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On Aaugust 9 is my big day, I am so excited and a...

On Aaugust 9 is my big day, I am so excited and a little nerves... let me start off by saying I am a mother of 4 amazing children 9, 4 and 8 months old twins... I wanted a tt so bad for the few years.

I had my surgery booked last year May with my down payment and everything and a week later found out I was pregnant with twins..OMG I almost die when I found this out because my husband and I did not plan for this..but my babies are eight months old now and with some help it's all working out..I am home on mat leave and I have 3 months more before I return to work so I though I really want this so now is the right time.

I am so happy I found this site because I live here, so thanks to all you wonderful ladies how post your experience here it's a big help..my husband was not very helpful with helping me make this decision it was getting very fustraing so I decide to do this on my own..will post most details soon, just 4 more days to go..

August 6..OMG 2 more days to go them the big day.....

August 6..OMG 2 more days to go them the big day...I am soooo happy...coming Thursday is all I can think about..

Oh my god, counting down... I am so looking...

Oh my god, counting down... I am so looking forward to this, a few more hrs to go, I have to reach at my doctors office in the morning for 7 I hope I sleep tonite...my husband was awesome today preparing the room for my recovery also helping with the kids so I get some rest...I am praying to get through this safely and will be keeping you guys posted as soon as I can..my husband was trying to help me upload my before picture but can't figured out how to do this yet..time to see if I can sleep..

It is 4:45 am and here I am can't sleep, in about...

It is 4:45 am and here I am can't sleep, in about 2 hours I will be arrivein at my doctors office for my surgery this morning, and oh my lord I can't explain my feeling because I have no idea what it is that I am feeling but my inside feels crazy..will keep you guys updated.. And thanks to all you wonderful ladies who post youR journey and share you experience because I live on this site..I think I became indicted to it..lol

Well I made it to the flat side, thanks and prays...

Well I made it to the flat side, thanks and prays to the almighty for being so faithful with me...my surgery was done at eleven yesterday, my doctor and nurses were so amazing..before I leave the office the make me try to use the washroom which was a success, I did a good job with the walking around..the driving home was not bad at all and so far i am feeling great way better than I thought I was going to...I am trying to stay ahead of the game and taking my md as proscribe which is every 4hours..well to all those who will be getting this done soon my prayer with you..will update soon..

Well I have not update in a few days so it's 2am...

Well I have not update in a few days so it's 2am and I am wide awake, so I am 5 and a 1/2 day po and feeling ok..I am still walking hunch over with lots of back pain...I have no pain from my tt itself now except there is one spot on my incision that have this pain...sometimes it feels like its a burning pain and then sometimes I get this horrible pain that last for two seconds like a shooting pain at the same spot, I really hope this goes away soon....I went yesterday for my first po visit to see my ps and he says everything looks good....I like what I see too, I just wish this whole process was a little faster, I can't wait to be myself again, I am soo tired of this recliner, it's a pain to be in all day and nite...ok will update soon again, going and try to get some sleep now...

12 days po today, and I am starting to feel great,...

12 days po today, and I am starting to feel great, I am back to my normal self again, only one little problem I am still hunch over but I can feel it's getting soo much better already...ladies the first week you might feel were is the light at the end of the tunnel but trust me just be patient it's soo going to worth it, you will have no regrets you did this, all the down time and pain, you will love your new tummy..god bless all those who soon to get this done and all those who are recovering...also for those who are thinking about it just do it and you will never have any regret, just make sure you choose a good board certify plastic surgeon...have a great day and will keep posting..

Well I am so happy to share with you all today is...

Well I am so happy to share with you all today is my 6 weeks po and omg I could not be happier..thank God my recovery went supper smooth with no problem...I would tell anybody who want to do this surgery go for it, it will change how you feel about yourself, I been love shopping for outfits it's so easy now..the confident I have is amazing..I love my new body, no more hanging skin..oh one more thing, I know people are afraid of pain from a TT there was no pain for me only discomfort, your pain meds will take all your pain away, but if you have small kids you will need help, I had a full tt with mussle repair, I could not left my 10 months old twins for 5 weeks, I had my husband who took 2 weeks off work and after he went back I had my God send mother-in- law...well that's all for now until... Lots of lov
Dr micheal Kreidstein

I was refer to this doctor by a friend who was going to have some skin removal after looseing about 200 lbs, but two weeks before the surgery he found out he had to get a Tripple bypass surgery....he was waiting for his recovery and to get some money to go again for the surgery but he pass away before he got his wishes done...

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Thank you milosmommy..and good luck to you too...
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Congratulations on your decision, I'll be following your progress - my surgery is in December and I am excited too. Happy healing
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I wish you the best of luck and Godspeed! My surgery is 9/28. Not nervous yet but expect I will be come September. I've been deformed for 19 years. It's going to be incredible not to have to buy clothes to hide my stomach.
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Thanks for your well wishes plantstrongmom...i am really looking forward to having a flat tummy and shopping for clothes..hehe
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