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1 month post-op - Toronto, ON

I've been considering having my nose done for...

I've been considering having my nose done for years, and was waiting for the right time in my life. It's finally time! I was getting tired of looking in the mirror & photographs and being so critical of my nose. I have a fairly small face, and my nose just seems so out of proportion. I'm not expecting a tiny, cute as a button nose. I would like something that is natural looking and less prominent.

I especially hate pictures of me taken from the front view, since my nose is so wide. Of course I've found which angles hide this most successfully, and there are many pictures of myself that I do enjoy looking at. I've decided (for now) to only upload pictures of my nose that I dislike.


Good luck to you! Keep us posted...
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Thanks so much for starting your story on RealSelf. Your morphs look amazing! When is your surgery scheduled for?

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I'd rather not give out the exact date yet..but it is before christmas :)

I have been getting more and more excited as the...

I have been getting more and more excited as the date is quickly approaching! Around 3 weeks to go. I am a bit nervous now though, because I am quite the perfectionist and even the slightet things bother me for weeks on end. For example - I had to get some dental crowns placed and bonding touched up on my front teeth, and I can't stop looking in the mirror and thinking this tooth should be slightly longer, this tooth should be less round, the colour isn't 110% accurate. How am I going to cope with slight imperfections after my rhinoplasty? I'm sure the results will look great compared to my current nose, but I am so picky! and a bit concerned about my expectations and the outcome.

I also became a bit concerned when I received my before/after photos from my digital imaging appointment. (The ones posted here were from my initial consultation, and some that I did myself.) I know the front view is difficult to accurately portray, so I wasn't too worried about that. The problem was that my profile view didn't seem to have a significant enough change. It still looked too large and not feminine at all. I did voice my concerns, and was told that the after image was underdone since it really will depend on how my nose heals. I am crossing my fingers for a less projected profile! I also sent a few versions of edited images of my profile that I would prefer to have, so I'm really hoping one of these will be attainable.


Now that it's so soon, I can't contain it anymore... dec 20!
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woooo :)
OH MY GOD !! DR RICHARD RIVAL!! hot doc who does natural noses, doesn't get much more better than this! lol ! good luck and im soo excited to see the results because my nose is similar but I still have to save so I won't be seeing him for a long while:( but aww lucky u!! ur in good hands ;)
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2 more days!!! I'm so excited to get this...

2 more days!!! I'm so excited to get this done!

I was planning on stocking up on supplies today, but I've decided to put that off until tomorrow night. Did anyone have trouble eating the first couple of days after? I'm wondering if I should also pick up some softer food.
Here's what I'm planning on getting:
-neck pillow
-polysporin ointment
-frozen peas (even though already have a few freezer gel packs)
-q-tips..extra cotton on the tips?
-medical tape
-saline nasal spray
-Otrovin nasal spray
-cotton balls
-new pjs for lounging around in :)

I'm also going to buy Arnica pills, however I can only seem to find the Arnica Sin Ecch brand for sale through my doctor. I tried a few health food stores, but the brands were different, and I was paranoid they wouldn't be as good. My doctor's office is selling 12 (I think..or was it 9?) pills for $53. Is this typical? Seems rather pricey, but I'll buy them either way.

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The Arnica brand they are recommending is from...

The Arnica brand they are recommending is from Alpine Pharmaceuticals.


Good Luck to you on your surgery! Mine is also on the 20th of December. Super ready for it to be over with.
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Excited for you! Keep us posted:)
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good luck :D
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Well....This is it! I will be checking in to the...

Well....This is it! I will be checking in to the clinic tomorrow at 12:30pm. I hope I can get some sleep tonight! I feel like this is the end of an era..


Good luck tomorrow! Let us know how it goes when you get the chance!
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How exciting! Good luck to you tomorrow as well. We can keep each other company during recovery :)

My surgery was yesterday, Dec. 20, at around...

My surgery was yesterday, Dec. 20, at around 2:30pm. I was told to be at the clinic for 12:30, so I sat waiting for quite some time. The nurse came in to see me and ask a few questions. She seemed a bit hesitant when I asked if the doctor would be coming in to see me before. It was as if it was an unusual request..which was a bit strange. When he came in, he seemed rushed and a bit irritable - unlike my previous 2 meetings with him. I just wanted to go over what we would be doing again...because you know, my nose was about to be cut open, and wanted a bit of reassuring. I guess they were running behind schedule?

Besides that, I wasn't feeling too nervous until it was time to move into the OR. I've had anesthesia twice before, and was terrified of having that burning feeling in my veins again. But I didn't feel it at all this time, which I was happy to discover; and before I knew it, I was coming to again. I would say the worst part for me was waking up. I woke up slowly, and seemed to be having some trouble breathing. I was still out of it, and I tried to describe to one of the nurses the feeling I was having as "trapped air in my lungs", and was told 'you're fine, you're just drugged up'. Then my other nurse (who was great by the way) came to see how I was doing. She suggested opening my mouth and coughing...and out came several blood clots. I knew I was having difficulty breathing for a reason other than drugs! My throat was slightly sore, but having a freezie helped. After the blood clots came up, I felt much better. I left the clinic around 5:30pm - drove home in rush hour, and with freezing rain - fun!

It is now the day after my surgery, and I am not experiencing any pain at all. I don't appear to have any substantial swelling or bruising. I'm crossing my fingers it won't get much worse. I actually cannot believe how good I feel! I had my full appetite back the minute I got home. So far I am doing well, and hope it only gets better from here!


Wow! I think your nose will look excellent! The nostrils are much narrower than your originals. They look lined up with your tear ducts, which is perfect. Yippee!
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Glad you're home and happily recovering! Sounds like it was a breeze (except for the blood clots) and I hope it stays that way for you!
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Thank you! My eyes are quite puffy today, and I'm already frustrated with being so congested..I've also started judging the shape of my nose (the little bit that I can see), which I know is terrible! I can't possibly imagine what's under the cast and all the tape. Hope you're feeling better! I too thought I wouldn't go outside until I looked more normal, but I think once the swelling subsized a bit, I will venture outside despite the cast.

Day 4 - Today was a good day! I protected my nose...

Day 4 - Today was a good day! I protected my nose with saran wrap/tape and took a shower. I then went out to get my hair washed and blow dried. I also made a quick stop at the mall to get a few last minute christmas gifts. It was quite tiring being up and about for the first time today, but I made it! I'm not sure I'll be going out again until the 27th when my cast comes off, but at least I got some fresh air today. I'm feeling a bit anxious about seeing my nose for the first time but I'm trying not to think about it too much for now.

I hope you are all having speedy recoveries - Merry Christmas/Happy holidays!


Thank you! I can't believe the cast is coming off on the 27th! Time really flies, even when you feel that it won't :)

Cast removal tomorrow!!! I am extremely nervous...

Cast removal tomorrow!!! I am extremely nervous and excited to see what's been happening under my cast. It must be so strange to look in the mirror and see a different nose than the one I've been looking at for 20-some odd years.

My nose is still running a bit, not too much, and the stitches under my left nostril have somewhat crusted over. I am able to breathe slightly through both nostrils however I still have to breathe through my mouth in order to get enough air in. I find chewing on foods leaves me quite out out of breath! I've never had stitches removed, so I'm feeling a bit anxious to get them pulled out tomorrow, especially since the area seems to be so tender.


You look great! & when you get your cast off tomorrow you will look even more stunning :) I can't believe your only 6 days post op! You look so good. You hardly have any swelling and your bruises went away quick. Hopefully mine will do the same thing! Best of luck to ya :)
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Nice eyes :p im so excited to see your results!!
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I'm scared of the stitches removal, too!
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I absolutely love my nose. Although it's obviously...

I absolutely love my nose. Although it's obviously still rather swollen, and my nostrils are currently uneven, my face instantly looks much more in proportion. I'm very thankful that I didn't experience any significant bruising or swelling this past week!

The cast removal was't bad at all - a little discomfort, a few pulls, and it was off. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that my stitches are actually dissolvable. I had assumed they weren't because they still seem so stiff. I was expecting Dr. Rival to be at my first post-op appointment but he was not in the office. Instead, someone else removed the cast for me (not sure if doctor/nurse/other staff member - and didn't catch her name). She also gave me a paper stating "Sorry I couldn't be there.." and a list of things to expect while healing. She then trimmed a few stitches which were sticking out and I was able to gently pick at a few myself in the car. My follow up appointment is in a month.


Your nose is just gorgeous! I'm so happy for you, and hope you continue to have an easy recovery as your swelling goes down. Enjoy!
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Yes, thankfully my healing has gone really well so far and I didn't have any major swelling/bruises. I hope the rest of the recovery goes this smoothly! And I wish you all the best for your surgery :)
Phew, turns out they are dissolvable :)

I thought I would mention a few of the not so...

I thought I would mention a few of the not so great things I discovered:

When the cast was removed, my nose smelled terrible. I have never had a cast before, so it did not even occur to me what would be happening under there for a week. My nose is now covered in deep black heads, and the skin is peeling off quite a lot.

I have a bump on the right side of my nose and my nostrils are really uneven, making one side appear more pig-like than the other. I know, I know: wait for the swelling to subside, etc. etc. It's so much easier to think that for other people's pictures rather than looking at your own actual nose. Patience...I know... I will try..


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I think your nose looks really cute! It will look amazing when the swelling goes down too! Just keep yourself distracted for awhile and try not to think about it. I'm sure that's gotta be really hard though.
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You're nose looks awesome! Dr. Rival did a great job. Once the swelling goes down you will see a huge difference, just waiting is the hardest part. I had my surgery on the 20th and my cast was removed yesterday, as well. My face swelled up a lot right after surgery but I wasn't prepared for how swollen my nose would be. It's shocking and I am having mini panic attacks every time i pass a mirror, but just have to be patient and wait for it to go down to see the shape... it's hard but I think you'll be really happy with the results in a few week and I hope that I will be happy with mine too!
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Day 19 Well...I've been avoiding uploading new...

Day 19

Well...I've been avoiding uploading new pictures because I'm feeling rather disappointed with the bump on the right side of my nose, as well as the very uneven nostrils. I went to see Dr. Rival last Friday about these concerns, and of course there's nothing else to do but wait. I was told that if by summer the bump hasn't gone away, I'll have to be put to sleep again to fix it. I'm happy with the overall idea of my new nose, but it's hard to look in the mirror and pictures and see a different nose from all angles.

The pictures I'm uploading now are from New Year's Eve (Day 11 after surgery). I'm not seeing any improvements as of yet, so I'll hold off for another week or so until I add some new ones. I'm constantly worried about people looking at me from my new 'bad side' :(


I also had a very hard bump at the top of my nose where the hump was shaved down and it just finally went away. I might be a bone callus? I hope everything works out for you and you already look great!
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Thank you. Your pictures look great!
I have a bump too and the uneven nostrils at 21 days and my DR. said we are moving in the right direction. We will have patience together...
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It's been a month since surgery! I can't believe...

It's been a month since surgery! I can't believe how quickly time is passing. No improvements in terms of the bump and uneven nostrils, but I am still happy overall. My nose is still really stuffy and I'm breathing through my mouth most of the time. The left (larger) nostril also tends to run, so I find myself constantly dabbing at my nose with a tissue. Also, I frequently feel the need to blow my nose, but when I actually do it, it's not satisfying at all - feels like there's so much in there! And right after I blow my nose I feel some slight pressure build up in my nose, and then it subsides. My next post-op appointment is at the end of February so I will update again after that.

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I would like to add one more thing for now... I've...

I would like to add one more thing for now... I've been noticing some comments around, pretty much putting down people's feelings of unhappiness regarding their new noses "so soon after surgery". Everyone is entitled to their own opinions of their own surgery. If you just got your cast off and are feeling uneasy about your nose, go ahead and post about it! If there is something about your new nose that bothers you, it's perfectly normal to feel this way! Yes, the healing process does take time, and it will be different for everyone. If you just got your cast off and completely love your new nose, are oblivious to imperfections, don't have any imperfections, etc. that's great. Just know that not everyone can have the same reactions to their new nose, as all of our experiences and outcomes are different.

Happy healing!


First of all, you're so beautiful! And honestly, though I can see what you're referring to with your bump and your nostrils, it's really only because you pointed it out. I think your new nose looks soooo natural; it actually reminds me of my best friend's nose, which is naturally like that and I've always been a little envious of, haha. Hopefully you get the breathing and runny nose issues out of the way though :(
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Hearing that it looks natural is great! Thank you for the kind words. Best of luck with your surgery!
Wow! you look gorgeous! :) The little bump and uneven nostrils aren't really noticeable to me and probably most other people. Plus you still have so much healing time left too! So it will probably go down way more too!
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Posted a picture to compare my nostril before and...

Posted a picture to compare my nostril before and after surgery.. just to show the extent of it. Thankfully it's only noticable when I tip my head really far back.


are you happy with it ? I am considering Dr rival and you seem not to happy with your nostrils and the bump - has the swelling gone down? Thanks btw. Def not going to see Solomon
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Hey, I saw Dr Rival yesterday for a consult. I also have a bump on the left side of my nose (due to an injury when I was young). Reading all the reviews I'm feeling better and more confident about the surgery. Your nose looks beautiful! Did you have to go in for a revision? Is the bump still there?
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Hey! I was wondering now that its been over a year, have you gone through with a revision? Was one needed? How are you feeling about your nose now?
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Over 1 year later from inital rhinplasty..

It's been a while since I logged in here! I went for a revision in September 2013 (about 8 months after the inital rhinoplasty). I had cartilage removed from my septum and inserted above the nostril to try and minimize the size. It may look slightly better from the profile view, but from below my nostrils are still completely different sizes. Dr. Rival was also supposed to shave the bump down during the revision, however it is still obviously there. At my post-op he told me to stop taking pictures of myself and stop examining my nose, and that it was still swollen... I was told, "do you think I put you to sleep and did nothing?"..We had quite a disagreement and I left his office in tears. Well, over half a year later, the size of the bump has not changed. While I'm still glad I decided to have rhinoplasty in the first place, I am not happy with the persisintg bump on only ONE Side. I have yet to make another appointment to see him, due to how he made me feel at the last appointment. I will hopefully get a chance to upload recent pitures.


Thanks for all the pictures, I'm having a rhinoplasty in November but only my close family knows about it, I will be seeing almost my entire family soon after the surgery and don't really want them to see me with bandages/bruises on my face and also hopefully they won't notice.. and you look great, like a brunette Lana del Rey (but a lot more natural, like if Lana's surgery had been more subtle and no duck lips) lol I mean that as a compliment though
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Any pictures you can share? This has been a rollar coaster for you. I hope things are better. I think you should see if you can talk to the doctor about how you felt at your last appointment. Its not healthy to keep things to yourself as I am learning also to stand up for what I believe in.
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hello beautiful! I too had a septo/rhino with dr rival, it was on april 16 and im about 2 weeks post op... so far its pretty good...major improvement and nothing went terribly wrong(i totally had the feeling something would of went terrible with dr solomon during my consult with him eek) anyways...there is this one thing bugging me...i have a little bump on one side I didn't quite have during cast/splint removal...its very veryy small and almost impossible to see at profile view.. and its much less than what I Initially had pre-op.. but still...I know its there and even though the tip is looking great so far I cant get over the bridge...I kinda wanted perfection in that aspect but oh well..MY search results have come up with inflammation from the fracture site of the bone(since its the side of bridge) dr.rival thinks its swelling...who knows but in the event that it "grows" or becomes worst over time during healing, I was wondering if you had to pay for your revision? I heard on these type of blogs that his revision policy is that it would be free and you would only need to pay for the anaesthesia? but I'm guessing that would be up to him to assess if its his error or severely under-operated etc etc...would love if you could shed more light on your revision process just incase this is worst case scenario for me..I dont really want to bother him about this 2 weeks post-op, I'll just look insane even though I swear its not swelling hmm...maybe callous? could just be a weird illusion grr hate post op healing!!! time will tell....well hopefully you see this post soon, youre the only person on here that had a revision by him! To anyone else reading this I will definitelly put in a review 2-6 months post op for you all to read aswell :) I really think these personal reviews really help us make our decision on something so expensive and permanent and I intend to pay it forward! and remember, rhino is one of the hardest procedures in plastic surgery and every nose is intricate and unique! please dont be discouraged if you have a surgery upcoming or would like to book with him! I believe he's still one of the best and has made a lot of patients happy! so far all I can stress to all of you is to definitely communicate clearly in what youre expecting and make SURE you are on the same page and do your research and bring pics if you can! happy healing to all! :)
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Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

I had been considering two surgeons based on online research, and knew someone that had her nose done with one of them about a year ago. After meeting her doctor, I knew immediately this is who I wanted to choose. The timing worked out perfectly for me and I decided to book my surgery date shortly after the consultation. In researching the two doctors, one had both negative & positive reviews, and the other had only good reviews that I could find. I also watched YouTube videos of a few of his patients' recovery periods and was reassured by their outcomes. Of course, I chose the one with good reviews. He is known for giving his patients natural looking noses.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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