Oct 5th big day-dr jimerson Atlanta

Hello Girls, I am new to realself and starting...

Hello Girls,
I am new to realself and starting my experience.
I think i am lost. I have consulted three 5 doctors, gave deposit to two still not sure who to go with. each night sleeping is getting harder because i am thinking too much.
the most bother me that i live in canada and i do not like to do te surgery out of town.but in toronto i am iffy about my results.in states i am iffy about safety.
do not what i am doing.
help me please!!!!

Honestly, not being bias but if dr salama was in Canada ...I would go to Canada and this is coming from someone that doesn't want to travel out if new jersey let alone another country but I definitely would girl. It is a tough and life longing decision but the end result is your happiness :-) and of course your booty, curves and the new confident you. If I decide to go out of seas it won't be so bad..most of us our from the u.s and u have our support
If you decided" sorry spell check
Hey bbellabooty1
Thanks alot
I am also considering dr jimerson in Atlanta cause he has date available in Oct and now I feel that what is so big deal about traveling to us. Actually there is no one who could come with me to help me during my surgery.

Omg!!! I still can not decide who I am going with...

I still can not decide who I am going with. I have sent deposit
To two doctors and send medical clearance to both
But still not sure who to go with. It is a big decision.
Dr jimerson seems to be very good but heard his one of
Patient was sent in emergency right after the surgery.
I do not know if it is tire or not.
Dr Jugenburn seems to be safe but what about his results.
Omg it is so difficult to decide.
No Dr. Jimerson. The lady I met was from Canada & said lots of women talk about Jimerson there. Not sure where she heard about Jimerson there, but that's what she told me.
Thanks, that is what I meant :-)
Hi bootiebeaty78
I think u have mixed the two doctors
Dr jimerson is in us not in Canada
Did u mean dr Jugenburg
But thanks any way for letting me know

I thought alot and I have made my decision to go...

I thought alot and I have made my decision to go with
Dr jimerson in Atlanta .
I will call them tomorrow. Hope I could cancel other doctor without
And complication.

I have booked my surgery date with Dr Jimerson Oct...

I have booked my surgery date with Dr Jimerson Oct 5th. very very excited and nervous.
I spoke with shelly , she sent me all the paper work. As my lab results were already with me so every thing went so quick. My finance company has contacted Shelly to arrange payment. I made the initial deposit. So all set..........

Here I come Atlanta :)
Less than month to go
Hi honey! So did u have ur surgery with Dr. Jimerson in Oct?? How did it go?!
how much do you weigh?
Oh youve had it done...Im such a duh! wow hope it went well!! can you post pics? And how much did you weigh before surgery because I sawa Dr say to you on the questions board he is concerned u dont have enough fat. Did you need to gain#~? Thank you!
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