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Due to a very nasty bout of shingles, I was left...

Due to a very nasty bout of shingles, I was left scarred heavily across my face. My self-confidence disappeared and I felt unable to interact with friends without being self-conscious. I was left with deep indents of scar tissue on my nose. It was directly on the tip, and very noticeable. I also had dark scarring (but not indented) above my right upper lip, along my right cheekbone, and directly in the middle of my forehead. After giving myself a period of time to let my body naturally heal, just looking in the mirror was bringing on bouts of depression due to the fact that my body could not seem to heal away the scarring.

In May of 2013, Dr. Dupere had suggested we do a ebrium laser resurfacing, but due to a very busy work schedule over the summer months, I was simply incapable to give in to the possible downtime that may be required (he said it could be a month). After a treatment of Restylane, and a Selphyl (the vampire facial) treatment, my face was restored to it's old self for the summer months and I was quite contented at this temporary fix. The Restylane lasted about three months before fading away. The Selphyl lasted much longer and definitely helped the healing process with the scarring, as well as made my skin look flawless!

Well I have had the ebrium laser resurfacing treatment and the results are simply AMAZING. First before I go into the results I've experienced so far (I'm on day five of my healing), I must express a few things. This was no cake walk. The freezing was the worst part. I don't know if this is a necessity for most people, since we needed to go so aggressively (the scarring was VERY deep), but getting the freezing done was at the time almost unbearable. If it weren't for Dr. Dupere and his amazing staff, holding my hand, and letting me mutter curses under my breath, I don't think I could have made it through. He moved as quickly as he possibly could and when I apologized for swearing, he smiled and said, "It's okay. You are allowed to do that right now."

My eyes watered like crazy. It was quite unpleasant, but once the freezing kicked in, the pain went away and we were back to joking around. It's such a nice light, safe atmosphere in Dr. Dupere's office (Joyce is so much fun)! Then on with the goggles and the laser. I didn't feel a dang thing. However, anyone getting the laser treatment, I would suggest you breathe through your mouth, as the smell of burning flesh is not a pleasant one, even if you don't feel anything at the time.

My laser treatment was followed by a Selphyl treatment (which speeds up the healing ten fold!), and since we are only using so much on my nose, we used the rest on my cheeks. I am 100% positive you can do this treatment -without- the Selphyl, but I would suggest it, as it really does help the healing process and does really give your skin a beautiful glow and truly ups the quality--I didn't break out once in three months after my first Selphyl treatment! I must note that my Selphyl treatment is not included in the price here (but is an additional $900).

Post procedure, I was prescribed a narcotic painkiller, and sent on my way with my ride. We stopped and collected the necessary products (gauze, Polysporin, some large cloth band-aids since I needed to continue some errands afterwards).

However, shortly into running errands, the numbing went away, and I was beginning to cringe. It felt like I had 3rd degree burns on my nose and someone kept pouring lemon juice on it. It was -not- pleasant. I took one of my narcotic painkillers, and after an hour, when the pain was still persisting and getting worse, I took another one, but to no avail. For some reason that particular painkiller seemed to do nothing for me. Eventually I caved and called the office. It was promptly understood that I was in quite a serious bit of discomfort and I was promptly given a stronger narcotic painkiller. I went and collected the script, and I took that. The pain subsided and by the next day I was pain-free as long as I wasn't touching it. I took one more painkiller in the morning, but after that, the painkillers were no longer needed.

Oozing and peeling happened pretty quickly and frequently during the first handful of days, but I kept a box of tissues nearby and it wasn't much of a problem. I continued soaking my nose in wet gauze, and slathering on the Polysporin. I continued on my daily life, using hospital masks to protect my nose and hide my red nose from any passerby. Life simply cannot stop because of a red nose! And now, on day five, I am simply delighted by the results! My photos will speak for themselves though! I will continue to update this as I heal more and more. :)

I was warned that the skin would likely be pink for a month but after 7-10 days I could apply oil-free make-up without causing any damage to the new skin. I cannot possibly express how amazing the results are (and the fact that I can see the difference so abruptly is making me giddy)! The top part of the scar is completely gone and the lower scar is still healing. I am thinking I might just be able to wander out and about back to my old self in a mere couple of days! I'm very excited!


Awesome, so happy for you!! You actually look so cute with your little red nose :) Sounds really painful glad they gave you pain killers. Can you clarify what you meant by "It felt like I had 3rd degree burns on my nose and someone kept pouring lemon juice on it. It was -not- pleasant" Was that an accident? The Selphyl treatment sounds amazing too, Great review!!

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After the procedure, that's what the pain felt like. It was continuously uncomfortable, and for the first twenty four hours, I was in a rather large amount of discomfort. However, we also went VERY aggressive. We went 800 microns (apparently that's -really- deep) to get below the deep pitted scarring originally left behind from the shingles. I took the second narcotic painkillers prescribed though, and was given relief in the short time I had discomfort. :) As of today, my healing is AMAZING. I'm almost COMPLETELY healed as of today (day seven)! I'll be updating my progress photos later tonight! I've been giggling over the fact that I look like a sad little clown. lol :P

Look forward to the update, so glad you are healing well:) Your nose really does look! It's perfect for Christmas...just get some reindeer antlers, just having some fun - glad you are in good spirits :) 

Completely healed! :)

I purchased vitamin E oil, and kept the area coated in it, post-surgery and I'm completely healed! I feel fantastic and my scar is 98% gone! I was told ahead of time that my nose would never be EXACTLY as it was, but it looks AMAZING! I'm back to my old self. :) I'm deliriously happy! Can't even express how happy I am with the results! Twelve days, and I finally see my old face!

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Two weeks later!

It's been exactly two weeks. I must say, I'm so very happy. :) The skin on my nose is continuously dry at this point, but the vitamin E oil is helping. My nose is just looking so good. I'm so grateful to Dr. Dupere for his skill, and his ability. So much in fact, that after talking for many, many months with a fellow RealSelf'er who also has scarring on her nose, has decided to come from Alberta to Toronto, to stay with me while she gets her own procedure done by Dr. D as well! I have built up such a wonderful friendship with this young woman, and am so excited to have her here with me. To not only see myself become scar-free, but to know that a fellow RealSelf'er and now friend, will also be following in my footsteps to become scar-free under the skilled hands of Dr. Dupere and his office--it just makes me so very happy. I'm so very thankful to Dr. Dupere and all his amazing staff. My tireless and many thanks goes out to them all!


Hi remydarling! Thank you for your posts. I had shingles too and it completely took over my life... Your scar is gone and you look amazing! :) Your doctor is so amazing too! Hope to be scar free as you are. Take care! :)
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You look beautiful really do. Did he alo treat your cheeks and forehead? You mentioned you had damage from the Shingles there as well? Nasty business ...Shingles . I have discoloration on my cheekbone and was wondering if erbium laser might help.
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Am happy for u doll great results what kind of foundation do you use am having an co2 in one week.
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Six Months Later

Things have been amazing, I've only seen progress. The skin has simply gotten smoother, and has returned to it former glory! I cannot thank Dr. Dupere and his wonderful staff enough!


Hey, im 23 and just had chicken pox and its left small holes all over my face. I had perfect clear skin like yours and now i have pits, i havent left the house apart from for laser sessions for 6 months since i had it so i know how you felt! Can i please ask, did you only have one session and it was gone? Im having 1540 fractional at the moment and progress is not as quick as yours thats simply amazing! Also, how did it go for the girl who came to stay with you? Your story has given me hope on one very down and depressing saturday morning wondering how much longer i can take this for, thanks for sharing :) x
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I completely understand. I had -one- treatment with the lazer, but it was extremely deep. I can't quite remember what the exact depth was, but he had expressed how he was going to be "aggressive" with the laser. The girl who came and stayed with me, her results haven't been quite the same as mine. However, we remain good friends and in about two weeks it'll be her third visit from across the country. She'll be coming in and getting her third treatment when she comes and visits this time. I've made a friend for life through Realself. :) I only did one laser treatment but three Selphyl treatments, so this visit will be her third. :)
I actually don't remember the exact measurement anymore, just that he had said he was going to be 'quite aggressive'. I had one laser treatment and three Selphyl (vampire facial) treatments to encourage healing, but the photos you see here are only during/after the laser treatment along with the first Selphyl treatment. The young woman who came to stay with me is actually going to be returning here for her third visit in a couple of weeks. :) We've become great friends and she visits whenever she can, I hope to reciprocate and go and visit her in her home sometime soon. ^_^
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There are no words for this man! He is amazing! He's wonderfully informative and intelligent, and I would insist that anyone looking for a skilled, professional, friendly doctor-Dr. Dupere is the doctor you should be talking to! His staff and his office are simply spectacular!

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