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I had the Smartxide fractional c02 procedure done...

I had the Smartxide fractional c02 procedure done on April 20th and was able to return to work April 25th. I scheduled the procedure based on the suggestion that by day 5 I would be able to wear makeup, and I was! And day 1 is considered the first day after the procedure.

I read tons of reviews here on this site, and others and I was quite concerned that there weren't more phenomenol reviews on this procedure cause when you are going through with this you want to see lots of great reviews, and I was a bit nervous.

I am very pleased with the results and I'm scheduled for a 2nd procedure in October. I noticed a huge difference in my skin and overall smoothness. I still have some acne scarring left to be treated, but all the unevenness, and odd imperfections are completely gone.

Day of Procedure
The doctor was very encouraging and explained the process fully. There is pain during the procedure but it would be worse without the numbing cream which helped a lot. It is bearable and you walk out very red. The remainder of the day I bled in various spots throughout which didn't last more than 1 day.
You are supposed to use this vinegar/water solution to dab your skin with and I would recommend you make enough of this mixture to last you a few days and store in the fridge. Next time I would try to mist it onto my skin, but I found a folded paper towel dipped into a bowl of this stuff worked well. Terry clothes are a no no as they will be too rough on the skin, and I did try microfibre clothes which were good too. U just don't want to pull at the skin.

I didn't like using the Aquaphor but it does work, and keeping the skin well lubricated is key. And I took nothing to treat the pain throughout the first day, nor did I use the ice packs they suggested, I didn't feel the need. It just felt like a bad sunburn and I was fine with it.

Day 1 - 3
There was swelling and redness that continued to diminish during this time period, and the redness turned gradually to a brownish colour. I started to peel just a bit and I didn't pick, but it would come off as I was applying and reapplying the Aquaphor, so I found it hard not to rub but I was determined to follow the doctor's orders for maximum don't want to pick or rub off anything that isn't ready to come off and it will come off. Also, during this time I started using Cetaphil to cleanse my skin and what a relief..although you have to reapply the Aquphor it was nice to at least cleanse your skin.

Day 4
Although still swollen and red/brownish, a lot of the dead skin did come off, and with each morning till this point I was looking better but it was still hard to believe there would be any miracle results. And although most of the skin had come off, I still had to use the Aquphor and with that stuff on, the skin's texture really shows through, so if its less than perfect you can really feel discouraged about your end results. I also showered on this date, although I bathed on days prior. You just have to make sure to keep your face out of the hot water.

Day 5
I woke up and my face looked completely clean and shedded and I knew I could wear makeup. I realized once I went to work that the sides of my face still had dryness, so there was skin there that hadn't sloughed off yet although I did wear makeup over it. Its not as though the skin peels off, it kind of sheds off if that makes even though it was dry and not completely done peeling I could wear makeup.

Day 6
My 2nd day back to work, skin very tight, very smooth, very clear, and I was ecstatic. I feel new and different, and thrilled I did this procedure. My skin was tight, clear, smooth, glistening, it was truly a miracle for me.

As the days wore on my skin got back to being its normal self, less tight, etc, but still gorgeous. I find i don't have to wear makeup as much, and I am going to get this done again in 6 months for even more results. My self esteem has gone through the roof, I am feeling better and I would do this once a year. I would advise you get a good cosmetic dermatologist and always follow precautions.

Really my doctor chose it or recommended it as my goal was to eliminate my acne scars, so she felt this was the best procedure for that. I have had some spot treating for deep scars with TCA cross prior to this which worked very well, but this procedure was meant to be an overall improvement, not just spot treatment. I will try and post some pics...

Ahh, got it thanks for the added info. Yes pictures would be great if you have them.

Thanks and hope you have a great week.



Hi Brooklin,

Welcome to the SmartXide community! This is a really detailed review, it's great. It sounds like you scheduled this procedure really well. Why did you choose this procedure over others? We would love to see pictures if you are comfortable. 

Thanks so much for the review,



Hello everyone...I've been meaning to post...

Hello everyone...I've been meaning to post before and after pics but I took them on my phone and I haven't had a chance to download them yet...I will try and do that by this weekend.

Photo Update

Hmmm if you are being sedated then it must be deep...I wasn't sedated so I can't say if the down time will be the same. Maybe its better to get the 3 treatments, less down time, same results?
my docter as looked at my face and told me he will give me a one of treatment rather than 3 and will go more deeper on the lines round my lips and eyes due to my wrinkles,,he will do this with sedation ,im so looking forward to this but im so worried at the same time im just wanting to get a better idea how long my reddness will last.i have seen other members profile but they dont say if it was smarxide lazer.o well ill keep looking ,i will call my clinc again tomorrow to ask what does he mean by been aggresive and how would this differ from having 3 treatments .
I guess its all individual...yes I was a bit red but nothing I couldn't temper with some good makeup...I was back to work on day 6 and your party is day 8...I think you'll be very pleased. I am booked for December and if I could I would do the procedure now I'm so eager...

I will be having my 2nd procedure on January...

I will be having my 2nd procedure on January 25th/2012 so I will post a new log of my recovery, with better befores/afters.
Thanks for the great review! Did you by chance have any problems with leftover track marks on the treated areas? Also, how long did it take for the redness to completely subside?
Did you have any of the complications mentioned by others? And are you still pink-ish?
Hi, can you share what is the name of your doctor that parformed the smartxide?
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