No More Nosejob for a while- Pregnant !! :)

After years of hating on my nose, I have decided I...

After years of hating on my nose, I have decided I will get it fixed. I was okay with it but then at 14 I smashed my face into a fence while riding a bike in the dark!! All the cartilage moved to the left side. I was still young and my nose wasn't too long yet so with tons of makeup I could still make myself flawless.

When I was 17 I was young and dumb and thought speeding was cool-so I got in a car accident and again smashed my face against the airbag. It was things MUCH worse. My cartilage shifted again and some of the cartilage on the left somehow moved to the right at the front so the right front is bulbous and the left front is flat-while the right side is flat and the left side has a big bump! The septum also shifted to the right a bit at the top. I moved out on my own shortly was working fulltime and was still young and hid myself with lots of makeup. I started going crazy not long after though.

I was 18 and I started pushing my nose to the other side so hard everyday thinking it would make it straighter. I would push it so hard I would almost cry. Since then I became OBSESSED more than before. I gave up on the shading and crazy makeup-I was going through a really bad break-up and had other things to worry about for myself. I am now 21 and over these crazy years I have lost my confidence. I have had a lot of time to work on myself, inside and out. I am able to go out now without tons of crazy makeup-before I could not leave the house without spending 3 hours in the mirror. The only downside is that I do not feel the way I used to. Atleast with the tons of makeup I felt beautiful-Now I just feel ugly. I mean sometimes I know I am pretty, but all I can see is my nose. It never stops growing and after the accidents I feel like it is growing deformed!!

I used to go around saying "I am who I am! If people don't like it then oh well!" but I realized it is me that isn't happy with my looks, so I have to do something about it!!

The past few days I have been researching like crazy alone. I have met with a couple surgeons in my town which is Ottawa, but one seemed drunk and the other refused to work on me cause he thought I needed therapy first. Well after reading their reviews online I knew I had to search further. I looked at a lot of surgeons in Toronto and found a couple I really like. One of them really sticks out and I am sure I will go with him. His name is Doctor Rival of Toronto and I am looking to do a consultation in August or shortly after, when I have more income, with having my surgery 2-3 months after the consult! It would be so cool to have my surgery close to New Years so I can really start fresh!

I am so excited and have drawn sketches of what I want touched and NOT touched. I think you reaaally have to know what you are doing and the risk you're taking. You should really think about what you want done and make sure the doctor you're seeking exceeds the expectations you have. Here's some pictures, tell me what you think!

Have any of you seen Doctor Rival?

Thank you ladies! :):)

Your nose looks really straight and nice from the side (at least in these photos). I can see what you mean from the front, though I think you're FAR from deformed. You're very lovely! Here's Dr. Rival's profile on RealSelf. Please let us know what you decide to do.

What a tragedy that so many accidents have caused your cartilage to smoosh. However, the asymmetry that you speak of..well I just can't see it. But you probably see it because no one knows your nose better obviously. I can relate to you about the asymmetry though, as well as the "bulbous" tip. The pic of you in the black shirt looking straight on reminds me of what my nose looks like. You are already such a beauty and I bet it will just fine tune your look that much more :)

Well it looks like my nosejob will be going on...

Well it looks like my nosejob will be going on hold or possibly never getting one LOL because there is no way I am choosing that over my baby!!
Hi - congratulations about the little babe to be. I just wanted to let you know that I had a consultation with Dr.Rival about 2 weeks ago and I didn't really get any bad impressions from him. I opted for the digital photo re-imaging which cost an extra 250 bucks, the positive side to this was that if you end up booking surgery that price is taken of what Dr. Rival quotes. The not so great side was that I could have done it myself and brought my laptop with me to see what he thinks. If you google Dr Rival Face Touch Up, you can actually load one of your own photos and do the same modifications that he would do. Then save it and bring the pics of what you would like to accomplish with the surgery. He quoted me 6,000. Which isn't bad seeing as how I anticipated a couple more thousand. From looking at your pics, I don't really see anything wrong with your nose in the first pic, but in the second it seems as though you may have a strong sort of masculine nose. Anyway I hope this helps, and I hope you have a good pregnancy and birth. Email me if you have any questions.
Awww! Congrats to you! Maybe in the future you will decide to have your nose fixed but you look beautiful now anyway.
Good luck with your pregnancy
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