrows to make sure I like the shape. The appointment took maybe 45 minutes from start to finish. She tweaks parts here and there and sends you home with an after care kit. Naturally the color fades after a month and you go in for a touch up to darken parts you feel need it. Most of my color faded so she decided to go a bit darker for my touch up.

I now no longer need to draw my eyebrows in. Reshaping isn't needed because all I do is tweeze the strays around the tattooed area. If I accidently over tweeze and area you cannot tell.

This procedure was absolutely worth it in my opinion!!! First things first, you MUST do research and ask to see any previous work that was done by the artist!! I cannot stress this enough because I've read about such nightmares and have been told about them. This is a permanent procedure. It cannot be undone. If the artist doesn't have the experience or uses poor technique you can have a very ugly result. I paid $600 and that's a fair price to pay for someone with more than 10 years experience and has over 10,000 procedures.

So I had a touch up appointment about 2 months...

So I had a touch up appointment about 2 months after to address some fading issues. I loved the tone and was hoping she could go over the brows with harder strokes so they'd take darker. Instead she suggested a darker tone in color because I said I didn't mind darker. It was fine during the first week because I knew it was supposed to be much darker during that stage. But after the initial scabbing came off it stayed the dark black tone. It looked fake and harsh. I felt like everyone was staring at my eyebrows. I just had to book another touch up to correct this issue. My brows were now darker than my natural hair colour.

So one month after my first touch up I got them toned. She basicly put a warm reddish tone on top of the blackish parts. Much better!! Currently I'm in my healing stage and I like them much better now. Hope they still look good in a month when the healing is complete. I love that Tina stands behind her work and will fix issues even after having done the initial touch up.

I highly suggest not ever going the black or gray black at all. It fades into a very unnatural looking color.
Tina Davies

After much research and seeing how long it took to get an appointment I chose Tina Davies to do my permanent makeup.

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They look great, a lovely shape
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what kind of ointment?
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She gave me A&D ointment. But only a very thin layer is to be used. After about 3 days it scabs over so I use my regular face cream over it. The scabs fall off after 7 days.
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Haha you're funny!! It takes about a week for it to completely flake off. At that point it'll look lighter than it should. Then at about a month you will see spots that may need touching up. By then you should book to get a touch up. Then about two months it will even out completely and look its best! Life is so much easier not needing to shape and fill. Looking back at pictures from recent years I really wish I had gotten them done sooner. My eyebrows really started thinning in my late twenties. They used to be so full and thick in my younger years. Enjoy your brows!!! Best thing ever when they're done well.
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Thanks for the tips. I send a picture to my technician to see what she suggested. I also need her to touch up the shape that's slightly off. One seems to point to an arch at an angle and the other has more of a curved arch. Hopefully just a slight touch up to correct the difference. I'll give it a few more weeks and see how everything looks after it heals more. I'm a little impatient to have brows that look great without having to paint them on and worry about them smudging or sweating off. Hopefully they look as good as yours do. It's amazing how they look just like individual hair lines. I'm thinking about having a warmer brown added to the color if it doesn't improve, even though the dark brown matches my natural shade it appears more like a black brown and my hair has a lot of natural red tones. Anyway, thanks again for your post!
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To soften the brow colour you can always put a little mineral powder over them to diffuse the darkness making it look a little more natural. Being dark might be a consolation in the long run? As they won't fade so quickly, and last longer till your due a colour refresh in a couple of years.
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Now these are a Great! Set of brows, you should be really proud. Well done the technician who did these. I would be happy to go to this person.
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Wow, they look beautiful!! Please keep us updated on if there are any changes (ie color change, color bleeding/fading, etc.) over the next few months, or if you just get to enjoy those perfect brows!

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The first session's brows faded a lot actually. I just went back at around 7 weeks post procedure for the touch up. I'm pretty sure it'll stay darker because she went a darker shade this time. The ink she uses does not bleed. They're not like the old school inks they used to use. LOL!
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Oh cool, good to know. Was there a charge for the touch-up or was that just part of the deal?

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For the price I paid I'd better have free touch ups. LOL!! Yes she includes a free touch up within a 4 month window after the procedure. Even during my touch up procedure she told me if there's anything that fades come back in for another touch charge!! She said she just want us to be happy with our brows. I will update again once the healing is done. Currently they're in the scabbing stage.
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That is great that the touch-ups are included. It sounds like you found a great artist. Ok, I'm not familiar with what the scabbing stage is like besides the obvious implications from the name. So fill me in - how bad does it look? Can you go out & feel ok, or is it like big noticeable scabs?

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With the feathering technique fortunately only small splinter like pieces scab and dry. Then they fall off. For the solid technique (which my sister got done) it comes off in clumps. A bit of color comes off as well and it is ugly. LOL!! After about a week to ten days most will have come off and the true color appears in about a month once the skin heals over. Going out in public is perfectly fine. It just looks like you drew in pencil a bit darker. For the scabbed parts just filling them in a bit evens it out. Not painful, just extremely itchy at times and also tight feeling like your skin is overly dry.
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I love your results! I just had mine done here in TN almost a week and a half now. I applied the ointment for 4 days and kept them moist. Now it's beginning to dry up and SLOWLY flake off. I wish they would hurry up and the skin would fall off and leave it normal looking. Today was the first day I went out and the transparent skin that reminds me of a snake molting makes the color look like a greyish black, not natural. I had to wet the shadow powder I was using to fill in my brows and use a fine brush to basically paint color on top of the tattoos so it looked as normal as possible. Do you remember if the crusty skin took this long to flake off and if that was partly the greying affect you experienced? Thanks for any tips!
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