I love them! I love them!I love them! Toronto, ON

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for...

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for posting your reviews. Yes, I have been creeping around trying to get as much real life experience and stories I could to help me rationalize my decision or drive me crazy with anticipation. So, thank you all very much!!

I am a 33 year old mom to an 11 year old boy. 5'7" and 127 lbs. I have (haha- DID have) saggy little sacks of skin on my chest for the last 11 years. Breastfed for 15 months! I have wanted to do this for as long as I can remember, never being well endowed. I have bored the heck out of numerous people with my complaints about clothes not fitting and having to buy bras and bikinis from the little girls section. I WAS a size 14 in little girls! And they sure don't make very adult like undies for little girls. Haha.

A couple months ago my boyfriend got a bit upset with me and basically said "do it or shut up about it!!" The next day I call my PS (I had consulted with him about 3.5 years ago already) had my first visit Feb 4 to choose the size. We decided to go with 300cc Naturelle HP. I had obsessed about the size. Same story as everyone, I'm sure. Last week I had the receptionist order 340's to make a last min decision. Which I did end up going with.

My surgery time was originally booked for 10am yesterday but something had come up and I had to hold off until 1pm. Let me tell you, I was STARVING. I am quite athletic and eat constantly ( every 2 hours). My hunger was probably the only thing preventing an anxiety attack, so it was not so bad hanging out in the preop room. I actually had a little snooze.
A nurse came in and got me, no idea what time it really was. I did not have a watch or my phone. I was greeted my the anesthesiologist and I jumped on the table. It was freezing and the lovely nurse gave me warm blankets. I received something to make me relax and a warm fuzzy feeling fell over me. A nurse woke me up a couple hours later and took me to the bathroom. I felt like I had just finished 2 bottles of wine! My amazing man was waiting for me and took me home.

I am sitting here the morning after (boobs done 15 hours ago) and quite surprised with how I feel. A bit achy but tolerable. I wasn't sure what to expect. I only drank fluids and smoothies and had a few crackers last night. I was feeling a little queasy. I think it was the percocets. I threw up once last night after taking it. I will stick to Advil. I had a few naps last night and fell asleep around midnight again and I slept through the night.
My BF and I keep peeking at them. They are HUGE!!!!!! I am a completely different person! Wow!!! Can't wait to look good in all my clothes!! I hated that my ribcage was more prominent than my chest!! Hoping the ladies look good. Too hard to tell right now. But, they definitely can't look any worse than before. Haha. I already have a girlfriend asking what I'm going to do with all my clothes that will be too small. Im hoping I can keep most of it though. Just fill out the top a little better!!!!! Yay!!!! I am sooooo happy. Time really flew by the past month. And now they are here!!! Can't wait to see them and touch them!!!
Again, thank you all for sharing your stories!!!!

Well that was dumb!!!!! Haha. I felt so great...

Well that was dumb!!!!! Haha. I felt so great yesterday and my poor bum was numb from sitting and sleeping propped up the past two days, I decided I could lay flat on my back to sleep last night. Well, it's 3:00 am and I am up and SORE!!!!!! Good thing I'm not alone! I had to wake up my partner so he could lift me up. Had a pee, popped a little pain relief cocktail, now back in bed hoping sleep will find me again. Oh my poor coccyx!!! I seriously have a stage I pressure ulcer starting and I am huge risk for shearing. Anyone have any great ideas for sleeping? This sucks!!!!
Hope everyone else in the same stage is sleeping well!!!

5 days post op and feeling great!!!! Still can't...

5 days post op and feeling great!!!! Still can't believe they are here! I had to take off this bra and let them free for a bit yesterday. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. I am supposed to wear it until my appointment tomorrow. I removed the gauze and peeked at the incision site. The steristrips were intact but from what i could see, there was quite a large scar! This doesn't really bother me, just bigger than what I expected. I will have to grab something for it.

The ladies are still quite high and making sure I am aware of them..... Lots of little zings and pings moving through. Especially the right one. Not uncomfortable, but definitely noticeable!!

Sooooo sooooo happy!!!!

Good luck to everyone and speedy recovery!!!!!

Happy Easter!!!

I love them! I love them! I love them! I love...

I love them! I love them! I love them! I love them! I love them! I love them! I love them! I love them! I love them! I love them! I love them! I love them! I love them! I love them! I love them! I love them! I love them! I love them! I love them! I love them!
Haha. : )

Big, beautiful and busty!!!!!! Wheeeeeee!!!! I...

Big, beautiful and busty!!!!!! Wheeeeeee!!!! I had no idea what I was missing!!! What a transformation!!! 14 year old skinny boy to curvy woman. It's insane!! I wonder when I will get over it? I wanted to jump up and hug my PS today but chose to maintain professionalism instead (Hehe) 6 days post and feeling great. My only complaint is a sore back and weak chest muscles :( I would love to see my chiro. Does anyone know if that's safe to do? Might have to call my PS.
Hope everyone is loving themselves as much as I am!!!

1 week post today!! Wow!!! Went by fast. Adjusting...

1 week post today!! Wow!!! Went by fast. Adjusting well to the new body. I have introduced them to a couple close friends as "the twins- Bob and Beez" haha. Having an enjoyable time with them. They feel a bit strange and numb on the outsides. Hope that goes away. Oh and my poor little nipples are uber sensitive. Yowzaz!!
Still over the moon and would do it again in a heartbeat!!
Maybe I will post pics later. They don't really look much different than my day 4 photo.

Happy healing everyone!!!

So I'm 9 days post op and still in love but I'm...

So I'm 9 days post op and still in love but I'm worried that my right one may have something wrong. I'm sure I'm being paranoid, but the left one feels completely different. The left one is great! The right one has had zings and pings throughout pretty much since the beginning. Today it felt like it was going to explode. There are no signs of infection, but it feels waaaaay different. The muscle on that side of my sternum, my armpit, top of breast and outer ribcage on that side are a lot more painful than the left. When I am massaging and press down on the top the prickly burning sensation rips through that boob. I never took any pain meds today. i have been taking Advil for the past few days. Maybe it's because I am rt side dominant? All the doors at work are very heavy and kind of suck to open. I'm probably freaking out for no reason. I drove for the first time and got groceries today after work. That sucked and I was exhausted. Good thing my son was with me. He had to push the cart and pack the groceries. Too bad he's too young to drive or I would have made him.

So has anyone else had a similar experience? I spoke to the receptionist at my PS office and I can go see him at the hospital he also works at tomorrow. I would hate to waste his time, but I have never done this before. Haha.

I'm probably just being crazy....

Coming up to two weeks!!! They are quite lovely...

Coming up to two weeks!!! They are quite lovely and I'm sooo happy with them. They are the perfect size and I love the roundness of them. They are getting squishier and I have trouble keeping my hands off them. Haha. I hope I don't subconsciously rub them in public. Haha. You know... Sort of like when you catch yourself talking to yourself out loud at the grocery store wondering if you already have mustard or whatever at home. Haha. Maybe no one does that but me.

The right one is still a bit sore, but i can fully extend my arms above my head. Yay! My poor poor nipples feel like they have been rubbed with coarse grain sandpaper. Hope that goes away soon. Ouchie!!!! I took off the steristrips today and the incision looks pretty good. I still gawk at myself in the mirror shocked that they are here.

My hubby hates them. He is having a hard time adjusting. I just hope he will learn to love them. They are here to stay!!!
Dr. Ronald Levine

He was great! I am a nurse so I am aware of wait times, doctors running late, not spending enough time etc. I did not expect him to spend any length of time explaining anything to me. He told me exactly everything I needed to know and expect throughout the entire process. He pretty much covered everything I needed so I did not have to ask. I guess my only concern would be the speed in which he delivered his information (His anesthesiologist included). If I was not well versed in medical terminology or had an understanding of the health care sector, I would probably feel scared. Other than that.... I'm happier than a pig in ......... Hehe

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey there, thanks for sharing. How are they now? What size did you end up and does your hubby love them now?
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You look great!
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I've read on here that alot of hubbies miss your old bodies. I'm not sure why. To me it's crazy!! They would rather look at saggy boobs and belly rather than nice boobs and flat tummy? My hubby loves the new me. Can't keep his hands off of me. And he said the scars don't bother him at all. Well, congratulations. You look great and your hubby will come to his senses soon.
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Glad you are doing great so far! Don't worry about the hubby... My bf gave me a super hard time about mine but he's learning to appreciate them up a couple of days ago lol... :-)
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It just sucks that I feel I can't get excited about them. :(
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I think its normal... I'm like that too.. being right hand dominant and all my Rt breast feels weird, every now and then I feel like my pecs are squishing the crap out of the silicone but my Lt feels soft and different and no squishing happening in there... I was so afraid the other day that I thought the spasm would not stop and end into a capsular contraction but it will get better... especially with the opening of doors, jars and other stuff... I have been using my Lt more often as I can (even when spiking IV bags initially was very hard) so that my Rt will stay relax.... I guess for now we just have to breathe in and breathe out.... wusa :-)
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Thanks. I know I'm just being silly, but the thought of having to open that up gain and poke around....... I know its way to early for a capsular contracture but i wonder if thats always going to be on the mind. Haha.
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I just updated mine... Yes CC is always going to be 'most definitely always on my mind" being a nurse and all and currently freaking out if I am already having it because of my too obvious asymmetry over this week... hope you're healing well this week :-)
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I just posted on your profile and forgot to ask if you take any muscle relaxants. I was never prescribed any but I wonder if that would help. I see my Ps on Wednesday.
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Looking good. They look like they've dropped some already. yeah!
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I know the muscle of your dominant side can have more spasms and take longer to "let go". I haven't had my BA yet, so can't speak from experience, but I've heard others talking about zingers, pings and all kinds of things. Hope that helps. Are they changing shape? Got any new pics? Glad you are doing well, except for those annoying zingers anyway...
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I heard the same things but it just feels so different from the left. Ya, I'm a little crazy. I have been pushing it and probably doing more than I should be. They look amazing and I loooooove them!!!! Haha. I just really hope nothing funky is happening in there. I tried to take a photo yesterday. So hard to take a self portrait with an iPad. Haha. My phone is out f commission right now (a little incident involving a toilet and water :(
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OH NO! Yeah, phones don't like water so much. I would probably be freaking out too and a trip to the PS to make me feel better would totally be worth it. I have already talked to the girls in the office so much that I know all their names and I haven't even had surgery yet! Can't imagine what post op is going to be like. One of them told me yesterday that she feels like she is going through the surgery with me! Yeah, the iPad it tricky, but the bathroom mirror is about the only way I have made that work.
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Wow congrats on the boobs, but even bigger congrats on loving them already and so much at that! You sound totally upbeat and happy that its contagious just reading your updates!
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yahoo!! Happy 1 week boobaversary! glad you are continuing to do so well.
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Thank you!! They are little beauties!!! Starting to drop a bit now!!!
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lol... I love your profile name! And pretty boobies too! perfect size for you!!
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Hehe. Thank you!! I love them!!!! Still pretty high but I think they will be perfect!!! They are sort of like torpedoes right now and my nipples could cut glass. Haha. Good luck next week!!!!
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Hahaha torpedoes... Thanks, and happy healing to you!!!
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I know how you're feeling!!!! I'm 2wks and 3days post op and still can't get over the happiness when I see them :-) My PS did not want me to have any body massage of whatsoever for 6wks (darn long time as my back always have knots in it) ... not sure about chiro though...
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Ahh. Maybe I will have to ask both of them. Most of my chiro treatment is done while sitting up. He does active release therapy. More of a deep tissue rubbing thing opposed to a snap and crack thing. Thanks! So I'm probably not the only one who checks self out in the mirror at every chance. Haha. It will be hard to keep my hands off them at work tomorrow. Haha. I have already prepared the girls in my office. Haha
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Hi! You look fantastic. I'm 40 years old, 116 lb and 5'6" I got 300 ccs HP 18 days ago and love them. They are still hight but dropping slowly and they are getting softer now. Glad you love yours too ;-) Happy healing! XO
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Looking great! Happy too! Lol Luv the chest tat!
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Thank you very much!!! I would choose the BA again over the chest tattoo any day!!!! Haha. Less painful!!! I am seriously over the moon! I have wanted this for soooo long and my dream has finally come true!! Sounds totally dumb but I am so excited to have my clothes fit me now. Hahah. Don't get me started on actually wearing a ladies bra..... Haha. I once went to a swimming pool and had the same bikini as a little girl. So sad :(. That will never happen again!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Haha. I go to the doc at noon today to see how the girls are healing. Hope he tells me I can go braless for a little while. My back is killing me!! You are looking great yourself!!! You are about a week ahead of me. Are yours still tight? Mine are a bit sore around the armpit area and My sternum is sore when a I take a deep breath. Are you sleeping flat yet??? I can't wait to lay on my side!! Haha Take care!!
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I actually woke up on my left side this morning!!!! I was just as stiff as I would have been waking propped or flat.... Yea I'm still still and sore mostly my right breast. Other than my lack of energy I'm great! I wanna shop! (Bet you do to!!!!!!) Good luck at the Dr!
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