37 and About to Take the Plunge - Toronto, ON

So after years of having big breasts I have...

So after years of having big breasts I have decided to take the plunge and get them reduced. i have a range of emotions from scared,nervous to happy and excited. i think excitement weighs out all the other emotions. just the thought of being able to not wear a bra is exciting! Right now i wear a bra to go get juice in my kitchen cause i live in a shared household and I am embarrassed to wear them without a bra. i am still pretty early in the stages. i had my first consultation done and now i am gathering $$$$ to pay for the surgery. i am hoping to push and get it done in August so wish me luck.

This site has been a great forum for information and support and i hope i get continued support as i plan and go through my surgery.

Welcome, Berly! What size are you now? I don't regret my decision at all! Good luck!
Hi :-) yes we have OHIP here and they cover a portion. I still have to pay to do the liposuction and breast lift part of it but I figure if I am getting it done, I might as well get it done properly. I am only 5 feet, 1 inch and 120 so my doctor seems sure that OPHIP will cover their portion without any problem. When is your surgery? This site is really great....its such a wonderul support :-)
Good luck, you won't regret it!! Every person I have ever spoken to says its the best thing they've ever done. Are you able to get help from OHIP or whatever you have up there? I was turned down by MSI (NS medical) twice because my BMI was too high so I decided to take out a line of credit & do it myself. It'll mean $300 a pay for the next 100 years but oh well, the boobs should last that long. :)

Best of luck!

I have paid down for the reconstructive work and...

I have paid down for the reconstructive work and now my claim is being sent into OHIP yaaaay.....wish me luck that they approve me for the health insurance.

If all goes well I am going to have the surgery on the 31st of July 2012....EXCITED !!!!!!
Hi berlyboo! I'm in Toronto too and am scheduled for July 20. Like you, I am very anxious, but the excitement at the thought of having "normal" breasts is trumping all the fear. Stick around in this forum; it's tremendously reassuring to hear from women who have been through it and there are some truly amazing gals here who are just good old plain FUN!
Hey Piggles just checking in too see how you are recovering! Hope its still going well. i have a week again and i'm starting to get nervous but I know and trust that this is going to be a great and rewarding experience.

I've found that no matter the size of the reduction, everyone seems to notice a significant difference in their pain levels and satisfaction with their new bodies. I think it is just having that lift that readjusts the weight to a normal position that releases the strain on your back. July 31 will be here before you know it.

Hi Everyone.....my surgery has been confirmed for...

Hi Everyone.....my surgery has been confirmed for the 31st of July ....exactly one week from now. I'm starting to get nervous. This is happening so quickly but I know I have made the right choice. Does anyone gave any tips on what to prepare and how the furst couple if days will be? Will I be sleeping all day? On a scale of 1-10 how bad is the after pain. I'm also confused about the bandages.Do you actually get to see your new boobs in the first few days or do you have to wait? Gosh sooooo many questions now.

Every doctor seems to be so different on what they require. With my doc, I spent the night in the hospital and then went to his office the following morning to have drains taken out. I was allowed to shower that night. I think I waited until the next morning though. I changed my dressings, which were just 4x4 gauze pads held in place by my bra, several times a day. My first shower I just stood with my back to the spray and let the water just cascade over my shoulders. It felt so wonderful. My PS didn't have a specific sports or post-op bra that he wanted me to use, other than the one they fitted me with in surgery. But that wasn't really a bra, it was just something to hold the bandages in place. Check out my pix to see what it looked like. I would sometimes use an ACE bandage, because that allowed me to control the compression and size as I would swell, or as the swelling decreased and I settled into my post-operative size. Your doctor however, may have completely different instructions. I know some say no showers for a week, or drains for 5 days, or they have a specific bra that you are to wear and nothing else. Just talk to your PS or his/her nurse as to what is expected.

Supplies that I found to be necessities are button up tops or pajamas, 4x4 gauze pads, lots of pillows, stool softeners (start taking these immediately post-op and continue to take them daily until you are going to the bathroom normally) easy to digest foods like bananas/yogurt/etc, and things to keep you occupied like DVDs, books, etc. My advice to fight infection is to use antibacterial soap, I used Antibacterial Safegard, and to NOT store your dressing supplies in the bathroom. There are all kinds of germs and bacteria that fly around a bathroom, and if some nasty little bug were to land on one of your gauze pads and then you were to place that on your incision line, that could provide an inlet to your body, and that is something you do not want to happen! If you have a cat, avoid the litterbox...again tons of germs. And you can never use enough hand sanitizer. Use it before you touch your breasts. You never know what you may have come into contact with.

OK, that is enough of my lecture for now :-) You are going to do great! And will be so happy with the relief you feel. Keep us updated!

Hi I picked up my prescription today. Sooo many...

Hi I picked up my prescription today. Sooo many tablets. It seems so real now....yikes !!!! I have followed the advice and bought myself some laxatives and some gravol for after. I have a slight flu so I am trying to get rid of it. Lots of cleaning planned for this weekend and then relaxing until Tuesday.

You are going to do great, Berly! Just keep your eyes of the goal and before you know it you will be a part of the "I Can't Believe I Have Tiny Boobies Club"
Best of luck to you tomorrow! See u on the other side!
Piggles, Iowa 71, Star...and so many others....tommorow is the day !!! I think I have officially gone crazy hahahahaha...I did nto sleep a wink last night...burst into tears after work this evening and now I am home going nuts....I am off to take a long hot shower...and curl up and read a book. No more breast watching and reading about breasts ....until tommorow morning before I leave for the surgery hahahahahaha

Good luck my boob job buddy Star !!! I will be sending you good vibes all day !!!

Talk to you wonderful ladies tommorow and I cant wait to tell you about my new PERKY boobies !!!!

CANCELLED !!! My surgery was cancelled !!!!!!! .....

CANCELLED !!! My surgery was cancelled !!!!!!! ...not a joke ! Rebooked for the 07th August 2012
Yay Berly!!! You made it this time - lol!! So glad to hear from you :) Tell us everything when you're up to it. Rest comes first! Decoder ring in the mail!
Congrats Berly!!! Happy Healing.

Piggles where is her decoder ring? LOOL
hiiiiiii !!!! I am out and home and I feel FABULOUS !!! Still quite groggy so I am off to sleep but wanted to say hi and thanks for all your support.


I had my first post op visit today and all went...

I had my first post op visit today and all went well. Thye said I am very swollen but that is due to all the iv and the liposuction. They still can't tell me what cup size I will be but that's ok...they are noticably SMALLER !!!

I have gotten clearance to shower but don't think I am ready to tackle that today...I don't do well with blood and nearly passed out when thye took off my bra. I still havent looked at them....I'll see how I feel tommorow.

Can someone tell me how their first couple showering experiences were? I have to shower and apply polysporin.

I took my first shower after just a couple of days. I loved it. When I took my first shower I just stood with my back to the water and let it cascade over me. It felt so good and was relaxing. With each shower I got a little more bold and would look at them and wash them. It took some courage, but after I got over the initial shock I enjoyed looking at them and watching the subtle changes each day as they became more like real boobs. Get your rest, drink plenty of water, and keep us updated! 
Hey Ladies,

So far this has been a great experience other than my throat is scratching from when they pulled out the breathing tube :-).....breasts feel tight but a noticable difference. They removed 400 grams per breast and anticipate I am a full C or a small D.

I got up to go to the bathroom last night and I looked at myself and I HAVE A WAIST !!! Who knew??? hahhahahaha

No vomiting but I felt very nauseous sometime this morning....nothing a gravol didn't cure. I am eating lightly for now ...slice of toast , some OJ etc...I have a post op visit today at 10:30 so I am going to start getting ready. Just wanted to check in and say his to my incredible support team !!!

So glad to hear you're up and about! And STONED! You posted your update in the comments section.....CAN'T YOU HANDLE A FEW T3s?!?

If you have the energy and the inclination, come back after your appointment and tell us how you're feeling today and how yesterday went. We're all rooting for a seamless recovery for you and can't wait to hear the details. SO glad this got DONE this time! You earned this one (in many ways!) m'dear! Thinking happy, healing thoughts for you :)

So far so good...I am sleeping plenty and I am...

So far so good...I am sleeping plenty and I am eating quite a bit. My belly is really swollen and they say that is due to the lipo....has anyone experienced that? It feels so good knowing what all you guys were talking about...I look down and I see these perfect round mounds and I cant believe they are mine lol !!!!

I'll come back and update you guys tommorow but for now all is well !!! Much better than I ever imagined!!! Sooooo happpppyyy

HI ladies...just checking in !!! Tuesday will be a...

HI ladies...just checking in !!! Tuesday will be a week since the operation and I am manageing fairly well. I had a weak day yesterday where my energy was low and appetite wasnt the greatest but other than that I have been fine.

I am not sure if I am as small as I would have liked to be but I think I am still really swollen so hopefully they will go down a bit. Any which way there is a notable difference and the pressure on my back and neck is gone. I only have some discomfort as I have been only sleeping on my back.

Healing seems to be going well...I am due for a visit on Tuesday to remove my stiches. Bathing is going slowly but getting better each day. The breasts look a little oddly shaped but I am sure that will settle in time. I have to keep reminding myself that this was major surgery !!! and they aren't going ot look perfect right away. I am really excited to see the finished result in a year or so !!!

How is everyone else doing?

It really is very early and your size and shape will definitely change. At first they are so high and firm, but they will soften and settle over the next several weeks. Give yourself plenty of opportunity to rest and heal and the swelling will go down even more quickly. I'm so glad that you can already notice a difference in your aches. It really is amazing what an immediate improvement this is! Keep us updated! Will be anxious to see some pictures!

Hi Ladies, So I am officially one week post op...

Hi Ladies,

So I am officially one week post op !!! I had my second visit this morning to remove my staples !!! Not the horrific experience I thought it was going to be....in fact I didnt feel a thing.

They said all looks good so far. a few incisions under the breast crease need some heavy application of the polysporin as they are still seeping but all in all it looks good. My left breast was larger than the right breast so the liposuction was more aggressive on that side. It has resulted in a funny looking flap of bulging flesh...they said its decreased from last week but I may need a revision. Not to worried cause it can be done under local anesthetic and the main thing is it can be FIXED if need be.

All in all I am happy. I still think I could be a little smaller but I am hoping when all the swelling subsides and they settle in that I will be 100 % happy. I am still amazed that the pain was non existent and that all my previous back pains and neck pains are gone !!!!

I still don't have final measurements of what was removed but it sounds like it was a little less than 1 pound per breast! I still reach out and feel for them on my belly in my sleep hahahahahaha but they aren't there !!!

Other than that my energy levels ar eok...appetitie ok....again this has been a really good experience and anyone who is thinking about it should really just do it. The build up and the mind games before is the worst part lol !!! Having the surgery and recuperating is the easy part!

Hope everyone is doing well....I will be in touch again soon....

love and light to all !!!

Glad you are doing so well, Berly!

Hi Ladies, Feeling very good....took a trip to...

Hi Ladies,

Feeling very good....took a trip to the mall today. I thought I would be able to resist trying on a bra but I couldn't even though I am not my true size yet hahahahaha...its a toss up between a d or a c as expected but I just cant figure it out yet...both looked ok. Maybe when I am healed up more I will go for some professional sizing.

Other than that most things are back to normal ....I am driving, walking, etc....I am not getting as tired as easily as I was last week which is good. I am really bored being at home so I am returning to work on Monday....going back for 6 hour days for the first week and then back to normal after.

Hope everyone is A OK !!!
hi how are you just checking on ya what size where you before and what size are you know?
I was a DD or DDD depending.....now I am a small D...or C depending on the bra.

Yay Berly! Sounds like you are rocking this whole recovery thing! Take it easy on Monday. It is a lot different feeling good at home when you know you can lie down at any time than it might be at work. Don't try to do too much, but certainly enjoy strutting your stuff with your new little boobs!
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