Breast Reduction with Lift and Lipo on the Sides of Breasts - Toronto, Ontario

I have been large chested my whole life, and came...

I have been large chested my whole life, and came into the financial means to get breast reduction with lift, tummy tuck and lipo (flanks (love handles), and sides of breasts). I chose to go to another province where I am from originally, in a bigger city where there was more choice for surgeons.
I was not nervous at all about the surgery-I'm pretty good with that sort of thing. I am still on the fence about my results-I started as a 36G, and was supposed to go down to a D cup, but am still wearing the 36G bras?....The doctor is unable to tell me why this is. He says that after 3 months I'll be where I am at and there won't be many changes after that.....very contradictory to what everyone else tells me.
hello he charged you 5,500 for.the breast aug w lift that just lift
Is fucidin an over the counter cream or do you need prescription?
Unfortunately, it is a prescription-I had to go to a walk-in clinic to get it, as it was a Sunday evening and my PS is out of province. But I told them what my PS had said I need, and the walk-in clinic doctor looked at it and then gave me a prescription. That's here in Canada though-it may or may not be over-the-counter in the US, depending on where you are located. You can ask your pharmacist.

61 days post-op...

Scars on breasts are healing nicely...itchy, but no scabbing or anything left (I didn't have much to begin with, other than the small infected area) Tried to wear underwire bras this week, but they just irritated my scars so I went back to the comfy sports bras for a while longer. Using Bio Oil 2 x per day and it really helps the scarring-I am already starting to see the scars beginning to fade in little spots.
Still unhappy about sizing, but after talking to Kimmers25 on one of her posts, I realize that I need to be more patient waiting for the size to go down. My 36G bras (original size) only have a little bit of looseness in them (I could maybe do an F, but haven't tried them on yet-waiting). Since I also had a TT and lipo at the same time, and since I have also been sick a couple of times since surgery, my body is taking its sweet time to heal. Eating protein and healthy fats-low, low carbs, as I don't really enjoy carbs much. More cheese, steak, fish, chicken, and lots of veggies.

Have added lots more pics of both pre-surgery, during the last month and currents.
thank you so much for the pics, i can see that you have the fuzzy wider bits of scarring round your nipples that I have but yours are much lighter, it lets me see what mine will look like in a few weeks. i am also using bio oil
I went with Dr. J as well. Agree with HIS bed side manner and after care. The girls there are so great it sometimes makes you forget how non-existent he is. I do believe however that he should be the one at every consultation, pre op and post op appts to monitor his patients personally oppose to his nurses doing so. On other note though....his work is good . So he gets credit there lol. Hope you reach your desired results soon!
Completely agree! Glad someone else had the same experience with that end of things. And yes, his work is good. I actually just received an email today from Kim M. that she had talked to him and in the fall, once the changes from the current surgeries are final-if I am not happy with the results, he will re-do the breast reduction and lipo for me. So that has made me very happy. So now its just a matter of waiting and hopefully that i get my desired results and don't have to get a new surgery!

More pics coming soon..

I will be 9 weeks out as of tomorrow, so will take new pics-the last pics are from about 3 weeks or so ago, so its about due. Will try to post by tomorrow....

9 weeks post-op...trying to be patient

Here are some updated pics-they include the whole torso where I had the TT and lipo as well. I still have a lot of swelling, which I really wish would go away, but I am trying to be patient and doing all the right things-except I am working out with a trainer, eating healthy and yet STILL gained 1/2 frustrating! I think my pics from a few weeks back looked better-these ones I took tonight-the others I took in the morning, and it was an active day, so the swelling is up. Argh!
I think your boobs look very like mine, and I am very happy with mine
Yes, they do look similar-I was lucky though_ I didn't have to have the anchor incision-I just had the lollipop, so I don't that extra scar-not that it matters, since its underneath anyway!

Swelling again seems so wrong... today it seems like they have both decided to swell up a bit again, as well as my TT and lipo sites....can't wait for this to be over!
Do or Have you taken any of the BROMELAIN Capsules ? They have pretty much Saved me - for the Swelling. It is almost a Miracle ! They come in 500 MG Capsules and they are from the Health Food Store ( Which I never even Went to One - but Found it thru the Yellow Pages ) and take them 3 to 4 times a day BETWEEN Meals. It has helped me SO MUCH ! Peediewife told me about them ! SO GLAD that she DID ! Bromelain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎ Wikipedia Bromelain is an extract derived from the stems of pineapples, although it exists in all parts of the fresh plant and fruit, which has many uses. The extract has a ... ‎Extract components - ‎History - ‎Sources - ‎Uses
Hello, Yes, I take bromelain every day. My naturopath recommended it for me. I also do dry brushing and lymphatic drainage massages twice a week.
I just went to my PS today and had 450cc of fluid drained from one breast and 275 cc from other, asked my dr about the Bromelain and he said they did not work , but get them if I there you go...OMG, my breasts finallly shrunk...yeah

Disappointed and ntot going back

I am very disappointed in my results to this point, and follow up has been atrocious. I had to contact them at my 3 month mark-no one even bothered to see how it was going. I still feel absolutely enormous, and quite honestly, don't particularly want Dr. Jugenburg doing any more work on me. I feel like someone with his reputation should have gotten it right the first time. I have only gone down a little, and the lipo he did hasn't made hardly any change. He just keeps repeating the volume amount he took off and doesn't address the aesthetics of it-after I sent him at least a dozen high quality photos from a bunch of angles. He refuses to actually answer a question, and insists on me flying to Toronto to see him in order for him to evaluate-not what I was told their follow up process was with out of town patients-I was told they could do it via Skype or email photos. He provided me with my OR docs and said I could take them to a PS here at home for a second opinion instead, which I will be doing at the end of the month. For what it would cost me to fly myself and someone else back to Ontario, plus hotel, food and incidentals, I might as well stay here to get things fixed. I am also very uncomfortable with the thought of Dr. J. doing more work on me, and the thought of going through this process again with such terrible aftercare is something I don't want to do. So I won't be going back to him. He got my money and that seems to be all that he cares about. He doesn't seem to actually care about the results or satisfaction of his patients.
Sorry about your disappointment, and I hope you get it worked out. I know you had a different vision, but for what it's worth, I think you look fabulous.
Thank you
sorry you are dealing with so much disappointment and frustration, hope the 2nd opinion is in your favour

So disappointed...

Well, I'm about 4 1/2 months out, and have only gone down 1-2 cup sizes. So disappointed I could just cry looking at my breasts-they are still droopy and now they look wider and they still bounce when I walk down the stairs and its still a pain to work out. I'm working out 4 days a week for at least 60 min each workout and that's not helping either-plus eating super healthy and keeping track of all my calories, portions, sodium, everything. And I've gained over 10 lbs..what the hell???? I'm only down to an F cup and I have had two other PS tell me, after seeing my OR notes from my PS who did the BR, that it was nowhere near enough to take me down to what I had wanted. I want to strangle my PS. He said he would re-do it, but I don't trust him to even touch me again, so later this year when its been close to a year (Jan) I am going to pay someone else again to take more off. I am so disgusted with this PS-nothing is as he said it would be, and he even admitted that my expectations were realistic. I ma having a really hard time recovering from surgeries that didn't even meet my expectations. what a waste!!
So sorry about your tough journey. I understand your disappointment as I wish I had more taken from my breasts too. I was a 38H and I was a lot larger than you. My breast hung down to my belly button. Your preop breast photos dont appear to be the "G" cup I was. I'm now a 36DD. Much improvement, but finding that shirts are still too tight across the chest is disappointing. I'm three months post reduction and still dealing with a pesky wound and infection. I'm trying to hang in there. At the end of the day I'm glad I did it. I send you best wishes to a happy result soon!
You went from a 38 H to a 36 DD (also known as E)? That's 3 cup sizes-that sounds pretty good to me! I went from a G to an F- only 1 cup size :(.....I had asked to go to a D-and every PS I've gotten a second opinion from has said that my PS didn't take enough off, after reading all my OR notes. But since I just found out I have hypothyroidism, I am going to wait until me meds kick in and I am able to lose some extra weight before getting them done again. As some people have mentioned, if I go down more now, I could be very out of proportion, and the thyroid issue has likely caused some of my inability to recover properly from surgery. I wasn't this way going in, but I am now, so I'll just take it easy-probably won't even think about doing them again till I've lost 30-50 lbs and then go from there-not until at least next year. I'm sorry you are not happy with your results-I haven't had a chance to look at your story and pics yet. And yes, the shirts still being too tight is a real disappointment, isn't it? I don't know if I am glad I did it yet or not-it'll be another 6 months before I'll be ready to make that determination. You are only at 3 months-I just started seeing a decrease at about 4-5 months, so hang in there. They tell me its all about I have a different medical complication, so my results can't be taken as normal I don't think. I don't find much improvement at all, in any clothing really. It sucks. I'm glad you ahve at least found some improvement-3 cup sizes is actually quite a bit!!
Hey Bragurl... I'm sorry to hear that you're not happy and I can hardly blame you. I started as a 38G and requested a C... My surgeon said, "we don't go by cup size, we go with what works for you frame." Really worried that I wouldn't be happy with results I said OK, well go on the small side of that scale then. I was lucky I guess and I've ended up a solid C and couldn't be happier. I was wondering if your surgeon couldn't take as much off because of the lollipop method rather than the anchor? I thought about doing that as well, but didn't think it would work to get them small enough. I'm happy with the results as you don't see the anchor part of the scar anyway. The pics I have up right now are a few weeks old and they look way better now. I'll try and get more up soon. I do hope you go for the revision... having small boobs is so worth it. Good luck to you :)
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

This is tough, because he has a poor bedside manner, but he is really skilled. His Operations Director (and RN), Kim, says that he genuinely cares about his patients-he was nicer in person but cannot seem to address my concerns via telephone very well. He answered my questions before the surgery, but then seemed to completely forget about me afterwards. His follow ups were all done by his head nurse, Grace and Operations Director, Kim, who are wonderful but there are some things I think that the doctor needs to take responsibility for answering-no fault to the ladies. He had very little aftercare planned for someone who had to go back to their own province, which is a 4 hour plane ride away. When I asked him why I why I was still wearing the same size bras, he said that the bras had been "overfull" beforehand....logical except for the fact that I am a custom bra-maker and would never in a million years wear a poorly made or fitted bra. I didn't hear from him while my breast incisions were healing, despite the fact that I had a slight infection at one end, and I have a bit of a divot where the nipple incision meets the vertical incision. I don't mind a serious surgeon-at least they take their work seriously, but if I had known that there would be problems with aftercare I may have tried to go go somewhere in the province I live in-but I went to him because he was said to be the best of the best-and skill-wise, he is. I don't need him to be my BFF- but no one wants to feel like they had crappy aftercare. It felt like he forgot about me and the $18,000 I spent on my surgeries once I was gone. Again though, his staff have been wonderful, particularly Kim, who always takes my calls and listens and lets me know how much the doctor does care and how much she cares. Spoke with her today (March 16th) about what would make me happy with my results, because they want me to be happy. So we are working on that. Might wind up getting more taken out of my breasts. Must point out-this PS's suturing was VERY good. The scars are not keloid and are flattening out, and am very happy that he was able to do my breasts with just the "lollipop" format, instead of the anchor, so I have no horizontal incision underneath, just the vertical and then up around the nipple. Very pleased with that. He is a great surgeon, just don't expect much in terms of his bedside manner-and make sure that aftercare is in place and that you understand that it is all done by his staff because he doesn't have the time to do it-he's very, very busy-because he is good. If you can accept that, then he's a great one for you!

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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