Four Month Update with New Pictures

Well, I am a single 41 year old mom of two...

Well, I am a single 41 year old mom of two teenagers. I've only told two close friends about my surgery (not sure if I'm afraid that others will judge me, or if I'm just afraid in general) so I'm very happy to have found this community. I've spend the morning reading others' stories and have to say, I'm not as nervous as I was!

My motivation? I consider myself to be young at heart, and fit. But no matter how much exercise I've done, I've never been happy with my post pregnancy body. And it's only getting worse with age! So here I am.

I've been considering this surgery since a friend had her tummy tuck about four years ago. I'm most looking forward to wearing my bikini and not being self conscious about my pot belly. Or my saggy breasts. Smaller nipples will be a bonus!

This time next week, I'll be tucked up in my bed...

This time next week, I'll be tucked up in my bed recovering. Terrifying and cause for happiness all rolled up into one.

My best friend has offered to come sleep over with me (which is sweet, considering she has her own family to take care of) and I've told my sister about the procedure just in case anything goes wrong. She was understanding, which is surprising. I guess I didn't give her enough credit from the get-go. I'm not telling my mother -- I'll tell her six months post op.


Once my consultation was over and I'd finally made...

Once my consultation was over and I'd finally made my decision (much later) I thought that that the flip flopping back and forth about "am I doing the right thing or am I stupid" would finally stop. And it seemed to have stopped, but the doubt has crept back in. Am I doing the right thing? Is it silly and narcisstic to spend this much money on my body? I feel guilty about work, and leaving for two weeks. I am terrified about something happening and leaving my kids behind to live with their dad full time. I am worried that I won't be ready for re-entry into life when I have to do it. I'm scared of the scars -- I'm a perfectionist and can't handle it when the lights on the Christmas tree aren't perfect... what will I do if my scar is ugly looking? I'm scared of having no control.
Sigh. Plus, I e-mailed the surgeon's office today. I wanted to go in for a visit with the patient coordinator to feel reassured. But no one responded to my e-mail. Which is very odd.
I should really put myself out of this misery and go to sleep.
Sweet dreams, MM queens.

Well, I've settled down quite a bit since my last...

Well, I've settled down quite a bit since my last post. Went to the clinic for a chat with the coordinator. Met with the PS who reassured me. So now, just two more sleeps, plus I'm working all day tomorrow so I won't even have much time to think. I'm still scared, but I'm sure I'll be fine. And hell, I'm sure it will all be worth it! As the coordinator said, think bikinis hon...
PS Went to the ever stylish Walmart and got me some be-auti-ful snap/button up Mrs. Roper gowns to wear for the first few days. I've also got a supply of popsicles and bottled water, so I'm good to go! It's going to be just like a mini vacation. Ha!

Home! Groggy but doing well. :)

Home! Groggy but doing well.

Day two post op. I was feeling a little rough,...

Day two post op. I was feeling a little rough, dizzy and nauseous, but that seems to have settled down. Just had some soup! Drinking lots of water and eating Popsicles.
Had a quick peek at the abdominal incision and it looks great. I'll post more tomorrow.
Peace out MM Queens.

I think in my drug induced state I wrote that...

I think in my drug induced state I wrote that yesterday was post op day two, but I'm actually at post op day two today. Lol.
I've been feeling pretty good, I have to say. Right after surgery there were some issues with getting me on my feet: every time I sat up my heart rate would drop (to 30bpm) and I would feel nauseous and very light headed. That continued for a few hours, then finally the last time they tried I seemed to be ok. I guess it was my blood pressure.
Then I was in the wheelchair and on my way home. My nosey neighbors were out on the front lawn when we got here, so I made my friend drive around the block. And I thought that since we were on the move anyways, we may as well stop and pick up my pain and antibiotic prescriptions (which we did, her husband was with us so he ran in and got them while we waited in the car). Feet elevated on the dashboard, and seat reclined to keep the blood pressure even, the nausea down and the dizziness at bay. A sight to behold!
So I had those issues for the first night home. Every time I stood up to go to the bathroom, I'd feel overwhelmed with dizziness and nausea and clamminess. But that seemed to subside sometime yesterday, thankfully.
I know that the PS said I should be walking around post op day one, and I did my best yesterday, but I only made it downstairs twice. Once to use the computer, and once to have some soup. Once the dizziness passed, I felt much more comfortable moving around. Today I'm feeling quite normal. And I know I'm feeling better because I sat outside for a little bit and noticed that the garden needs to be weeded. Lol.
Today (post-op day two) I've had some coffee and some yogourt and blueberries. (I've had a headache since the surgery that I think may be caffiene withdrawal, so we shall see how my head feels since having the coffee -- right now it feels great). I gave myself a great little sponge bath and put my hair in a pony tail. Sprinkled some shower to shower powder on, changed my nightie, and I feel like a brand new woman! Seriously, I'm feeling great. Almost standing upright at this point too.
I have one drain (that isn't seeing much action), and some swelling in the hips where the CG ends. The tape from the BR is driving me crazy under my armpits, so I've cut as much as I can away (and put some deodarant on, lol).
So that's me, day two. I hope everyone else is healing well.
Peace out (for now) MM Queens!

Post Op day three: All is well. More of the...

Post Op day three:
All is well. More of the same, bed, nap, walking around. No real pain except when I cough. Not taking anything except antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory now. Wish I could be back to my real life (which is quite busy, and temporarily on hold). Wish I hadn't sent my kids to my sister's (feeling lonely for them and sure would like to watch a movie with them tonight). But I'm sure that this too will pass. Maybe it's just the post-op blues!
Still have tightness in my belly. Changed my dressing today and my vajay-jay is swollen lol. My friend and I had a laugh over that!
But the incision looks good, and the one drain put out 25ccs today. I see the PS on Tuesday so looking forward to getting a good look at everything then.
That's it for now MM queens. Peace out!

Post Op Day Four: First field trip! I went to...

Post Op Day Four:

First field trip! I went to Costco for more water (I've gone through a case since Tuesday, yay me). I have to say that being on my feet that long was not a good idea. I made it ok, but should have waited.

Otherwise I am feeling fabulous. Looking forward to my post op appoitnment on Tuesday so I can get a look at everything. Im very happy to have had some good friends around to help me out.

Other than random coughing fits and a bit of back pain from not standing or sleeping straight, all is well.

Peace out MM queens.

Post Op Day Five: Well, I've been on my own...

Post Op Day Five:

Well, I've been on my own since yesterday afternoon. All is well except I'm feeling lightheaded. I have a feeling that this has more to do with not eating enough rather than the actual surgery, so I'll have to be careful. I don't have much of an appetite though.

I have had virtually no pain. I'm guessing that I have a very high pain tolerance but I swear I had my tonsils out as an adult and that whole ordeal was far worse. Every now and then I have a twinge of pain in my abdominal wall, and of course it hurts when I cough. But even immediately following surgery I rated my pain a three or four out of ten, so I feel very lucky. The most enduring discomfort has been in my hips at the lipo sites, but even that is more of a nuisance than anything.

Oh, and since I'm not taking any painkillers I figured that it would be ok to drive so I went to a friend's for dinner last night. I only stayed an hour and really didn't eat much, but the change of scenery was appreciated. She lives in the next subdivision so it wasn't like I had to drive far. Having that sense of independence felt good.

I will say that the big unexpected side effect of this process is how emotional I have been for the past two days. I'm crying like I'm postpartum! Maybe it's a psychological process related to shedding my maternal body... I know, too deep! But it could be.

Well, that's my day five update. Hope everyone is healing well or waiting peacefully.


Forgot to add that I weighed myself today and I'm...

Forgot to add that I weighed myself today and I'm down six pounds since the surgery. I know it's not about weight, but six pounds would have taken me 30 days to lose while working out six days a week like a fiend and eating nothing but greens and lean protein!

Starting to get excited to see what it will look like!

Forgot to add that I weighed myself today and I'm...

Forgot to add that I weighed myself today and I'm down six pounds since the surgery. I know it's not about weight, but six pounds would have taken me 30 days to lose while working out six days a week like a fiend and eating nothing but greens and lean protein!

Starting to get excited to see what it will look like!

Post Op Day Six I only slept for five hours...

Post Op Day Six

I only slept for five hours last night, and woke up with some pain in my right hip (drain is in my left). I took a Tylenol and all was well.

I probably did a little more than I should have today, but I was careful to sit when I needed to and I didn't lift anything heavy.

Went out for dinner, which was great! I'm not so sure others at the restaurant appreciated my shuffle but it's gotten so much better that I just wanted out of the house! Lovely evening on the patio overlooking the water.

My post op appointment is tomorrow! Yay! Here's hoping the drain comes out.

Sweet healing and peaceful waiting MM queens.


(Yesterday's update) O.M.G. I just left the...

(Yesterday's update)


I just left the surgeon's office (and am getting a pedicure... yay). Can I just say how happy I am with the results? I cried! Overcome with happiness. Seriously.

Why didn't I do this 10 years ago? Oh right, I was rebuilding my life from scratch. Lol.

But wow. I haven't had a body like this since I was a teenager (if then, lol).

I will post pics as soon as I get home. Promise.

Ladies, for those of you waiting, it's so worth the wait. For those of you recovering, it's all going to be ok. For those of you considering this? Just do it!


Post Op Day Eight: I slept like a baby last...

Post Op Day Eight:

I slept like a baby last night. And on my side for part of it! Thank you for taking that drain out Dr. D!
Words can not express how happy I am with this whole procedure. Truly. Even though I still have tape and a binder (for five more weeks), I already notice a difference in my self esteem. My best friend gave me a hug last night and said "oh my god, I felt your boobs up in their new spot! I've know you for over ten years and I've never felt your boobs when I hugged you."
That made me smile.
If I was a wealthy woman, I would fund other moms who can't afford this kind of surgery.

Peaceful waiting and healthy healing MM queens.

Four weeks post op on Tuesday (two more days) and...

Four weeks post op on Tuesday (two more days) and I have to say, I'm just about back to my old self! I've been back at work for two weeks now, and other than tiring easily those first few days, it wasn't bad at all. I'm really looking forward to working out (running mostly) and getting my compression garment off (two weeks to go... it's beet hot hot hot and I'm sweating in this thing). I had tape on my incisions until today, so I hadn't posted new pics, but I took one today of me in my bikini! I am such a happy camper! I can finally see those abs that I've been cultivating all these years!

I can't wait until my next beach vacation. Look out world!

Well, it's been a little over four months. I am so...

Well, it's been a little over four months. I am so happy with the results, still. THRILLED is more like it.
I've started running again, although only once a week (pre surgery I ran five days a week and really limited my calories to maintain my weight). I'm still down about 12 pounds from pre-surgery! Eating well, and treating myself when I want to. :)
This surgery has really changed my life. I'm far more confident than I've ever been. I can walk around in front of the man I'm dating (yep, he's new too!!) without clothes on and not feel ashamed of my body. I'm more comfortable in bed with him. I'm more comfortable in my clothing. My shoulders, neck and back aren't in constant pain. I no longer have to cut the waistband out of tights or nylons because they don't feel as tight as they used to! I really do feel like all the work I've done on myself over the years is finally able to shine through.
Things of note:
I still swell a little when I eat really salty foods, but I can usually control it by drinking lots of water.
I will need a revision in January -- my old belly button site became infected and required packing for three months in order to heal. I wasn't allowed in the water all summer, which wasn't ideal. Other than that, there have been no major issues.
In fact, I wish I could have done this ten years ago!
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You look fabulous!! Your ps did an amazing job. I hope my results are as wonderful as yours. If you don't mind me asking, how tall are you and what was you pre and post weight? It looks like you've lost some weight since your surgery, is that accurate? Thank you!
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Thanks! I'm 5'6", my pre surgery weight was 144, I'm 133 now. All that weight loss was surgery related, as I was 129 following the surgery (but didn't really eat much for the first few weeks) and definately haven't tried to lose weight at all since. If anything I've been more relaxed about exercise and diet than I've ever been because I feel so much better about my body...
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You make me feel like I will be happy with just a BL, no augmentation - thanks so much for sharing!!! And your results are just amazing! How much muscle repair did you need? I hope that my belly won't show every morsel I eat after a meal anymore after my MM. Did you find your clothing size changed?
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Pricey but worth it. looks great!
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You look amazing. I hope I'll feel as good about my results.
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You look amazing! what size bra are you in now? my surgery is coming up and im freaking out about the size
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34 D now, 36 D before. I had a lift, no augmentation.
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Do u feel like being a d u can still wear all the cute stuff! I am wearing a j now but it's too small so I'm thinking I want a d but I'm afraid that after I will think they r too big or too small....?
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You look so good...I bet you can't wait for summer time....How many cc did you get? Saline or Silicone?
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Just a lift. No implants!
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Hi, Well I must say, DAMN! Your body looks so freaking AWESOME! Keep up the good work girl.
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OMG U LOOK AWESOME!!! I'm super jealous of that bod!!! I'm really short waisted n don't have a lot of curve. Booo! just wanted to tell u that u truly look HOT! :)
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Thank you so much! I feel great. Not hot, per se, but 100% better than before! :)
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Some pain in the breasts, yes. But mostly in the lipo sites! (hips)
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Hi New Me 2012! U look great and I totally agree with being wealthy and helping other moms out with a lil makeover. :) hey are ur boobs in any pain at all? I am having a mastoplexy (down sizing my areola and lifting) along with many other fixer er uppers, lo!
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You look so good!!!! :-)
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Thanks ladies! I feel amazing too.
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You look amazing!!
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You look AWESOME!!!!!!! =•} wow!!! Amazing transformation!!! SEXY!!
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I just posted a new pic! I'm thrilled with the results.
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=) just ran across your post......loving your results thus far!!!! And what a cute belly button! Im so jealous!!! Hate mine...its weird. lol Anyway, post more pics when you can, I bet you look beautiful!!!
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you look great! sounds like your healing awesome!
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you look great!
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You look amazing! I'm also located in Toronto- may I ask which clinic and Plastic Suegeon you went too? Hope to get results like yours!
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You look fabulous! Happy 4th of July!
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