Upper and Lower Jaw Surgery - Toronto, ON

Hello everyone I am new to this site. On January 9...

Hello everyone I am new to this site. On January 9 2013 I had what is known as a "lefort 1 osteotomy; bilateral Sagital split ramus osteotomy, genioplasty; left mandibular custom inlay implant" (phew! I hope I got that right!). In a nutshell I had jaw asymmetry, had both upper and lower jaws done, an adjustment done to my chin since it was shifting more towards the right, and also a titanium implant that was put in my left jaw to even out my asymmetry. I'm now one month post-op and pretty much the majority of pain is gone except for in my chin and lower lip. It's pain but also a weird numbing/burning sensation (on my lower lip that is.) A lot of the swelling has gone down also. I just can't believe how straight I look in the mirror and my bite is dead on! I just hope things will continue to get better as the days go by. Thanks for reading.

thank you for sharing but could you also tell me who was the surgeon who worked on your jaw? i have been trying to look for a surgeon that has successful experience with this kind of work. thank you.
Would you mind sharing where you had it done? I'm from the GTA and I'm hoping to have a correction from my braces screwing up my bite 10 years ago (when I was 11-13). I'm nervous about picking a good surgeon, so I think it's best to go with someone who's been given a good testimonial :)
I was wondering why it cost that much. Isn't jaw surgery covered by government health care? And also, did your nose change much after the surgery?
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