Finally Exercising at 7 Weeks - Toronto, ON

Had 2 large boys 4 years apart with significant...

Had 2 large boys 4 years apart with significant stretch marks and a large diastasis recti which led to significant low back pain. As a Canadian physical therapist I knew that this was necessary as conservative measures to correct had not worked.

I had my surgery November 10 and here it is day surgery. Quite rough first 3 weeks. The main issues now are swelling, abnormal sensation in skin above incision and I fatigue so easily. I think I am finally seeing the good side of things and able to keep an upright posture for most of the day.

Having reviewed many of the others photos from the...

Having reviewed many of the others photos from the other women I feel like I present with much more swelling especially at 8 weeks. I know it is normal up to 6 months but I am unsure why mine looks worse than the others?

Hi there everyone. I didn't get any feedback...

Hi there everyone. I didn't get any feedback about my photo at 8 weeks. I am now beyond 10 and swelling is improving but still fairly noticeable above the incision. I am wondering why the PS did not even talk about swelling until post-op. Were the rest of you warned about swelling? I guess I didn't see this site until post-op.
Also did any of you have muscle spasms in bed for a prolonged period post-op?

It has been a long journey. I cannot believe that...

It has been a long journey. I cannot believe that the surgeons feel we are ready for full activity at 6 weeks. I was not told about swelling longevity and wished I had found this site beforehand. I feel that I am moving in a relatively normal way in regular daily activities but still feel restricted and uncomfortable in the abdomen as I try to progress exercise. The scar is less mobile on both sides and I am working on massage. Generally swelling much less now but can increase depending on activity level. I still fatigue much more quickly than previously. This is major surgery!

Hello everyone. I am now at over 5 months post op...

Hello everyone. I am now at over 5 months post op full TT. I am moving more normally but STILL have swelling along the place above the incision. My PS originally told me nothing about swelling, then said it would be 3-6 months and now he says 9 months. I am frustrated that there is a real lack of support from his office and in general poor advice about progression post op. In fact this appears to be the only site where one can find information.
Will post more photos soon. I am very athletic but have lost much of my fitness over the past year. I did this mostly to get rid of the stretched out abdominals and only very secondarily for aesthetic reasons. Having spent this amount of money, though, I would have hoped to have the wonderful flatness too! Anyone else still with swelling at 5 months +?
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Excellent physician but would have liked to have others he had operated on to talk to. Also not enough direction on post op activities. General demeanour very friendly and approachable pre-op, progressively less helpful post op and made a mess of the insurance paperwork.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi there. I was up near Sunnybrook. My incision looks pretty good. I did get a vertical scar and a funny looking belly button, but it had a hernia before so I guess it is an improvement. AT what stage are you at post-op? I hit 6 months next week and hopefully will see better results with time. My main reason for doing was to arrest the progress of back pain with the muscle issue. I need to get my fitness up before I see if it was worthwhile.
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Downtown. Yeah I did have muscle repair also. I didn't get the vertical scar but was told just before going in that I may get it if he couldnt close it up. Instead I have quite a few folds of extra skin folded into the scar and a hard swollen area bulging out above the incision. I know how you feel about how you thought you'd look, everyone on here appears flat right away with slight swelling- but still a flat looking tummy. Me, not so much.
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Was yours drain-free? I just had mine done in TO and haven't seen anyone's really on here that looks like mine.. but yours is pretty close. I'm very swollen and hard and was hoping it would pass soon, I'm sorry to hear yours has lasted so long- I know how awful it feels. I'm pretty nervous that if we saw the same PS I might be looking at the same problem.
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Hi there, yes it was drain-free. I was told that it was a better technique but given that I STILL have swelling and a bulge above the incision it is hard to tell. I thought I would be perfect by now. When did you have it done? What part of Toronto? Did you have the muscle repair too? We should connect.
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Hi there. Yes the bulge is driving me crazy! I am a physiotherapist and have in the past been a competitive athlete. I have been so careful about movement and just progressing very slowly. I even still wear the compression tank a couple of times per week to keep things under control. I thought by now I would be totally back to normal. At least the jelly belly skin could compress into clothes lol and the swelling doesn't! He is so evasive and it is an hour's drive to get to his office plus the consult time and his closed demeanour....makes me miss more time from work and you and I know this was so expensive. I think it is so unfair that women have to have a stigma about these things.
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I had some lipo during first tt but obviously not enough bc I was left w a bulge .. I don't work out ... Well I do sometimes but just started like 2 weeks ago lol... I loathe exercise ! I used to get some exercise When id go dancing w friends but now that I have babies that's not happening! Well he needs to be sure if it is or isn't swelling! Geez I'd be pissed if I was you! Call his but up and find ou what the deal is! Did you exercise soon after ?
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Hi there. Wow you have been through a lot. I actually didn't gain weight he is just trying to use that as the possible reason. He says he is "not sure" that it is swelling. I did not have any lipo, did you the first time? Did they give you any exercise guidelines?
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My bb was off centered and looked weird ... Like a slit (didn't get a new one bc mine was so high) I popped a stitch which made it go off center (so he says) plus I had a  bulge above half of my incision so he did lipo on tummy and fixed bb ... I was awake ... Even if you gained weigt it shouldn't go to tummy ... It goes somewhere else .. I gained 10 lbs since origiinal surgery ad lucky me right to love handles so I'm dieting like a mad women trying to get under 130... How much did you gain? Doubt that's why your swollen. 
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Yes very frustrating thanks for your reply! Why was a revision done? I have tried to talk to the PS and now he says I have gained weight if you can believe it! I agree they are so friendly until you pay and then after they are so frightened that you might sue that they can't be human and show a caring side. It takes so much more support than any of us realize!
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hi ..i just read your review...that must be really freakin frustrating..your swelling should have gone down by alot by now...can you post a recent pic?? dont let the office or ps run you around...i had revision done at 5 months..are you flat in the morning..i know it can take a long time for swelling to go down but in all honesty by 5 months it should be almost gone..i mean i stopped swelling at night around that time....if your worried you call your ps and tell him your concerns..i hate when dr just brush patients off.....
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Are you considering this surgery Georgetown1?

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Hi Healthpt Do you mind me asking who dr was as i live in guelph
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I was the same way with the binder! I wore the big
Ugly origiinal binder for sooo long! Prob 3 months.
Hope it gets better for you soon!
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Hi there taraf1717 thanks for your thoughts. I think maybe the salt is an issue and also dairy products (bloating maybe). Yes the swelling is much better in the morning now and then progresses as the day goes on. The ps had said I shouldn't need the binder after 6 weeks but it really still makes a difference. I don't seem to tolerate any of the compressions clothes for long they just feel too tight.
Yes I had a large muscle (or fascia) repair. In fact that is the main reason I did the surgery because I am a physical therapist and back pain was getting in the way of my work and sports. At first I only cared about the muscles being repaired but after the amount it costs to do the surgery I don't want it to look bulgy.
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one more question ..did you have muscle repair?
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The surgeon told me that the fascia in the lower part of my abdomen was very sparse (not much left) to pull together. He has also told me that this amount of swelling is normal and may take 6 months. I am 8 weeks today. Feedback?
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im sorry that your having swelling issues and i do know that everyone heals different ..but its almost as if your tummy looks hard?(which might be good) i see no skin or fat at all...if your worried i would def make app to see your ps....although your tummy def looks better the type of swelling looks different to def not a doctor just giving you my honest opinion! thats why i love this site ...the honesty! let me ask you how is your tummy in the morning when you first wake up?? mine would be flat then swell up rather quickly when i was 8 weeks ...just trying to compare..also are you eating things with alot of salt? i would literally blow up like a balloon if i did...???
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Keep your chin up!  It gets easier each week.  The first 6-8 weeks are the most critical healing period so go easy on yourself.  Keep us up to date on your progress.  


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Thanks Kimmers25. Every week seems to bring another level of improvement. I was amazed to see that surgeons in the US send patients back to work at 2-3 weeks. I would have been useless!
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