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I am 24 years old 145 lbs 5'0 and I am a mother of...

I am 24 years old 145 lbs 5'0 and I am a mother of 2 toddlers. Breast fed both for 9 months and gained over 70 lbs with both. Pre-pregnancy I weighed 120lbs. I have been thinking about doing this surgery for over a year now and I believe now is time. I want to be comfortable with my body around females my age and just in public in general.

I plan on having a BL and a TT. I also want to have a BBL, but I was advised it wouldn't be safe to do all three at the same time. I have consulted with 5 PS I researched thoroughly over the year and have narrowed it down to 2, based off my experience during the consultation, how comfortable I felt with the PS and price. Reasons why I didn't feel comfortable with the others were with one I felt the appt. was rushed, didn't really pay attention to my body, didn't measure anything, basically didn't make it feel personal. Also, the possible operation date would be months away.

With another surgeon, I was 15 minutes late for my consultation, however I ended up waiting an hour and a half to be seen. I was advised that I would be smaller if i did a lift and need implants (which I don't want), also, the TT and BL would be $3,000 more than my budget.

With the third that was disqualified, they haven't even responded to my email regarding a consultation yet.
The deciding factor between the final 2 will be the date available for surgery...

Right now my spouse says that this surgery is all that I can talk about. I am so nervous and excited that I reached this far, I just can't wait to go through with this. I know it will be life changing!


It WILL be life changing! It sounds like you're really doing your research and putting due diligence into this decision, which is fantastic! When would be your ideal time to get this done?

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It is all you can talk about and think about. I couldn't stop until about 4 weeks post op. I think I'm settled down now. But I still have out bursts of joy when I look at my body. You will be so happy! It just keeps getting better and better. Just make your PS and staff make you feel safe and comfortable.
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Time Flys!!

I just wrote a long post in detail and some how got deleted!!! Last year I had seen 3 Drs in Toronto, Dr Lista, Dr Levine and Dr Jugenburg. Dr Lista was quick and efficient advised me not to do the BBL because I am 5'1 with 36DDs once i get a lift he believes the BBL wouldn't look proportioned...... but was quoted $15 000 for a BL and TT no drain procedure.. doing both with him would give me a dicsount of $1000. A friend of mine did a TT and BBL with him, shes happy with her results and going back for a BA, however her results aren't as good as I seen on here with other Drs and dates were 6 months or longer. NEXT
Visited Dr Jugenburg Was a little less than 15 minutes late, however I didn't see him until an hr and a half later. He quoted me $17,000 which includes a night at the Royal Fairmont Hotel and said I would need to get a BA as my breast would go down to a C......huh? Not happy with the price and his advice wait time over all NEXT
Dr Levine was pretty good as well, told me my size would go up if I got a BL which is what I want.. someone who did a BA and TT referred me. He quoted me $13000 with dates within the next two months. I PICKED A DATE and everything!!! However at that time last year he didn't have a profile on RS and I couldn't find any helpful reviews and pictures online, and I don't think he has a lot of experience with African Canadians so I backed out. NEXT

I started loookng in the states for quotes as I've heard of girls going to Miami, NY, ATL and getting excellent prices and results. I looked up DR Jimmerson and apparently he is the BBL king down there! Took about 2 weeks to get a quote of which didn't include my stay and flight, etc. Way more than staying in town and didn't have any dates until early winter next year - 9 months later..... With little to no progress I was a little discourged about this whole surgery thing....

Life got in the way new house, new career, kids starting school etc. etc. Finances got tied up and decided surgery was out of my reach!!

A few days ago was browsing the internet and came across a blog on Jennyberryjuice instagram and how she's documenting her surgery with Dr. Diaz in DR. After looking at her results story and progress as well as a few others who have testimonials outside of RS I came back and looked him up on RS did my google search and decided THIS IS HIM my Dr, I always wanted to go to DR and his results are amazing - board certified and a tenure where I can't find any complaints. and the price - way below budget!!

Waited 2 days and got my quote $5800 for the BL TT and BBL $6800 with a 10 day stay and transportation.. I am not sure if I am going to go alone or with my partner and have a mini vacation as well.

Currently waiting for a Response to see when Dr. Diaz has dates available!!! Super STOKED:0


that looks good
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last year i was trying to get it done in June '13 but now Im trying to do it before September '14 or in september '14
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