He Gave Me a Wide, Bulbous, Crooked Nose, and Nerve Damage…Think Twice...- Toronto, ON

I did my primary revision with Dr. Solomon in 2010...

I did my primary revision with Dr. Solomon in 2010. During these past 4 years, I've experienced nothing but physical and emotional pain, agony, and excruciating sense of guilt over choosing this doctor while I had a very negative gut feeling about him.
From his reviews on this site and another website, I can see that he has started to "care" about what's being said about him. I hope he reads this review.

When I went to him, having consulted about 7 other very qualified plastic surgeons, he seemed to be cold, indifferent, dismissing,derogatory, and rushed. I left his office feeling that I would never return to him. It was only after consulting with my dermatologist that I was persuaded to return to Solomon, because, as she said, my rhinoplasty was a simple job and other doctors were simply charging too much! She also told me that she had heard so many good things about him. It was only after my botched surgery that she said she'd actually heard about him through the media and his paid ads in beauty magazines!!! She has also told me she will never refer anyone to him ever again...

Dr. Solomon turned my beautiful, completely straight nose into a mashed eggplant. I asked him only to narrow my nostrils and correct my deviated septum. He gave me an ugly, botched tip-plasty and cut too much cartridge from the right side. He also caused a nerve damage that has left me in pain to this date. After talking to his other patients that I'd found on the internet (and yes, all those negative reviews are from different, very real, sane individuals), that I realized I am not his only victim. My nose is: bulbous, wide, crooked, collapsed tip, and worsened breathing problems. My nose is now so crooked and droopy that every revision surgeon I consult tell me out-right that my problems are due to an obvious surgeon's error.

Finally, after many steroid injections (him thinking that it would make my bulbous tip smaller), he finally agreed to do a "revision septoplasty" telling me that I may have no cartridge left to be fixed (his mistake to begin with…) and that there is nothing more he can do. I am sure he is only doing that to charge the health ministry and from the experience sod his other patients he will never even attempt to fix his mess. I cannot trust him with a revision; I cannot really see him as a caring, competent surgeon. My primary was under 50 minutes, and from what I know, most his surgeries are under 1 hour (as I was informed by a nurse the day I went for my pre-admission tests at the Etobicoke General Hospital). I've been so depressed that, for the past 4 years, I cry every time i see myself in the mirror, don't let anyone take a picture of me, and absolutely believe that my face and facial expressions have changed since the surgery. Scared and untrusting of other surgeons, along with financial burden of doing a revision, I think Dr. Solomon is absolutely a horrible "surgeon" who does not possess qualities of care and responsibility, or professional competence.


The word, cartridge, in my posts should be replaced by: "cartilage" --sorry for the typo :)
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OMG! Thank you for posting this review on Dr. Solomon. I have had nothing but problems with my nose which I originally had done back in 2007 by Dr. Solomon. If you can believe it I went to Dr. Solomon a total of 3 times to get him to fix his mistakes. He is not a good doctor. He rushes people and doesnt listen to what you want and then says there isnt much else he can do. I keep hearing this from other people who have gone to him too. I should have done more research before I chose him but I was lured in with his advertising, nice office and tv appearances he has done. I am sorry that you too are not happy with your nose. All these years having to have my nose fixed and I was so dumb to keep going back to him. If I had chosen another PS I bet I wouldnt have had to go through all this and be happy with how I look. I want to consult another surgeon but I dont have money to get a revision right now. :(
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Unfortunately, there are many of us--his victims--out there. Please believe every complaint about him on different websites as they are all true and I have actually had direct contact with many of those patients, and have seen first hand what he's done to people's faces, men and women. I saw your pictures and I have to say that I have similar problems. You are right, my nose also looked better right after surgery when I still had swelling--at least you could't see the asymmetrical tip and crooked nose. Reading through your post was like talking about my own experience. However, he also cut too much cartridge from the right side of my nose, which means my nose is extremely crooked. The reason that your tip is bulbous and big is because the implant to hold up your tip was improperly placed, and your nose rejected the implant. When you look at my nose, it looks like someone is pushing a sharp object through my skin. My tip is also very droopy and my face looks like it was all tangled up in an accident. I never had a negative self-image before this surgery. I did it because I thought I would look better with narrower nostrils. Never, ever, I asked him to change my profile or do a tip-plasty. This so-called surgeon is the epitome of greed and incompetence. Surgeons I consult are in awe of his enormous errors. And believe me, all of his "colleagues" are familiar with his left-over mess as I've been told by a few of them. I decided not to my revision with him, because I cannot trust this doctor. His patients who had gone under his knife warned me about his so-called "revisions" that will leave you in more pain and agony. I am so traumatized that I can't even trust anyone else even though I know for a fact, that he is properly one of the worst out there. He has no empathy and no sense of responsibility over his errors. A simple acknowledgement of his mistakes would have calmed me down, or reassuring me that he would do his best to correct the situation. And you are right again, going with another doctor would have spared me of this pain. But for me, personally, knowing that there are others who understand my pain makes me feel a bit better. It's such a feeling of guilt and regret when your nose pre-op was more beautiful and flawless than post-op. It's like I paid him thousands of $ to punch me in the face! :(


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3 years later


I couldnt see the after picture very clear before as it was very dark. I thought it might have been just my monitor but now the picture you just updated is alot more clear. Wow, I totally see the drastic change! It looks like how my nose looks! Crazy! This makes me really sad. We trusted Dr. Solomon and look what he did to us. As soon as I log in here I see a thing for recommended doctors and hes always one of them. They use our computers location to determine our location and they list doctors that are located around us. And like you mentioned even on google hes always on top! I requested my medical files from his office last week. I am expecting them to come in the mail. I will need these so I can show future PS's exactly what he did. I have never gotten another doctors opinion other then his and I want to go see another one badly to see what they think. Dr. Oakley has alot of positive reviews on the many sites Ive checked. And Ive talked to someone who went to Solomon 3x like me and then was very unhappy like us and Dr. Oakley fixed his mistakes.
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Just sent you a note and some info. See your INBOX.
He does a "cookie cutter" job on every single patient...for some, it works (and they are happy) and for others, like us and many others, it does not. The difference between A good, competent surgeon and someone like Solomon is to adapt and adjust his skills to suit different individuals. This is where his incompetence and irresponsibility show. I am 100% positive that not other surgeon would have done the damage that he's done to my nose; no one I've ever consulted (per and post-op) was so competent to not even tell me what he was going to do to my face, just saying: "I know what to do, I can help you".


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Odo, the Changeling (have to see the humour, otherwise it gets very depressing)

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Odo, the Changeling (have to see the humour, otherwise it gets very depressing)


You said he did your primary revision? Then who did the primary surgery?
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Sorry, I loathe my iPad autocorrect! I only had a PRIMARY rhinoplasty, and haven't had any revision yet. Thanks for your pointing out the typo. Are you planning on a primary or revision?
Not to make you feel worse, but your original nose looked perfect!!!! That would be how I would want my nose to look if I could pick a nose. I'm considering getting my nose done but am terrified of ending up with a bad result.... I hope you're able to be happy with your nose again soon.
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Sorry, I meant to say that I had my "primary rhinoplasty" done with Dr. Solomon. I have not had any revision yet.


Torontonian.. your story reminds me of mine.. VERY VERY similiar. I was only 20 years old when I went to Dr.Solomon.. At the time I was making $8.75/month working in a factory. I had broken my nose when I was only 14, and saved up $6000 to get a nose job done; I wanted this more than I wanted a car ( I'm a male). I finally saved up, and finally said let's do it! I did not do my research, and went to Solomon. I figured hey, he's cheap, and I can't afford $8000-$10,000 on a nose job with anyone else, what could possibly happens? He's a rhinoplasty specialist and his pictures and website look amazing! So I went a long with it, and yes, he did rush me out and yes he was eager to get my money (him and his damn receptionist; only reason why I went back was because I forgot my cell phone in his office :( )... I went a long with the surgery, and my gf at the time told me he ran out after he finished my surgery... (In other words he rushed!)... My nose was bleeding like crazy. While I was recovering I was so happy! (while my cast was on) I figured, FINALLY... No more big,hooked,flarry,droopy nose... My new straight, smaller,chisled nose is FINALLY HERE!.. BUT NO!!! My nose was a disaster! I called solomon freaking out but of course, he doesn't care.. tells me book another appointment next year. Did it, and guess what? my nose is now damn crooked... It looks like Mike Tyson punched me :(.. I wish my straight front profile. Anyways, I learned my lesson.. Always do your research... $6000 gone, and a crooked profile later! Thanks Dr.Solomon! I hope my money curses you and gives you 10 x the pain I go through everytime I see my ugly nose in pictures! (I run away from the camera, and I HATE smiling because my nose looks like an alien nose). ---- Class action Law suit anyone? I would be willing! Facebook: Syd Zabian.
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Hi Ralph, Words cannot describe how sad it is to see he keeps doing this to patients who put their trust and faces in his hands. I wish I were his only victim, then I could say I was really unlucky and that it wasn't his fault. The fact that there are so many of us out there (believe me, most have kept their silence for one reason or another) means that he needs to be held responsible. This is outrageous. In terms of filing a lawsuit, I wish we could do it. Myself and another patient of his I have contacted lawyers , but a lawsuit will be costly and lengthy, $350/hour for lawyer fees and at least 5,000-10,000 to get the case to court. Even then, you are dealing with the legal counsel of a wealthy surgeon who's also backed up by the government (courtesy of Canadian Tax preyers, of course). In a nutshell, the same people whose lives and faces are destroyed by these types of doctors (aka tax-paying citizens), are the same people who pay to defend them against malpractice lawsuits. However, there are other ways of exposing an irresponsible doctor. As you see, I kept quiet for almost 4 years. The pain and the guilt was so unbearable that I couldn't even talk about it. I just cried in private blaming myself for going trough with this. But we shouldn't blame ourselves for what happened to us. I see you already have a review of him on RS. It might be helpful for others if you add photos (crop them like I did to protect your privacy). Since I wrote my review, I have received so many PM's and comments from people who said that after reading my review and seeing my photo they dropped him off their list. It gives me so much comfort to know that. Not only he took my hard-earned money, but also he punched me in the face as a Thank You note! I can never forget what he did to my face and how negligent and irresponsible he behaved towards me.
Dear Torontonian, I always read the reviews on this site, but have never posted. After reading your story I thought I have to write you something. You are such a strong girl for dealing with this situation, I can only imagine how this has been affecting your life! You did have a cute nose and I don't even understand how it is technically possible to do what he did. You will have a beautiful nose again, and leave this all behind you, trust in that. I know because my nose was much bigger and weird looking and I finally got what I want.
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Does this sound familiar?

Does this sound familiar to you too? I was shocked that on the morning of my surgery, as I was waiting to be ushered to the OR, Dr. Solomon came to me in a hurry (he was running late and looked like he'd just woken up!) and said: " so, what you are WE doing today?!!" I felt a bucket of ice dumped over my head. I expected him to hold my chart with photos and diagrams reminding him of what I had specifically requested him to do. Oh, how naive I was...but I still managed to say, "septoplasty and alarpalsty to narrow my nostrils" . To make the long story short, he gave me a botched TIPPLASTY and shifted my nose from centre to the left. I also deal with facial pain (especially when I chew) on a daily basis. I'm still dumbfounded why I didn't run for my life after his question....I guess I'll never know..

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New pics: Notice the width, overprotection of the tip and storage "creases" over my upper lip

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Nose changing shape every day!?

My new photos were just taken today. See how wide my nose is. My nose was half this width before my primary rhinoplasty with Solomon. Also, looking up my nostrils, my nose is crooked and shifted to the right. But looking at my frontal view, my nose is totally crooked (has an s-shaped to it) and shifted to the left. The crookedness is very obvious is person and in some photos (depends on lighting) I also have creases above my upper lip that makes me look absolutely hideous and freakish. There used to be 1 crease, but as of a few months ago, there are 2 creases. I DID NOT have these problems before my rhinoplasty. I also have congestion and crusty nose (24/7) and pain in my nose, especially when I chew.
There are no words in the language that could describe how sad I feel and how many tears I've wept every time I see my reflection in the mirror or look at my photos.

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Side profile

I wanted to post photos of my side profile but there hasn't been much change in my side profile. I had an almost perfect (near-ideal, according to other experts I consulted) before my primary. My tip wasn't bulbous either. So, I specifically asked Solomon not to touch my tip and my side profile. He still shaved off my side profile (that I asked him not to touch!) and left a hump that now needs to be removed. The hump is not clearly noticeable in photos but you can see it in person. I also have a hanging columella (again, created by my surgeon). My main problems, and I have quite a few of them, are in the tip work, bad workmanship in osteotomy, and overcorrection of my septum. In a nutshell, My face a work of art! Has anyone seen Picasso's "Woman Crying"?


i have the same lip crease and my nose is so obviously off centre. It spreads when i smile and i have an open roof deformity. Im sorry that you are going through it too... Im almost 9 months out of surgery so now i know what i have to look forward to as time goes on. Thanks for sharing your story.
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Oh I'm so sorry Torontonian....just seeing your most recent pics. It's such a shame that we let this doctor ruin our God given faces. I know all too well the devastation of a botched surgery. Our noses are exactly the same. From my understanding, the creases are because your septum was shortened too much making your upper lip longer. I have this too now and never had this before.
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On, dear, this is so depressing to see so many people whose faces and lives have been changed by this "surgeon". As I was taking these photos today, editing, and posting them, I cried and cried and cried :( And, thanks for explaining why I have those creases. As time passes by, they just get deeper and deeper. My nose is also getting wider and more droopy. I think my nose is literally falling off my face... I'm sorry you've been put in the same predicament by this doctor. I hope there will come a day that no one will suffer like we have. The pain is just unbearable. Keep well :)


*correction: New pics: Notice the width, overprojection of the tip and strange "creases" above my upper lip


You welcome, and thank you for reading my review. I am sorry you too are having problems. Hopefully, your case is not as bad as mine and gets better as the swelling subsides (for me it never did, I have a case of chronic swelling). As heartbreaking as it is, there is hope, and I am sure you and I will be able to fully recover from this one day. Keep well :))

Pain in the nose after Rhinoplasty: Has anyone else experienced this?

I did my primary rhinoplasty in November 2010. I experienced severe swelling and bruising and pain. My entire face was swollen for months. I remember I had a pillow-face for at least 4 months after my rhinoplasty. The pain was persistent and my surgeon always contributed that to swelling and the natural healing process that your body has to go through after any surgery. I accepted that because, at the time, it made sense. The pain eased up around 1 1/2 years after my surgery but never completely disappeared.

Two years and a few months after my primary, I started getting swelling the way I did right after my surgery and my tip started getting more and more droopy. And the pain, oh that pain, came back full force. I have taken photos of my nose since my primary so I know for a fact that I haven't been imagining the metamorphosis of my nose! It’s definitely not in my ‘head’! The pain in my nose has never been explained.

My surgeon, after refusing to operate on me, clearly told me that it is impossible to have pain and that "it is all in my head!!" However, for the first year, when he was reassuring that he will fix everything, he acknowledged that I had pain! The 5 experts that I have consulted for my revision have told me that it might be due to irritation and inflammation of my nose but they cannot say with certainty until they are actually doing the revision and open up my nose and see what happened to it during the primary. One suggested that the pain might be due to my collapsed valve (yes, my breathing problems are at least 10 times worse than before).

Thanks to the Realself community, I have been communicating with another patient who has been experiencing the same issue. She has educated me about detecting sources of facial pain: MRI without radiation is the way to know if you have nerve damage! And that the location of my pain may be due to damage to infra-orbital nerve. It makes sense to me, because what I experience is sharp intense nerve pain. I did not know that, and apparently neither did all those experts I consulted!

I know for sure that something happened to my facial nerves during the surgery, but ‘what’? And, ‘how’ can it be fixed? (I don't wish to think ‘if’!)

As Always, I am asking you vigilantes out there to contact me and help me out. Has any one ever experienced what I’ve been experiencing? My search for a revision expert has been modified from not just finding someone who can fix the external structure of my mutilated nose, but to finding a real expert who can find the source of my issues and put an end to this annoying pain.

I will be requesting my GP to request an MRI for me. I live in Canada, so it's going to take a while to get it done. But I will keep you all posted.

Moral of the story: persistent pain and swelling years or even months after rhinoplasty is not NORMAL healing process, and, NO, you’re not going insane either! It is REAL pain and it may be due to some serious damage to your facial nerves and/or sinuses that happened during surgery. Your surgeon is responsible for this damage!


I had an xray to check if my previous septoplasty was causing an infection (I still had tenderness and burning in my nose up to two years after the event) only to find that I had no infection but I still had a deviated septum. While I didn't have an MRI, you're probably checking for nerve damage, right? It's great you're getting everything checked out. MRIs can take a while in Canada, if you have the extra money you could get one done quickly at a private clinic but if you can wait the healthcare system has been very helpful. Have you seen a neurologist as well about the nerves?
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Hope you're feeling better. And glad to hear you don't have an infection. Yes, apparently there is away to get it done privately in Toronto but it's very expensive (another patient told me it may cost about $1000!). I haven't checked that venue because of the expenses involved. I hope I don't have to wait more a couple of months and that's a very optimistic estimate of the wait-time in Toronto. I am hoping for the best and that there isn't any nerve damage. I am reading about it and trying to get as much information as I can. The idea of seeing a neurologist is good. I will ask my GP what she thinks is the best course of action. I was thinking I may need to see an ENT surgeon (but not a plastic surgeon) to get a less biased opinion. I just saw your new photos. You look beautiful! Fantastic nose job, enjoy it, stay healthy and no more IV's, Please! :))
I have a nose with similar issues due to injury and am 1 year post op, so I know that helplessness. I am SO sorry this is happening to you. Where are you going to get an MRI?
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Useful link

A while back, I found this website (Dr. R. Davis). I am not advocating for this doctor because I really don't know his work but thought the information was very helpful in terms of explaining rhinoplasty to the layman (aka, yours truly!)

My other suggestion for those thinking of getting a primary or revision is to know the anatomy of your nose and different surgical techniques so when your surgeon is telling you about his action plans, you'll know what he is talking about and do not blindly accept what he says.


Yes it's actually sad . Will write my review soon. I just want to make sure How do I do it as I want to post pic and etc ... I believe will make a difference .
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My dear . I messaged you . Every single word you saying is true . Mental game is priority at least I'm hopping u were not called names as I have . Please message me back . U are beautiful person with honest heart .
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Thanks for your message. I'm sorry to hear you too had a bad experience with this doctor. This is unbelievable that this keeps going on. Is there a limit to irresponsibility? I'm just happy that the truth has come out. Keep well :)
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Think twice before going to him and learn from my painful experience and many others like me. He is now widely advertising and targeting certain ethnic communities in GTA. He does not have a clue what is considered a beautiful face in different cultures. There is no way he can ever be considered an "ethnic rhinoplasty" expert. Please be warned that he is not going to listen to you and has no respect for individual concerns and does not take the time to explain risks, procedures, or things he can or cannot do. He Lacks empathy and does not seem to understand the value and significance of a woman's face in her life and on her self-esteem. His surgeries are rushed and sloppy. One star is one too many for this doctor. I rated the payment process as 5 star because he is really good at taking your money. His lower fees represent his attitude of "you get what you pay for" , hence the half-done nose jobs. For a whole year, he LIED to me reassuring me that he will fix his mess, and at the end of the year he REFUSED to touch my nose telling me there is no cartilage left and my nose would collapse!! According to 5 other revision surgeons I consulted in Toronto, this is not true. He played psychological games with me going from admitting that my rhinoplasty was unsatisfactory and promised he will fix it to telling me: "it's all in your head" and "you're the only one who sees it's crooked and is bothered by it!!" (who else was supposed to be bothered by my crooked, disfigured nose??!!) , and "stop looking at the mirror!!!!!???" There is a pattern to his work and how he treats his innocent, hard-working patients. Read his online reviews carefully and look at my photos: A picture is worth a thousand words!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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