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Immediately after getting my tattoo and taking the...

Immediately after getting my tattoo and taking the bandage off I knew I hated it and it wasn't me. I didn't rush out and get it. I thought about it for a long time. But unfortunately I didn't end up loving it the way I thought I would. It's been almost a year and a half since I got it. I immediately started looking into removal options and went for a few consultations. I started removal only a few months after getting it.

I have now had 6 removal sessions. The first 5 were done with the medlite C6 laser. For my 6th treatment I switched to a new removal place because they have the new TATTX laser. I was started at a very low setting there since all my other sessions were at a different clinic and they didn't know how my skin was going to react. I have not noticed a difference since that treatment but I'm hoping when I go for my next session and the laser gets turned up I'll notice more fading. I really hope I can get rid of this thing, and without scarring. There are only a couple people who even know I have it and I hate the thought of anyone else seeing it. I dread summer because it's not exactly in a easy spot to hide.

I wanted to post a review because when I was looking for options I couldn't find many reviews from actual people undergoing removal.

I have a few photos I am going to try and post but I'm not sure of the exact date of them or what treatment it was. I don't have any recent ones since my sixth but nothing noticable has changed.

I went for my my 8th treatment yesterday. (3rd...

I went for my my 8th treatment yesterday. (3rd treatment with the Tattx laser). The laser was turned up to the highest setting and it hurt so bad! (They don't use numbing cream there - just cold air and ice packs for a couple minutes before). Immediately after the treatment my back felt super hot and sore but that didn't last for too long. Today it is just a little tender and very red.

I asked them to send my pictures to me so that I can post on here for everyone to see but I haven't received them yet. For now I tried taking a picture myself to show it but I apologize for the crappy quality! lol The picture definetly doesn't show how red it really is.

The tattoo is definetly lighter then before I started treatments but at the same time I was hoping for better results by now :(. The lady doing my treatment said she thought maybe 3 more sessions but said its hard to tell. I was told I would probably only need 3 or 4 treatments when I went for my Tattx consulation and it's already been 3! Hoping since they laser was turned all the way up this time I see greater fading (and no scarring).

I have also noticed this time that the spots with...

I have also noticed this time that the spots with lots of shading still left look sort of white / grey - I am hoping this isn't the start of scarring / hypopigmentation :S. Does anyone else experience this right after a treatment?

Had my 9th treatment yesterday

I had my 9th treatment yesterday. Ever since I started going to the new clinic I have had the same girl doing my treatments. When I went in yesterday I had somebody new doing them since the other one doesn't work there anyone. She asked how I felt about my fading and I mentioned I haven't noticed much of a change since switching to that laser. She said "Okay, well we can turn the laser up." The problem is the other girl doing my treatments has been telling me she was using the laser on a high setting. (The laser goes up to ten and she told me I was being treated on the highest setting.) When she said she could turn it up I mentioned that I was told it was already up as high as it would go and she said No, that I was being treated at 5. So she set it at 6.5 yesterday.
I'm not really sure which one of the technicians to believe lol. I felt like this session hurt a lot less and my skin looks a lot less damaged. If I was really only being treated at a 5 and she turned it I was expecting it to hurt more and looks a lot worse. I guess I will have to wait and see if I notice anymore fading. I am going to try and update a photo taken right after treatment yesterday.

9th treatment

I thought I would mention the white lines drawn on my back in case anyone is wondering. She said she was going to draw those and use them as a guide to make sure she didn't miss any spots.


The clinic finally sent me the photos of my treatments. I have had four treatments total there and looking at the pictures I really do not notice a different from the first one until now. Very discouraging :(

Finally scheduled my 10th session!

Well it has been about 6 months since I have posted so I figured I should post an update. I have posted a recent picture. Keep in mind that the picture makes the tattoo look more faded then it actually is. I also made a side by side comparison of before any treatments and the most recent picture. I haven't had any more treatments since my last one in July but I have finally scheduled one for a couple weeks from now. I was hoping if I took a break I would notice a lot more fading. I'm hoping this next treatment will make a big difference. Has anyone else taken a long break from treatments? Did you notice better fading on your next laser session after taking a break?
Such a long process but hoping it is worth it in the end. :( Still a long ways to go and hoping a full removal is possible.

10th treatment

I went in for my 10th session yesterday. It was quite painful. The clinic I go to doesn't use numbing cream - only ice packs. But they left the ice packs on a little longer then usual yesterday so I think that helped a bit. My back is quite red today. The area is quite raised and it looks like I have some small blisters. I do notice some spots that are looking grey/white. Not sure if this is just reaction from the laser being turned up or if this is a sign of scarring. I hope not. They said last time I was treated at 6.5 - Yesterday they turned it up to 8.5. I have posted a photo taken about 24hrs after the treatment. All the ointment makes it kind of hard to see. I asked the clinic to send me my before and immediately after picture so when I get those I will post them.

Quick Update!

Not much to update on right now. I haven't had any additional treatments since middle of February. I haven't noticed too much fading since then either. It's hard to tell though just looking at my back. I usually notice it more when comparing pictures so hopefully after my next session I will have to pictures to post.

I think I am going to go for another session within the next month and then maybe take the summer off and maybe go tanning to help fade it a bit. I'm hoping if I am tanned the tattoo with not be so noticeable and maybe blend in more with my skin. It's so hard to hide it during summer and hard to find clothes that cover. Any thoughts on this? Will tanning make a tattoo more or less noticeable? Hope everyone is doing well and having luck with removal! :)

Treatment 11

Just giving everyone an update! I went in for my 11th treatment today and the technician said she turned the laser up even more. She also did 2 passes on the very top of the tattoo that sticks out of my clothes. Normally I am worried after each session about how bad it looks and freak out a bit thinking it looks horrible and like I am going to scar... I just finished taking off the bandages and I have to say today is the most worried I have been. The whole thing is quite red, raised, and scabbed over. It is the two outer flowers that are worrying me the most. I have never bled this much after a treatment and the two outer ones look like open wounds. Hopefully this is normal and everything heals okay. I never received pictures from the clinic from my last session so I asked again today for them to send them to me so when they do I will post those as well. I think this is going to be my last treatment for a while until fall and I will just let it heal. This picture was taken right after removing the bandage (about 8 hours after treatment).

5 days after treatment 11

Still quite a few scabs and raised areas but it's looking better. Hopefully everything heals well with no scarring. Here is another picture.

2 weeks after treatment 11

Just thought I would post a picture to update everyone. Keep in mind the picture shows it more faded then it actually is. I definitely have some more scarring after this treatment. I also have quite a few spots where the white ink has oxidized and looks grey/green. Hopefully that fades within time. Does anyone know how long I should wait after treatments before allowing myself to get any sun? I'm afraid if I am out in the sun too early I might risk scarring or pigmentation problems even more. Also what has everyone experienced with tanning and their tattoo? I thought getting a tan may help to hide it a bit for the summer (it shows out of my tops sometimes) but one of the technicians said having a tan may make the tattoo more visible/ darker. Thoughts?

Side by side after treatments 9 & 11

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I would recommend not tanning your back area at all right now. Your fading is really great! Do you know how many treatments you have left?
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Thanks! It has come a long way since I first got the tattoo that is for sure. Why do you suggest that I avoid tanning and for how long? Just curious how the sun will affect it. I have been avoiding the sun for years now because of removal but I have decided I am probably going to take a break from treatments until fall or winter. I'm not really sure how many treatments I will have left. I believe it was my 6th treatment that they said I would only need 3 - 4 more but here I am 5 treatments later and still a long ways to go lol. As much as I can't wait for this thing to be gone (hopefully full removal is possible) I wouldn't be surprised if I still had at least a couple more years of treatments to go. It is such a slow process and fading is getting less and less with each treatment. I will just have to wait and see I guess!
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I am also curious why to avoid sun if you are taking a break and won't have any treatments until fall. Probably you can limit the amount of the sun. Have you checked this with your doctor? Would be interested to know this information. I checked with mine as I am going to Cyprus and I asked him if I can tan, he said yes, but after that I should wait 4-5 weeks before heading to my next treatment. Other tattoo removal guys told me that it is good to tan as tattoo can fade by its own, but I asked them before having any treatment.
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Your progress is fantastic! So very nearly there. It seems like there is just some stubborn, residual ink left. Perhaps quite deep in the skin? Do you know if you technician is upping the power still? I've seen lots of cases online where treatments have ended and there is still a 'shadow' of the tattoo left. A year or so down the line and any residual ink has faded out. Perhaps this is what you need? A long break could be just the ticket. With regards to tanning & sun exposure - as far as I'm aware, its imperative to keep the tattoo covered for a month or so after a treatment (whilst its healing and the skin is vulnerable) but after that its ok to have it out, provided its kept well covered with SPF 30+ (which is pretty much just good advice for normal skin anyway!). This is just the general gist, from what I've read. Are you able to check with your technician?
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I just suggested not tanning because of the risk of burning and since your skin has been out through a lot already, it might not help it. But, I'm a scaredy cat who always tends to be over cautious! Lol so maybe I'm not the best person to take advice from. Do you burn easily? If not, maybe it would be ok.
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Actually now that I'm thinking more, maybe a little sun would help! The uv rays may help to fade the tattoo even more. Just try not to burn.
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I pretty much agree w/ Wilks on treatments faded less and less each session after about the 5th/6th treatment...even my Dr said it fades at the same ratio, as in, in will fade 30% the first, then 30% of what's left on the next, then 30% of THAT etc etc (and the % is not exact). In either case, yes, fading slows down as we progress unfortunately. It's due to less ink and deeper ink. I had 9 treatments and my last one was mid January, so it's been over 4mo now since my last session. I am just letting it be now, getting some sun and enjoying summer. It's SO faded w/ only a few "blips" of ink here and there but not legible. I will prob (maybe) go back for one more session come fall but that all depends on if it fades out until then. The sun I am getting now may be helping, but yes, I still apply a light SPF lotion to help it not burn or anything. I am tan and it's still fading. Perhaps a break will do you good. Also heard that tatts continue to fade up to a year after a session. Just don't tan months after or b/f the laser. The laser is drawn to contrast of ink and pale skin, so if they are both equal (after a tan), the laser will not respond well and may target yr natural skin pigment. You are really so close!!! I's day give it some time and enjoy summer sun...your choice of course. Best of luck to you :)
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*I'd say
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Wow!! Palmtree16, your fading is amazing! You are having such great success. Just think 15 months ago you were starting and now look. So wonderful to have such a success story on here. It gives a lot of people hope and encouragement to continue. This whole process can be so heart-wrenching, depressing, and frustrating. With patience and perseverance you have pulled through. If you're going for a cover up, you don't have much farther to go, if any really. If you're looking for removal, you are definitely on the way. Great! aloha...k
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Thank you! Yes, it has definitely come a long way since I started removal. However, I wish I only started 15 months ago! lol I guess I never really mentioned when I actually started the removal but it was in 2011 only months after getting the tattoo. I just didn't start my review until last year. I am definitely not going for a cover up. I am hoping for full removal but I'm not sure how possible that is. It seems like fading is getting less and less with each treatment and with each treatment it is getting more damaging and I am noticing more scarring. Thanks for your positive comments! :) It looks like you are also getting close with your removal! Hope everything is going well!
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It oesn't matter how long it takes, removal is the best. Sorry to hear about the scarring. Blackberry11/Eva G talks about Tepezcohuite Cream that she says has helped her with scarring after removal and other skin issues. It would be worth a try. I use silicone scar sheets and they help smooth things out. I have the cream in my Amazon cart though ready for the next session. As for me...well the latest photos posted were a fluke with the lighting. A friend who is a professional photographer snapped those in the afternoon light. I have another photo of my hand in the evening light and the ink is almost gone. But in reality, it is still there. Sigh...sigh...sigh...I will continue with full removal and even if it takes years, that's okay, at least I'm doing something about it. I keep plodding along, hoping for the best, at least I'm in control of some aspect of this whole process. aloha...k
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How is the healing coming along?
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Hi! I would say it is fully healed now but I definitely think I have some scarring from this last session. Quite a few areas are sort of white and shiny. Hard to describe but hopefully within time that heals. I really haven't noticed any difference yet with this session. I don't find it looks any lighter. Some spots are actually looking darker now that it is healed. Hopefully it fades a lot within the next few weeks! Thanks for checking in! :)
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You results are impressive! It is almost gone! Please, post a picture once it is healed =) Good luck!
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Thank you! :) I will try and post a picture soon. Its quite hard to take a picture of my own back and very few people even know I have this to help me lol. I haven't figured out my camera settings so every picture I've tried taking is blurry haha.
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I am really excited for you, I feel like you are going to be thrilled with your fading...can't wait to see it once it's all healed and in a few weeks. 
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Your fading is remarkable! Although treatments are sometimes nasty looking and you were worried about scarring, the 5days post pic looks like it is healing really well too :) Keep doing whatever it is that you are doing for could be done, who knows....
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Wow! Impressive results! Are you able to see the light at the end of the tunnel yet?
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I was hoping after it healed it would be noticeably faded but I don't see a difference yet. Hopefully the next couple months it will fade a lot! I've definitely come a long way from when I first got it but unfortunately I think I still have a long ways to go.
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You're very nearly there, I'm pretty jealous!! Keep at it.
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This is removal is so amazing to see...SO CLOSE! Thanks for keeping us posted and making the review
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Yup, it's look better. The after care and healing can certainly take a toll on our psyche, this whole process is so lengthy and we all just want it to be over. I wish it was as fast as eating a piece of delicious cake, but it's not. Good luck, keep us posted, your fading is amazing. aloha...k
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Thanks for the update! As the laser is turned up the treatment becomes more aggressive, especially when it involves multiple passes, keep a close eye on it during healing but everything up to this point, in my opinion, sounds perfectly normal. I had feelings of worry as well after my more aggressive treatments, but everything healed just fine, and any redness subsided as the months past. I have a feeling you will see wonderful results, look forward to updates :)
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It is great to hear from you, I've been thinking about you. I understand that you're worried about the redness, it might be expected with the laser being turned up and two passes. Is it possible that the weather where you are can be affecting it also? I lived in Toronto many years ago, and it was hot sometimes. Keep it moisturized, protected by sun, keep hydrated and give it a few days. If it doesn't improve, or you're still concerned, consult with your professional. They'll have answers.
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Hey there, just checking in to see how your fading was from treatment 10? Would love an update! Hope you are well :) 

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