3 Treatments of Affirm & Palomar 1540 Laser - Toronto, ON

I have gone for 3 treatments of affirm Laser my...

I have gone for 3 treatments of affirm Laser my last was December and my first was October. Let me start by explaining I am 31 Caucasian and I bought the package of 5 Affirm Laser for acne pot mark removal treatment. I can say my skin is very tight it looks like I am 20 again but for the scar removal very little difference. I have now decided that I and spoken with the clinic and have decided to switch my last 2 treatments to Palomar 1540 Laser treatment. I go for my first treatment tomorrow so I will keep you post.

How many sessions of Palomar laser have you had? How does your skin look now?
Where did you get the treatment done in Toronto? Thx.

Just checking in for a follow up, how did your treatment with the Palomar 1540 Laser turn out?

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