My up and down journey

After losing 30 lbs since 2009 I am so happy that...

After losing 30 lbs since 2009 I am so happy that I finally did what I Needed to do in order to rid myself of my unsightly middle back rolls. A flat stomach only looks so good until you realise there are "back boobs" behind it. I am an active girl, workout 5 times a week and do crossfit twice a week. Try to eat under 1900 calories a day, and love my new shape.

I am only one week out, having done the lip on April 5th, and it has been an up and down healing battle. Day 1-4 I was home, back at work on days 5 and 6 but on day 7 had to stay home because I woke up very tight and sore.

SO far I am seeing reswults. On day 5, after working all day, i took off the garment to see massive swelling, almost as if I had not had any lipo done at all but today it looks better. I realise its a marathon, not a sprint.

I am happy that I can finally wear a proper size 10 and not have to go up to a 12 to give me space for my back fat. I cant wait to rock a bikini in Vegas in July!

Update: Today is April 15th. 11 days post op and...

Update: Today is April 15th. 11 days post op and its the first time I've woken up virtually pain free. I'm still swollen in spots, and usually swelling later in the daya fter moving around a lot, but none of the usual morning pain and tightness!

One thing I have noticed; a very small but hard lump that has appeared in an area that has bruising. Nothing was lipo'd from there so I'm wondering what it is.

April 19- I am swollen tonight. I'm getting mildly...

April 19- I am swollen tonight. I'm getting mildly sad because I look great one day, then flabby the next. Can anyone tell me what a real swelling recovery time is like? Im having trouble believing the doctors that it can take over a month.

So I am officially 3 weeks PO and looking...

So I am officially 3 weeks PO and looking fantastic one morning, then crappy by the end of the week. I seem to look my best in the morning, but now my swelling is getting awkward and buldgy and im getting mildly depressed over all of this. Also experiencing some pain again.

1 month post-op: I am one month post tomorrow....

1 month post-op: I am one month post tomorrow. It's been a recurring trend in my posts that I've been upset and unhappy about my results and the whole journey. Today I am hugely depressed and regretful of going through the procedure and parting with my cash. I wish i had just loved myself enough to not do it because I am lopsided, uneven, and while smaller, i have not seen the change I was expecting. I wanted 100% difference...instead I got MAYBE a solid 65-70% improvement. I want to cry right now and if I could reverse it all, I would and then work on loving my body as I am and not wanting to change it.

hopefully it gets better because this is the new me and im stuck with it.

May 06 Thought I'd update because I am in a...

May 06

Thought I'd update because I am in a much better emotional place. Last week, somehow, I became a huge wreck so to anyone who reads my posts, I'm sorry for the negative tone! Im much happier and looking better this week. This up and down is crazy!

still a bit sore when I wear a bra though, it's so weird to NOT wear a bra, so Im trying to strike a balance (Wear it only at work..then ditch it for my non work time)

6 weeks

6 weeks postop officially and my swelling on the right side has returned. Really happy with how the leftisde looks but wake up swollen on the right. Seeing my doc tomorrow for my 6 week follow up so hopefully he can shed some light on all of this. I tried working out but it left me realy puffy so Im STILL trying to take it easy.

6 Week followup and 7 week photo

I saw my doctor for my 6 week follow up. He said the majority of the swelling is gone and now it is my job to go to the gym to tighten everything up. When i flex my back muscles, the skin seems to tighten and sit nicely, but when loose it kind of rolls SO today I start crossfit again.

The only discouraging part is that he did note the pocket of fat that is on the right side (left in my pics) and said we could revisist that in another 6 weeks when I see him again to see if a little bit more is necessary. Why not just take it all the first time, ya know? But if its not expensive, Id do it under local just to be totally even.

Still feeling a bit of pain if i do cardio too hard, and backrubs from the bf are feeling good for that.

Clothing Up date: I can FINALLY wear jersey knit dresses and not have two buldges in my back. This was a big clothing test this week sicne I am now garment free and i LOVE how clothes look on me. Now to get it all in bikini shape and we're good to go!

2 months post op- Depressed and unhappy

I don't think I'm going to post here anymore because I'm no longer able to offer positive enouragement or positive feedback regarding my prodedure. I found out he only removed 500 cc's in total so only 250 from each side and frankly, the results are not what I wanted and not what I expected. I still roll when I wear a bra, and the creases in the skin are still there. Had I known that I would not have achieved the back I wanted, I would have told my surgeon to be more aggresive or just not wasted my money at all

To everyone who IS happy, a huge congrats and may you all have speedy, comfortable healing processes. A lot of you look fantastic, Im just sad that I can't be part of the "Before and After" club.

And a huge Thank you to everyone who has supported me on here!

2 months and 2 weeks post op.

This is how I look today. Is this all in my head? I feel as if something has gone horribly wrong. this looks like a before pic not an after pic! Any ideas?!

The ups and downs

I have to attribute yesterday to just a bad day. I look better today. Not great, but better. Trying to take my patience pills hahaha

oh and apple cider vinegar :P

Looking worse and worse- revisions?

This might sound exagerated but my rolls are getting progressively worse every day as my photos will show.

Has anyone had revision or touch up? Im at 3 months now and want to correct my appearance. Heck I want my old back back where I only had one roll, not multiple!!!! (that sounds funny to write) Any ideas on what the recovery period of revision is? the cost related? I can't tell if my doctor was just not good at what he did, or if this is somehow my fault. Note that my weight is the exact same as it was the day I got surgery so i cant even infer as to why this is happening! Thoughts or ideas would be welcome.

Trying to stay positive by focusing on what I love about my body and what Looks great and just avoid looking at my back in the mirror!

Just keeps getting worse!

I guess pics don't lie. I look worse every day! I think at this point all I can really do is laugh. What are the odds that out of all the surgeries that are performed each year, Im the one that it DOESN'T work on. Emailed my doc with no response. I plan to raise hell at my appt in two weeks.

Just a quickie

Just a quick update. Still not 100% satisfied and the skin seems to be not tightening. Doctor recommended either a back lift, or laser tightening which he doesn't do. I dont want a back lift at 26. Left kind of helpless but accepted that yeah the rolls are smaller so maybe thats a good thing. Who knows.
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I had gone through the same thing as you. I had a whole handful of back fat under my bra roll. The doctor said it is the hardest area to do lipo on. I then went and got a 2nd opinion. Was told the same thing from that doctor. These are board certified plastic surgeons. So I had it done anyways because I was told I would get results. Well, I barely got any results. I was pissed at the doctor because I was told he would make a difference. I spent 3,5000. So I told him to fix it! He said he tried to warn me. I said fix it and do it again. I barely looked any different. I let him no if he did not go back in and do it again I was suing if he did not give me my money back. Again the doctor told me before the surgery that there would be a difference. Sooo, he says the only way to make it look perfect is to cut the skin along my bra line and cut the fat out and bring the loose skin up. He said a big part of it was loose skin. I only weigh 140 pounds. I have never been over weight in my life. Just this damn back fat under my bra. He said I will have a scar though but it can be hidden. He said after me demanding he get it right did the 2nd surgery at no charge. It looks good now but i do have a scar. You can not see it under my bra or bikini. You can not longer wear a string bikini for your top though, but that's o.k. I have been using a scar cream now to help fade the scar. This will take some time to fade. I had this done in April. Tell him he has to get it right. You paid for a service that he did not deliver. The best to you. I had this done is Sacramento.
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Hugs! I would recommend getting fitted for a bra at Nordstrom. They do such an excellent job-it really helps with the look of back rolls/fat. I'm starting to wonder if my stomach is ever going to look right-maybe it's excess skin and not fat coming back. My 6 week post op is tomorrow.
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It kinda looks like your bra strap may hav pushed your skin down and then it healed that way. Did you wear a compression garment for long enough?
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You are not alone. It's only been about 5 weeks for me but even my PS expected more of an improvement. I'm still very swollen and I've started massage treatments this week to hopefully see some improvement.
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Forgot to mention, when I spoke with my PS about back rolls, he said he'd have to lipo and cut excess skin out...maybe your dr doesn't do it this way but I was told the skin is stretched and doesn't flatten out out on the back.
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I just wish it stayed flat as it was at the two month mark. I was in a bikini looking great a month ago, now a month later i look like this. The surgeon is now saying that he sees a "big improvement": from my original photo. I just see more rolls. Argh this is so frusterating. Thanks again for the continued kind words!
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Can I tell you something? Can it possibly be because before you had fat rolls and now the skin it is empty? I know that after liposuction, after a fey weeks skin migh be saggy, but this is a part of the healing! The skin needs time to reattach to muscles and everything, and this is why you need take time to heal. I know how sometimes we can be harsh on ourselves but something takes time, maybe it is really swelling. Take care and keep us updated!
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its just so hard. Like one month ago everythign was so tight, and slim and smooth! Im likely driving my doctor crazy hahahahaha
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Hey it does take at least 6 mod for your entire body to heal. Sweetie stop checking your back put daily. continue to eat healthy and go to the gym and ask a personal trainer to help with your back, don't let this vain part of you destroy you. Come on, your back needs lots more healing, stress keeps that from healing. Have patience. Lv & hugs. angelface 1
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I had lipo of my flanks and back roll and completely understand your frustration. My flanks are looking pretty good but my bra fat rolls drive me crazy from day to day! I go c my ps Tomm and ask him about it
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I am now 4months post op and still numb areas on my abs and back. I had my whole back done and he removed 4000 CC total all body. Healing takes so long and that can be swelling/inflammation. Did you have any massage? It really helps. Plus maybe some of it could be loose skin??
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apologies for the 5 responses re: 4 lbs gained. It kept showing an error!
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It may be a temporary thing. It really takes several months to see the end results and depending on your age could take up to a year if you are over 40. At your next visit get your PS to give you an answer as to why it looks as if the fat has come back. Hopefully it is only swelling. Try cutting back on salt. Good luck.
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Im only 26 :(
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have you gained any weight?
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4 lbs and one week ago it was a total difference. It wasnt 4 lbs in the last week, i know that for sure but the weight has gone to my stomach since my pants are a bit tighter.
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4 lbs and one week ago it was a total difference. It wasnt 4 lbs in the last week, i know that for sure but the weight has gone to my stomach since my pants are a bit tighter.
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4 lbs, but thats in the last 2 months, not just one week.
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4 lbs max over the last two months, it swings up and down though and settles in my stomach and hips
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CatAlexis. Hey sweetie, please be more patient and give it at least six months. Our bodies has had an invasive procedure done. It takes a very long time for the healing to be complete so continue workouts but don't over do it because The swelling will continue and you'll see rolls again, eat healthy combinations of food. Pick yourself up and no more "poor me" be tuff.. A and your body will shape up the way You want... We re. All here for you. God bless. angelface
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i needed to hear that! Thank you so much for the positive words.
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Girl it's only been 2 months! It takes 6months for final results to set in, plus ask your doctor for a revision. I think you look awesome!
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Don't give up girl. Maybe ur still healing. And when u see ur surgeon again express ur concerns n see if he can take more out! I'm pretty upset too that I like my body 2 day post op more than now. I look bulky in my abdomen n lost my curves again. N I have my pooch again! I'm going to see my surgeon on Tuesday. But hang in there n I wish u all the best!
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I think you look fab! 2 weeks is still early, give it at least two months. Im trying to avoid getting more removed ust because I dont want to be put under aneasthesia again and i dont wanna spend more money. Gah.
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Hey hun great results! I want to get my bra rolls and flanks done too. I just couldn't afford to do all 4 areas so I ended up doing only my abdomen and arms. Did you only do your back rolls? Or did u get ur lower back (flanks) done too?
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