My weightloss secrets...

Hello, I am a 29 yo mother of 2 girls, 10 and 6....

Hello, I am a 29 yo mother of 2 girls, 10 and 6. After my first daughter I noticed there was muscle separation and a lot of extra skin. I have been wanting a tummy tuck for over 9 years. I have finally saved and now I can afford to do it! I have booked my surgery with Dr. Rebot, he is very informative and I know someone who had the same procedure with him and very good results!
I am very nervous, but I know what I want. I am young and want to look as such. I really can't wait and I hope to share my journey and experience with you.

Oh yah, my date is booked for Aug. 22--wow it;s just around the corner!! I will post my before pictures soon.

...I know it's been a while! I went to the doctor...

...I know it's been a while! I went to the doctor yesterday and he gave me a bunch of presriptions to fill before my surgery on Aug. 22. Wow there's a lot!!! I have also decided to lose some weight before hand, right now I am 5'6" and 150lbs, I would like to get down to 130lbs or 140lbs. I have started the master cleanse diet, this is day 2! I have lost 2 lbs I hope I have the mental will power to do this. I told my doctor about the diet and he said I need to eat healthy 2 weeks before. I will do the diet for 10 days. I hope to lose 15 to 20 lbs. I know I can do it! It is also good for me to detox my body. I want to be ready in every single way. I am so excited I encourage myself by looking at pictures of a dress I want to fit in and by my progress thus far. It is difficult being a wife and mother but I think the weight loss will help my results in the end.

Okay,2 days after starting master cleanse the...

Okay,2 days after starting master cleanse the devil offered me a krispy cream donut and I had one...what a disaster! The good news is I weighed myself and lost 4lbs yay!!! Something's working, but I have to stick to the plan, I know I can do this. I would really love to be 130lbs before my surgery. I had a dream last night that I had my tt done and my belly looked the same except it had the scar too! NIGHTMARE!!! One of my biggest fears is that my belly button isn't centered. That would driv me crazy. I am not scheduled to see my doctor again until my surgery, but I tink I'm going to make an appointment to see him again on Monday to put myself at ease. I trust him completely, but this is maojr for me. I almost feel selfish about it at times...but I know I will be happy. I'm only 28, I want to look my age, youthful. I hope everything works out for me.
I am by no means saying not to lipo, I just know that my weight varies 5lbs up and down and I do not want anymore back fat as thats where I gain my weight. I am ok not having any sculpting done, I just dont want the skin there. Dr said he'd just lipo my sides where my new belly seam in a sense will be. Also, talked to two ladies that had lipo with the tt and they got lumpy fat when they gained weight. Im just scared of lipo I guess.

Where are you getting the lipo done?
HHoly lordy I don't know if I'm ready, but want to do it tommorrw when I see good results. Just praying for a speedy recovery. Why do opt out of lipo? I thought that the fat does not come back there after??? I think lipo is good to sculpt a body like mine. Is it for medical resons for lipo? Does ur doctor agree with this? Thanks for your reply by the way! I finally have a comment!lol
Hey! Thanks for the post on my page. Your date is right around the corner too! I bought some vitamins online that I am going to start taking on Monday, two weeks before my surgery. Other than that, I bought a shower liner because I hear there's leakage (gag), new underwear because new underwear always makes me feel better, some sweat pants, and a little trash can for the side of my recliner. I am really starting to freak out!!!! Are you all ready?!

Okay, I fell off the dieting wagon, I don't feel...

Okay, I fell off the dieting wagon, I don't feel good about it, but I keep making excuses for myself. I feel so weak and worthless when I don't accomplish what I want. I have to see my doctor again to. I'm going to ask him to mark my belly so I will know exactly what he plans to do! Also I have read on alot of post that they have pre op apts, what happens at that appt? I 've seen my doctor and he gave me presriptions, but I'm not sure it was the preop? He said I won't see him again until surgery day, but I want to see him again as I've said. Can any one tell me what hapens at the preop???I am a tad bit nervous and extremely excited. Thanks guys!
I am getting lipo on my flanks but I am seeing my doctor again this week to go over exactly what he plans to do. I think it will help with my contour and make my sides alot smoother with the stiches.

Okay it's getting more real...I got my meds and...

Okay it's getting more real...I got my meds and gelzone is on roder I feel so blessed! I'm on my way!!!

I'm a nervous wreck at times! I cant believe 8...

I'm a nervous wreck at times! I cant believe 8 days and counting till my big day!!! It's in God's hands now...I think I will take any pain at this point to have a flat tummy. Sometimes I do feel alone though...I mean very few friends and family know about the surgery. My mother does not know , I told her I am having hernia repair. I feel bad for lying to her, but I'm afriad of being discouraged and I just want to do it! My kids have no idea and I'd like to keep it that way for now. It's definately not easy to keep this to myself and husband, but I don't want negative opinions about it. I want to be positive and I think I picked the best doctor for the job! My only worry is that I know african american women do not heal very wel(my doctor told me) I am hoping that I heal well and quickly. I've actually never prayed as much as I have in the past week. Lord knows I cant afford any more $ or time off work. At this point I leave it in the hand of the lord. As I said positivity, positivty, positivity! I think it's called the law of attraction...It's just a hope and a prayer. I am really thankfu to read all of the amazing stories and see the wonderful results.

Wow, that went quick!!! I will be on the flat side...

Wow, that went quick!!! I will be on the flat side tomorrow. I am excited, nervous but very positive. I feel great and I cannot wait to see the results. Any doctor that can fix this problem is good. I'm just going to walmart to do some last minute shopping for pillows and getting some groceries including lemon, broth and jello. No recliner but I'm a trooper, not one to really slow down. I like to be active and I'm pretty sure I'll be up and about in no time. I don't plan onn eating much today either I just want to focus on my positive energy. I've asked close family and friends who I have told to pray for me. See you on the flat side.

This is it! I go into the hospital soon. Emotions...

This is it! I go into the hospital soon. Emotions are crazy, sometimes I'm relaxed and sometimes I'm scared as a puppy. But overall I am happy. I know all will go well and be okay. Thank-you.

Bless the Lord I made it! It wasn't as bad as I...

Bless the Lord I made it! It wasn't as bad as I prepared myself for. 3 days before hand I stared bathing with the antibacterial soap, the night before I took the antibiotic, the morning of I took the antibiotic, something for nasea and 3 other prescribe pills from my surgeon. I had a shower, prayed and was totally at ease. I went to the hospital for 7 am checked in and waited. At about 9:15 am I saw the anestioligst(my spelling suck. Lol), he explained that I would be a sleep for 4 hours and monitor me that entire time. My surgeon marked me up and I layed there in the room with 2 doctors, the anestigiolist, and 5 nurses. I thought to myself this must be a big deal. And then without any warning i was out!
I woke up about 3.5 hours later in no pain! I said thank you Lord! The nurse asked if I needed pain meds I said yes, she said do not take the meds if I'm in no pain. I told her I didn't want to feel pain and was covering all bases. Lol. I was all bandaged up so I have no idea what I look like, but I am swollen. I still have no pain! My hubby has been helping me to the toilet and in and out of bed. I feel quite comfy with a bunch of pillows. I don't want to speak too soon but I'm thinking is it really this easy? I mean I'm not complaining about no pain, but I was mentally prepared for it. I am so glad and grateful I made it. I'm focused on my pill regimen and leg excercises. I go back to my ps today to have my drains removed. Weird cuz I thought they would be in for longer, but I guess not. Overall good experience so far I'm just praying for a quick recovery. Thanks.
Thanks Mommy Mod!
Congratulations!!!! I know how exciting this is for you. Please keep us posted and see you on the other side!

Okay day 2 of this whole ordeal. I was a bit...

Okay day 2 of this whole ordeal. I was a bit depressed and wondering why wpould I do this. I had a bit of tears and felt sorry for myself. I am sooo swollen it hurts and my back hurts when I walk hunched over. I called my PS to ask him if I can take anything for the swelling. To my suprise he called me back and spoke to me for about 15 minutes. I really needed that talk, it showed me that he cared and knew what I was going through.

It is depressing not seing the results I want right away, but I have realized I have to give time time. It also doesn't help that I don't feel a lot of encouragement from this online community, buthopefully my experience can help someone. I sure am encourasged by reading the other stories. I just hope this get better soon.
Thanks for sharing that. I'm really trying to watch my intake as well.
I figured this is water weight. If u don't mind, what do u eat now for 1200 cal/ day?
I am wheat sensitive so my diet is a bit strange. I have 2 pieces of gluten free toast with sugar free jelly and a 1/2 cup light vanilla soy milk for breakfast. (In between meals I drink water, I try to get 48oz per day) For lunch I do either a protein shake with 3/4 cup chex (I mix honey nut chex with corn chex to make it a little sweet) I snack on almonds or a protein bar in the afternoon. Dinner is brown rice or quinoa with chicken, salsa, and lettuce. Or a turkey burger, no bun (because of the allergy), wrapped in lettuce with baked fries. I sometimes eat a fiber one 90calorie brownie for dessert. I do drink 2-3 cans of vanilla coke zero throughout the day as well. It's my vice. Tonight I had my homemade veggie soup for dinner. I really try to push the fluids to feel fuller.

I think today will be a better day. I'm already...

I think today will be a better day. I'm already walikng straighter with not too much back ache. I'm putting on some make up and heading to moms. I've had a lot of gas which seems to be passing now. I'm not as swollen and drinking lots of fluids. I've walked up and down the steps a few times already and I need to keep it up. I've received a lot of kind words of encouragement over the past few days and I would like to thank every one for their prayers and well wishes.

Okay day 4 post op and I'm starting to feel more...

Okay day 4 post op and I'm starting to feel more alive! I'm walking up and down the stairs and a bit straighter now. I'm unfortunately still in swell hell though. I'm seeing my ps tomorrow to see if I can get something for the swelling. I don't have much appetite either eating very small portions. Good day overall I just can't wait to sleep on my stomach again!

I never sleep through the night anymore because its so uncomfortable!I wish I knew of all the sacrifices. I hope its worth it!
i also was up 2 pounds and thought, i m not even eating much at all, but lots of liquids. i m thinking it is the swelling from the tt for sure......but still so happy i did it.

Okay, post op day 5 and what a lovely day, I had...

Okay, post op day 5 and what a lovely day, I had my first shower!!! It felt so refreshing! I went out and bought all baby products, Johnson's and Johnson's baby wash, baby bedtime lotion and baby powder. I feel sooo good.

Also my results are starting to show, I am happier as time goes by. I saw my ps today and he said I'm healing wonderful! Thank you lord! I'll be posting pics soon.

Hi there! I am now on day 11 and feeling great!...

Hi there! I am now on day 11 and feeling great! I'm not so uncomforatable sleeping at night and walking straighter, but I still get back aches at times. I'm so glad I did it! And I seem to be healing well although I was nervous about keyloids everything is going great!I should have po pics up shortly.

Hii there! boy I'm excited, I'm feeling like a new...

Hii there! boy I'm excited, I'm feeling like a new me even put on my first bikini!!!! Never mind the steri thats just how great I feel. I am sleeping much better and overall I am pleased. Thanks everyone.
Hi, you're belly looks GREAT! I am 13 days post op (had my TT a day after yours on Aug 23rd) and I still feel huge..I am hoping this is swelling...and that A). not enough fat was removed or B). I gained weight throughout post op period. I can't wait to see end results...your results look fab in pics!
Thank you so much I am so scared and all that! I am going to be praying for your amazing ride to be like mine! You are strong and Thank you for your story! I am going in in 14 days...hernia and flap be gone!!
just saw ur new, you look happy for ya........:)

Hey Guys I'm 16 dpo today! I had my stitches...

Hey Guys I'm 16 dpo today! I had my stitches removed yesterday, I was so nervous it would hurt but I didn't feel a thing! In fact I am so excited I can start scar therapy now. I put my gelzone garment on for the first time and it felt great! I also purchased Kelo-cote, which is a scar gel. I'm back in the gym only to use the treadmill, I do a 1 hour brisk walk everyday (250 cal) and I drink a lot of water with fresh lemons. I almost feel like my old miserable self My scar looks clean and if I keep up with the therapy it should fade fine, plus its soooo low. I love my doctor! He said in the next two weeks he will take "äfter" pictures of me. Yay! I hope everyone is doing great!!
Hi Aforbes I did lipo on my flanks for better contour. The first three days are the hardest! It is best to have help with the little ones as you are advised to rest! No cleaning, no cooking so you will need help. My kids went to moms for a week, I missed them dearly, but I have to be healthy for them. Do not feel guilty about taking care of you. As moms we always put ourselves last, eat dinner last, go shopping last...what about us? You are important and you are making the decision that is right for you. I am seniding positivity your way! It's all about you right now.
Reading through this again it looks like the first 3 days are the worst right,,,best to not have kids around...I am assuming...Thank you
did you do lipo and full abdominalplasty? YOU LOOK RAD

Hey ladies, well it's day 20 and I'm feeliing...

Hey ladies, well it's day 20 and I'm feeliing pretty good! I felt so physically fit the on day 17 I went to the Amusement park and rode on the coaster with my kids- badd idea! The next day my back was soooo soar! I am still taking Tylenol extra strength...It's my own fault for over doing it, but I felt back to normal. Note to self, I'm still healing. Anyhow I posted new pics! I'm not as flat as I would like to be at this stage. but I'm still grateful for the transformation. Tell me what you think!
Holy Moly! You look FAB! Looks so natural, doesn't even look like you had a TT! CONGRATS and ENJOY!
Thank you Newmepls
Hello. I am day 22 post op,feel litte be sad,because I am allergic to almost everything,cocoa butter,bio oil,shave,lycra panties..But lets talk good news....ALL LADIES LOVING TUMMY TUCK,,,FLAT SIDE!!!

Hey all, Well what can I say??? I\m so pleased i...

Hey all, Well what can I say??? I\m so pleased i did this, and now a friend of mine is doing it too.I'm still not back at work as they gave me 6 weeks off (paid) lucky me! I've been at the gym on the treadmill at least 4 times a week. My bb looks like it has healed nicely. Although I'm not as flat as I thought I would be I feel okay. My doctor said he didn't want to do too much lipo as it may cause necrosis, at least I'm firm and I have a clean slate to work with. Actually I've not been shy in showing off my new figure and my new belly at all! I get alot of compliments on bbm and I tell them I trained hard for this only complication now is trying to find belly tops in my closet to put on for pictures. Other than that Im great. Another two weeks and I'll be back at work so I'm enjoying my time home with the kids now.
Jessesgirl thank you. Yes its a natural brazilian which looks bigger with my smaller waist. I'm counting all my blessings
Not flat enough! Crazy woman! You look incredible!!!! On top of that god blessed you with a good butt! Congrats you really do have a body you can be proud of. I'm really happy for you and I cannot wait to to be in your place(minus the good butt lol)

Hello Ladies, it has been a long time coming, but...

Hello Ladies, it has been a long time coming, but Im here! So very pleased with my results. I've ordered 4 swim suits already and it's fall! That's how great I feel. I still wear my compression most of the time, except when I wear body fitting clothes. I always wear a compression when I work out and I am hitting the gym hard! I do a lot of crunches and sit ups. My friends envy me, I would too. I am so happy I never waited to turn 40 before doing this. I am pretty much healed and my scar looks good! Sex with the hubby is amazing, maybe because of my new found confidence. Wow it was worth every penny! I would tip my doctor if I could. I hope to send updated pics and a video really soon. Thanks All!
LMBO I love it "You would tip your doctor" you look fantastic I can't wait till mine!!
Your looking awesome and im loving that hair!!
Wow you look awesome! I can't wait to be able to hit the gym again....

Hi ladies! I just cant help myself, I don't like...

Hi ladies! I just cant help myself, I don't like clothes anymore. My friends call it a miracle...
Wow girl!! I just came across your page and DAMN you look amazing!! You have every right to be over the moon with your results. I can't wait to be a couple more months down the road.
Wow what a transformation.. You look amazing.. I can't wait for mine too.. Hopefully travel to Turkey to get it done 9/11/2012.. I'm worried about post op tho.. I want to return to work a week after the op.. I'm a nurse.. Is that wise..?
Hi BeeBee13, I think u should give yourself at least two weeks. I took 6 weeks off and could even stand straight or for very long in the first week. Good luck though girlie!

Hey ladies! I just wanted to update you because...

Hey ladies! I just wanted to update you because now that I have my tumy back I am trying to lose weight. I have started to really watch the portions of my food and what I eat. I have also been religously at the gym. In one week I've lost 3 lbs!!! I know its not much, but it is very exciting! I've broken the 150lbs barrier and I feel like I am on my way! I will keep you posted on my weight loss journey. My goal is to be 130lbs before Feb. It is a realistic goal and if I stick to my regimen I know I can do it. Thanks to you girls for your encouragement!
Hi, you look amazing!
Way to go on the weight loss...keep up the good work even though you already look amazing!!
Hey girlie! Thanks! I will be watching you!

Hi ladies not much to report, sorry I've been...

Hi ladies not much to report, sorry I've been soooo busy. As u can see in my latest pic I'm starting to tone and I'm much flatter! I am very active with work and the gym and just trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I hope evryone is doing well.
In swell hell, glad to read your story to remind me whats waiting ahead. You look amazing!
You look great!!!! #motivation
You look great!! I see that isn't just the surgery.. you can tell you have been hard at work at the gym.. good for you!!

Well hello there! I am inching closer and closer...

Well hello there! I am inching closer and closer to my goal weight! I have stop eating all carbs, no bread! no pasta! no rice! I also drink alot of water!!!! My meals consist of a small peice of chicken breast- 4oz or so and about 9oz of veggies like spinach or asparagus(twice per day). I have 2 fruits per day and sugar free jello when I am hungryI also take a multivitamin everyday and work out at least 3 days per week. Now this might be alot of sacrifice, but I already feel like it is worth it! When I look at my "before pic" vs my "now pics" I know that it wasn't just the surgery, it was me making a lifestyle change. As I said 80% of what we eat and 20% fitness. Do I plan on keeping this ruitine for ever? Not! But I would like to get to my goal weight and maintain it eating healthy foods and being active! If I don't take control now, when will I! I am challenging myself weekly and setting a 2 week goals. Yes I can!!!
After my pregnancy i became fat and tried many tips to loose my weight but no one works. I lost my confidence. I hate to go in front of people because they start laughing at me. My husband support me a lot and finally we decided to do tummy tuck surgery but our next concern is about best surgery clinic in Toronto and fortunately got the best one. Now I feel very happy to share this because I look slim & I would like say my special thanks to Dr. Kredistein Cosmetic Surgery Clinic they really help me .
Sounds amazing ! Glad you're happy janicewagner.

Two years post op!

Hello family, 2 days ago was my 2 year tumi versay! I am sooo happy and absolutely no regrets. I look great, feel great lost weight and kept it off. I can wear my 2 price swim suit or a tight dress. I feel young and sexy still can't believe it's been 2 yrs!
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