I am a 40 year old mother of 2 (6 year old boy...

I am a 40 year old mother of 2 (6 year old boy and 3.5 year old girl). I was always very small breasted and didn't mind being petite. I still felt sexy and rocked my push-up bras and bikinis. But after breast-feeding my children I became completely deflated and I wanted to get back some volume and have a natural "enhancement". My biggest fear was looking too big and being noticed (my in-laws are VERY conservative and most of my friends are anti-plastic surgery) I wanted to look how I did when I wore my double padded push up under my clothes and fill out my bikini tops without spilling out of them.

I went to see two well-known surgeons in Toronto and showed them my wish boobs and tried to explain to them that I didn't want to look big and that I was only looking for a subtle, natural change. Neither of them understood my vision and kept trying to convince me to go larger. After my third consultation, I finally found a surgeon who totally understood the look I wanted to achieve.

I had my surgery on November 28th and stayed home from work for 10 days to recover with my mom and husband helping me out so I could just rest and heal. I only took my pain medications for 3 days and was pain-free by Day 5. I went out to a fancy dinner on Day 7 and on Day 11 I was back to work and my normal every day routine. I started to feel completely myself 3 weeks post op and started working out at 4 weeks. Now after 7 weeks, I feel like I've had these boobs my whole life!

I think my breasts look natural and they feel soft and squishy like real boobs. No one has noticed except my hubby, which is exactly what I wanted. However, when I wear a bikini and I am in the nude, I have the "wow" factor I was looking for.

I did a lot of research and I had a lot of anxiety choosing my final size. (I highly recommend making rice sizers to try out at home). In the end I listened to my surgeon and he gave them the look I wanted and I am very happy with my results. I had the crease incision so I am patiently waiting for my scars to heal ( I am Asian so they are dark right now). I am using the Scar Away silicone sheets and the scars have totally flattened and are smooth so now I just need them to fade.
Your story was really helpful to me. I have reread it a couple of times. I hope I haven't missed it, but could you tell me how many ccs you went with? You went with the moderate profile?
Sorry! I see it now in your headline. I was reading your story and missing the headline. Thanks! You've covered it.
I had my mind set on 230cc low profile but the base diameter of that implant was 12cm and my BWD was 12.5cm so my surgeon convinced me to go up to 260cc so I would have better cleavage. I am so glad I listened to his expert advice! What size are you thinking of?

Small is SEXY!!! 260cc Allergan Inspira Cohesive Gel low profile - Toronto, Ontario

Thought I would post a photo from my vacation at New Year's. I was 4 weeks post OP in the "after" photo. I wore water proof band aids on my incisions so they wouldn't get darker from the sun. I went swimming in the pool and the ocean and had no issues. It was a relaxing getaway and I was happy to reveal my new bikini body!
Small IS Sexy!!! Look at you, gorgeous!!! I'm so happy you shared your story. Your recovery is enviable and your results are simply perfect for you. Big hugs!!! xoxo
Thank you for being such an amazing support to me...so glad I went through with the surgery and got the courage to share my story with everyone
I agree with you and you are living proof of small is sexy!! Karieann

2 months post op!!!

I had my 2 month post op check up and my surgeon said that things have progressed really well for me so he doesn't need to see my at 4 months and will check up on me at 6 months. My scars are still red but he says that they look good because the line is straight and flat. I will be wearing the scar guard strips until my 6 month check up. My doctor is confident that as my breasts fill out more in the bottom, my scar will be completely hidden in the crease.

My breasts feel so natural and even bounce and jiggle like real boobs! I have started back into my regular "pre-op" workouts which involves lots of push ups, burpees, and planks. I jump rope for cardio and there hasn't been any issues there. They don't feel heavy which was a "pre-op" fear and I am so happy to be working out and exercising after being off for 6 weeks as per doctor's orders.

I am now free of my surgical bra and am cleared to wear any bra I want. I can also go bra-less at night. I went to Victoria Secret and am now a 32D which sounds huge but as you can see in my photos, I still look petite and subtle! I also went to a designer bra boutique and was sized at 32C in the Chantelle and Marie-Jo line. I still wear size SMALL in my bikinis and in my bralettes.

How a LOW profile implant looks - 260cc cohesive silicone gel

Just thought I would post some photos of my profile so you can see that you can get volume and a natural slope with a low profile implant. When I was doing my research on which profile I should get, it was very difficult to find photos of women who chose a low profile implant. I was nervous about my final choice but I trusted that my surgeon knew what he was doing.

I am happy with the fullness I have and the natural looking slope from my low profile implant.
I LOVE the lower profile look and wish I had given that aspect more thought before going for it. I have mod + and think I would probably be more comfortable with a mod look. Congrats on getting back to the gym! You're doing so awesome!!
Thank you! I feel so lucky to have had a smooth recovery with no complications...I am happy that all is well with you and you can finally enjoy your beautiful new body!
Looking fab. Love the look and color of the bralette.

Supermodel Inspirations...

When I was researching my "wish boobs", I looked up pictures of Victoria Secret models and found my inspiration for a natural but sexy look.

The models look like they are a full B cup but can totally play them up in their push bras which is exactly what I wanted to be able to do with mine.

Wish boob comparison...

My surgeon is a true artist! He totally understood the look I wanted and gave it to me...I think I look pretty close to my wish boobs!!!
jeeezzz you still look 20!!! great body, I love the reasonable size you picked! :)
Thanks for the compliment...I feel like I'm in my 20's with my new boobs! I originally wanted to go even smaller (230cc) but went with the advice of my surgeon. I wanted to be a full B cup but am now measuring I still look small which is the look I wanted. I think it's more important to focus on the right amount of cc's that will fit all your breast measurements and trust that your surgeon will give you the look you are after. Good luck with your surgery!!!
Part of my sentence was missing...I am measuring 32D at Victoria's Secret

Totally noticeable in my bikinis!

My ultimate goal of having this surgery was to fill out my bikini tops. I love going to the beach and I'm proud that I can still wear a bikini after having my 2 kids. Now that I am 40, I really wanted to be 100% confident in my bikini and I feel like my new boobs have done that for me.

I can show off my new boobs when I want on the beach and go totally unnoticed when I am covered up in my clothes. I feel like I got the best of both worlds! I like that I can play up my boobs if I want to look sexy and be totally modest under my clothes when I need to be.
I'm sure i missed this somewhere, but did you go under or over the muscle?
I went under the muscle and am happy with how perky they still look even as they have dropped.
I'm 43, and before I lost a lot of weight, My before is what you've now after your BA. I miss them. I hate that this almost sounds conceited, but you look amazing! Haha. I think you absolutely did a great thing by not going too big. It doesn't surprise me in the least, that the first two doctors encouraged you to go bigger, as the worlds view of a women's body,well they pretty much sums it up. I hope your decision encourages more women to understand, bigger isn't always better.

Feeling confident at the beach! 4 months post op!!!!

I feel 100% "natural" and can't even remember what it was like not having these boobs! I am happy to be filling out my bikinis and wonder how my boobs will look 6 months post op....my surgeon say it take 6-12 months for them to take on their final shape.
Small is definitely sexy!! I went for 250cc, and can't wait to see full results!! I'm very excited! You look amazing!!!

Another beach vacation and feeling very confident!

I am now 5 months post op and I can't even remember having the surgery done! My boobs look and feel so natural that I feel like I have always had them. I am so happy I went through with the procedure and I have no regrets at all.

I think about how stressed out and worried I was about all the possible complications and the fear that kept me from going through with it years ago and I feel SO grateful that I've had such an amazing experience.

I just turned 41 but I feel like I am 29! And after this last beach getaway and seeing the 29 year old girls strutting in their bikinis, I think I looked just as good as they did and even better than some of them.
Perfection!!! Perfection! Great job! You keep your body in such a good shape! And you look so sexy! Love it!!

Body stats...

I never posted my body measurements. I am 5'4 and 125lbs. My BWD is 12.5cm and I was 32A pre-op.

I added a couple more photos to show how natural implants can look when you choose the right size to suit your body.
Best. Results. Ever. This is exactly what I want and I'm feeling the pressure from the surgeon's office to go bigger. Thank you for reinforcing the notion that small is sexy! I'm stealing your "after" as my wish pic, FYI. Thanks again! You look positively PERFECT.
What a nice compliment! I am very happy with my results and so happy I did this for myself. Good luck with your surgery and stay confident with your choice in size...you will like amazing!
There are so many reviews of women going 400+ CCs it is so nice to see someone with beautiful results with a more subtle goal in mind. I decided to go 300. I'm slightly taller than you (5'6") with broader shoulders and back, so I think (hope!) my results will be similar. It was also good to hear you've resumed your pre-op workout routine, including pushups. I've read so many contradicting viewpoints on that. I love working out. I'm not a professional athlete or anything, but I love feeling strong. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm about 10 days away from surgery and super nervous/excited.

Before and After photos at 6 months post op...front view

I can't believe that I am now 6 months post op! Time has flown by and I continue to love my results. I am so happy I did this for myself but I have to admit that I sometimes think about possible complications that could happen in the future. Every time I feel some tightness in my boob I think that I have capsular contracture! And I do think about the day that I will have to replace them after 10 years...

But I am trying to focus on the now, and right now I love how I look naked and in a bikini! I

Before and After photos...side view

A low profile implant gave me the natural shape and slope I wanted!

Incision update

Because I am Asian, I still have a scar but it is slowly lightening and the most important thing for me is that it didn't turn into a keloid scar. I use the Scar Away strips during the day when I wear a bra and I use Bio Oil and Shea butter at night.


I measure a 32D at Victoria's Secret but I feel like their sizes are bigger. In all the high end designer lingerie bras I am a 32C which I feel is more accurate. I am obsessed with a line called Marie Jo from Belgium and their bra's start at $120. I like that they are lightly lined to hide any nipples but are not padded.

I am a size small in all bikini tops which I like because I can still wear some of my old bikini tops.
Hi, did you choose the low profile or did the doctor suggested low profile to you? I have seen many Asian female choosing high profile and I just want to know what real difference is there between LP and HP.
I have a wide breast width diameter so I had to use a low profile because I wanted the smallest cc amount to give me volume and fullness. High profile implants have a smaller base diameter so I would have had to go with 300cc and up and I knew I didn't want to go that big. Also, I didn't want a lot of projection. I think that's why I ended up looking so natural...I have a nice slope in my profile but my breasts don't stick out. It's important that you choose an implant that fits all your breast measurements to get the most natural look that suits your body. Good luck and I am happy that my story has inspired you!
You look really good and from your body you do not look like 40 at all. WOW. I am inspired. I am still toying with the idea to proceed with BA, however at this point I am trying to look out for a good surgeon (not only qualified but who knows his/her crafts). I am also worried about the CC, the replacement issues and others but seeing what you have done just tells me to go and do it. I have conservative in laws, parents and friends (the lists just goes on) but I am giving myself a dateline i.e. to do it by next year the latest. Hope I can find a good surgeon here in Malaysia. Thanks for your post :)

Low profile implants

There aren't many girls who get low profile implants...I think I am a rare case. I had to get them because I have a wide breast width. I needed an implant with a wide base and I wanted a low cc implant. I knew I was definitely not going to get anything over 300cc and a high implant under that amount has a narrow base diameter.

The low implant gave me a very natural looking slope and since I was after volume and fullness, projection was not something I wanted anyway.
Firstly, your figure is amazing! I would NEVER had guessed your age. And the end result looks SO natural, no way would anyone guess you even had an op :) I was wondering what cup size you had asked your surgeon for? I think I read you were a 32A before? So what had the surgeon said 260 cc low profile would give you? I've been offered 310cc teardrop unders..34A at the mo, tall (5ft10) and slim, and really wanting a natural look!
Thanks for the lovely comments...I had told my surgeon I wanted to be a full B cup but he was more interested in the look I was after so I showed him all the pics of the Victoria's Secret models that I posted on my profile. He said that a low profile would give me the natural slope I wanted and I had to go with an implant with a wide base diameter. I think the size your doctor has recommended sounds like it would fit your body nicely because you are a lot taller than me. The next size that my surgeon recommended for me was 300cc full profile but I didn't feel comfortable with that size. The sizers are very accurate so I would go by how they look and feel in your bra and underneath different pieces of clothing. Good luck!
You look fantastic!! Your reviews really put me at ease with the smaller implants I'll be getting (my PS won't do anymore than 325 cc on me). And you are rocking your new boobs and bikinis! If you never would have mentioned your age, I wouldn't have guessed anywhere close. And I know the focus of the pictures is your boobs, but where is your gold necklace from? It's so simple and pretty!

Summer is here!!!

I am now 8 months post op and every day with my boobs I feel more and more confident. I am happy to show off my cleavage on the beach and feel good about still looking petite under clothing. NO ONE has questioned me or suspected which is exactly what I wanted. I fill out my bikinis the way I had hoped for and I like the way I can fill out strapless tops and tight tanks without looking over the top.
You look fab! now you're making me think twice if i should get a lower cc and a low profile implant! omg....decisions, decisions, decisions!! :( As we're both asians - do you reckon the scars will turn white eventually, from their current reddish brown state now? I'm so worried about the scars and stretch marks! did you have any stretch marks?
I have the same concern about scars. I had BA two months ago, and I've been using BioCorneum, which is a silicone-based scar treatment, for six weeks now. My scars, although flat, are still so red, and very noticeable. It probably would not have been an issue if I had huge implants, but I only got 255cc and they are not big enough to hang over the scars. I have pics in my review if you want to see.
I didn't get any stretch marks and my scars are slowly fading. They won't ever turn white but I have faith that they will be less obvious. The most important thing is to not get keloid! Smooth reddish brown scars can be hidden in the crease and totally unnoticeable by touch. My size and profile gave the most natural looking results. But if you want to be "noticed" then I would recommend the mod plus profile and something in the 300's. I personally didn't want anyone to be able to notice a change from the padded bras I used to wear and I like the look of small breasts as you can see from "wish" pics of all the small breasted models. Good luck! You will look amazing no matter what size and profile you choose. It's just a matter of which size you will feel most comfortable with.

End of summer

Sad that bikini season is coming to an end. The confidence that I feel wearing my bikini is priceless. I am glad I got past all my fears and worries and did this for myself.
do you have any recent pics from the front and side? I would love to see how theyre shaping and how your scars are looking...you look amazing in that bikini!!

Scar update

I finally went to see my doctor for my 6 month follow-up appointment. Dr. Edelstein was super friendly and positive as always and answered all my questions. He took his time with me which I really appreciated. I like that I never feel rushed when I am with him. He was very happy with how everything has been healing.

My scar is slowly healing but being impatient, I asked the doctor what we can do to make the process happen faster. Because I have 2 tiny bumps on my right scar, he suggested that I have some steroid injected to smooth it out and help lighten it. I will be going on Tuesday to have the very minor procedure done. I hope it works!

Left scar

My left scar is smooth and is slowly lightening....

Profile update

My doctor was very happy with how natural looking my slope and profile is and how nicely they have dropped.
This is exactly the look I am going for! Thanks for sharing more pics~you look fantastic!

Comparison photos

It's crazy to think how flat I used to be! Seeing the comparison picture of me 9 months ago to now makes me so happy I made the decision to go through with this procedure!

I am so grateful of my amazing surgeon! He gave me the exact look I was dreaming about!
Loving your September profile photos. Couldn't be happier for you!
Thank you so much! I am so happy that I did this for myself and so thankful for your support and encouragement!
i love your natural look!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

I am very happy with the results from Dr. Edelstein. He took the time during my consult to answer all of my questions and concerns and really talk with me to truly understand the look I was trying to achieve. His expertise and knowledge made me feel confident that he was going to do an amazing job. He is very professional but also so friendly and kind and I really felt like he cared about my well-being and giving me the results I wanted. Louise and Anita are very helpful with their advice and so flexible with booking appointments. They valued my time and always tried to work around my schedule. I loved that I never had to wait longer than five minutes to see the doctor. They were so patient with me when I was trying to choose my size and put up with my all my neuroses and anxiety with a smile! I am so happy that I chose Dr. Edelstein and I highly recommend him. He gave me the natural, subtle and sexy enhancement I asked for.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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