Fraxel Laser for Broken Capillaries on Nose - Toronto, ON

About 2 years I noticed clusters of small red...

About 2 years I noticed clusters of small red broken blood vessels on my nose. They may have been there for longer, though, I'm not too sure. I suspect may have been caused by a septoplasty I had, as the representative told me that any type of surgery on the nose can produce such veins from appearing. However, I should also mention I was a guy who liked to party a lot on the weekends(!), and as someone fair-skinned, this can be another cause of the capillaries showing up (alcohol-related).

So I first made the mistake of going to a place called Bay Dermatology (I'm in Toronto) where I paid about three hundred dollars for IPL treatments. Nothing was happening for better or worse but the technician told me it takes multiple treatments so I kept at it. What finally ended it was when she handed me the mirror after I said, there's no effect and she says "look, look how much better it is!". I would have accepted a treatment that took multiple times, but I'm not going to be flat-out lied to.

Anyway, I went to Bellair Laser clinic in Yorkville & had a consulation w/ a much more professional and informed rep. She told me the IPL was the wrong treatment as the veins i had were well below the surface of the skin, and that IPL while great for surface issues, was not appropriate for my particular situation. She mentioned that the Fraxel laser would be suitable so I agreed to pay for 5 sessions. The fact that I had to commit to 5 was unsettling but I was becoming more and more self-conscious of the veins, so I agreed, despite being skeptical.

Now to the point: the treatment was surprisingly painful but the results were amazing. I'd say about 80% of the veins have vanished immediately after the first session. I still have a bit of redness around the tip of my nose and my next treatment is in 4 weeks. However, this could of course be a temporary fix and they may return, but in the meantime I feel so much more relieved and comfortable when conversing w/ people face to face. My only regret is not taking a "before" pic, but like I said I wasn't expecting much.

I am super grateful that such a procedure exists, and would say the quality of my life has greatly improved as a result.

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please keep me informed on how fraxel works. my dr. said he would not use Fraxel on me, but recommends Ipl. ive had so many lazers used altho that was now 15 years ago. I hope I dpnt pay for Ip then end using Fraxel anyway. but he wants to ne conservitive
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Oh, that's interesting I didn't know there were different settings. I think to not have it for a whole year would almost be worth that price. Almost.
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Thanks for your imput. There i s 4 diff Fraxel Lazors, ea. can be stronger than the last is what i am being told. 2600.00 is a One treatment session. And can only be rrpeated ev. 1 year. They must have done a very lo
w setting on you., being cautious
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Actually they're a little bit more like they were before the treatment each day. A couple of the originally very fine ones are even finer, but the main one on the tip of nose (of all places) is back to its original state. I have my next treatment on Sept 1 & will update again then. Of course I expect them to be virtually non-existent for some days after as before but am hoping they come back even lighter or ideally not at all.

As for payment I paid roughly 700 including taxes over 3 equal payments for 5 treatments. $2600 sounds high but I guess it varies depending on location.
Hope this info is useful to you.
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I would like to know if your viens keep improving. Also does a one time payment
cover additional treatments? Its 2600.00 here. But i think its just 1 treament. Please explain your costs for multiple treatments.
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So about a week after the treatment I unfortunately noticed the capillaries are returning, although so far they're not as bad as before. I'm being optimistic & hoping that the next few treatments will take care of them.
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I am happy to hear that the Fraxel worked so well for you.   Please let us know how you like the final results after the last 4 treatments.  


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