Removed Subgladular Saline Breast Implants After 15 Years - Toronto, ON

In 1997 I had Saline implants put in above the...

In 1997 I had Saline implants put in above the muscle to improve the look of my breasts and to fill out the sagging skin from 2 pregnancies. I weighed approximately 110lbs and was a large B small C (depending on the bra) before surgery. After surgery I was a 34D and 15yrs later and about 15lbs heavier, I am a 36DD (probably bigger) and I have a lot more breast tissue than I did @ 25 years old. I originally had the implants put in to help with my self image, however, after I realized that I was attracting the wrong attention. I am in a different place in my life and with teenaged kids, I want to be able to exercise and not have my boobs get in the way and I want to be able to buy tops that fit me properly. Because I have a small frame and I have to buy tops bigger to accommodate the 'girls', I end up looking heavier that I am. Reading this site inspired me to share my story. I have my surgery booked to have the implants removed on September 13th and can't wait! Luckily in Canada the procedure is free. I will post pictures of me pre-op and post-op soon. Thank you to all the ladies on this site for the inspiration. You all look fabulous after your implant removal. I can't wait to look and feel the same! :-) I have one question...How do you know what size of sports bra to get for after your surgery? I'm having a heard time figuring this out because I want the bra to be super supportive. I appreciate any advice or helpful hints. :-0

Hi! So, I have exactly 6 weeks and 4 days until my...

Hi! So, I have exactly 6 weeks and 4 days until my surgery and the time feels like it is going by so slowly...Everyday when I get dressed and look at myself in the mirror, I say to myself, "i can't wait until my tops fit properly"...Since I don't wear tight fitting tops, i'm guessing that I will probably have to replace a lot of my tops and blouses....but hey, it will be worth it to be comfortable in my 'own' skin. :-))

How long should I wait before I start wearing or get sized for a regular bra? Should I go to a Victoria's Secret to get sized or a specialty store? I appreciate any suggestions...

I will try to post some pics soon. :-)

I've finally taken some pics to show you all...

I've finally taken some pics to show you all before my explant surgery. 6 weeks and counting. It feels like the day will never get here, but I know in no time, it will be my surgery date. I can't wait to get rid of these heavy implants. I've been practicing Yoga and running again and I can't do all of the poses in yoga because my boobs get in the way and when I run, even though I am wearing a supportive sports bra, by boobs feel like the skin is pulling.

Hi! Well, I have 1 week and 3 days until my...


Well, I have 1 week and 3 days until my impant removal surgery! It feels like it will never get here! I can't wait!
I have my pre-op with the hospital this Wednesday, it will just be for blood work, urine and an ecg because I have high blood pressure.
Can anyone suggest a particular brand of sports bra that gives the most support?

Well, it is 2 days before my surgery. I am...

well, it is 2 days before my surgery. I am schedule to be @ the hospital for 9:30am and am so excited. I just hope that I purchased the right size in a sports bra and it isn't too big or too small....

Hi there! So I had my surgery on Thursday and all...

Hi there! So I had my surgery on Thursday and all went well. I went in at 11:30am and came out @ 12:50pm. The nurses and of course my PS were so nice. I have to say it was the best experience I have ever had in a hospital.

I am back at work today with a little discomfort, but not really any pain. I will have to go shopping for new tops because nothing I slept most of Thursday and Friday and felt a little better on Saturday. Yesterday I felt well enough to drive, but I found I got tired easily. I'm sure I will be exhaused today.

Overall, I am so happy I did this and wish I would have done it sooner. :-)
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Who was your doctor in Toronto?
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I've been anticipating your updated pics. My frame, implant position, and size are much like yours. How are you feeling since your explant? Are you satisfied with the look? i have so many questions. I've read so many stories of the girls who explanted from the submuscular position, but very few from girls like us. I'm scheduled for deflation in October. Would you mind a kindly update for an anxious wreck (me)? lol.
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Goodness! You don't waste any time:) So glad it all went well. Take it easy (I think that's my catch phrase!) some of us have overdone things and regretted it!

Happy continued healing to you :) xxx
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How do you feel with your new look? is it what you expected. Wow your back to work soon, did you have a GA? take care, cant wait to see updated pics.xx
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Thank you all for your well wishes and kind words. I am back to work today and so happy with my new look! Thank goodness for this blog!
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Hope all is well :) and you are having a fast recovery :)
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hey girl. guess youre just a couple days post op. hope you are feeling ok. i just made the decision last night after finally making a connection between my implants and my illness that has plagued me for the last two years. i am going to see my family doctor today here in winnipeg but my understanding wasthat i had to pay for it. how do i get it covered by medical? hope to hear from you soon as i cannot wait to get thse things out of me.
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Thinking of you today and hoping it goes well for you.xx
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goodluck for tomorrow. keeps us updated, thoughts are with you xx
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Good luck love, ill be watching and waiting for updates on how it goes.xx
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Thanks! I'm going to check out the department stores here and see if I can find any that do up in the front. :-)
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hi , hang in there , i know its like once you decided you just can't wait. get some support bras" zipped front" if you can find them so you don't have to lift your arms too high cause you'll be little sore for a while my Dr. wanted me to take it easy for at least a week and not lift my arms too high or too much. i bought mime at Jcpenny or any sporting stores, good for you and hanging there you gonna be so happy when it's done.
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Thanks for the helpful hints...I think I will have to buy a couple of bras and see...It is still 8 weeks away, but I can't wait. I constantly have back pain and hunch over because they are so heavy. It will be so nice not to have these weights anymore.
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Hi I am having the same problem and just figure on getting a couple of sizes but going for the smaller rather than bigger. That way I can also wear one on top of the other if I need extra support. My surgery booked 6th aug can't wait!
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Hello, my suggestion is to buy a couple of bras in different sizes and then take back the ones you dont use for a refund afterwards (providing the shops allow it).
Good luck with your surgery! x
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Thanks for starting your story with us on RealSelf! Awesome that removal is free in Canada! I didn't know that. I truly hope you love the lighter, more natural feeling and that you have fun finding new clothes that fit you better. Keep us posted!

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