Incision trouble - 3 weeks PO

Like most people here, I need some perking up...

Like most people here, I need some perking up after 3 children and weight fluctuations. I am 47. I was originally scheduled for a breast reduction and tummy tuck last April (2011)... but decided to focus on getting the pounds off first. After losing 30+ lbs its now a breast lift and tummy tuck. I wanted to have my thighs done too and lipo of the upper arms, but both surgeons I interviewed would not do them at the same time. (although I see that many here had it done). So now I am one month away and its time to quit smoking! Egad! The surgeon is adament and says smokers risk worse scarring and having their nipples fall off (seriously). 2 weeks prior to surgery I am to stop all medications, vitamins, even hormone replacement. Even more curious, I am not to shave or pluck anywhere on my body for 2 weeks prior to surgery. Either this PS is incredibly thorough, incredibly paranoid, or both. Thanks to all of you brave ladies who post here! It has really helped me in trying to mentally prepare myself. I will join in and take before photos when the date gets closer.

Yay, you posted a story! Thanks for sharing with us. Congrats on your 30 pound weight loss! That's awesome. I know quitting smoking is ridiculously hard, but I believe in you! I'm impressed with your doctor's caution--better safe than sorry! Keep us posted.


Well, I took depressing! ...

Well, I took depressing! Even I didn't think it was this bad! Yesterday I tried to do housework with just a sports neck hurt soooo badly within 1/2 hour, from carrying the weight of my chest...well, just convinces me that I need to do this (the TT is a bonus).

23 days to go...getting really nervous.

I don't have a recliner, but I have a sectional couch with a comfy corner, so I bought a mattress pad made for an RV and a memory foam topper for it, as well as sheets and have lots of pillows. The trick will be how to get up when I need to.
Congrats on the weight loss!!! You are going to look and feel fabulous!!
Good luck- that's odd about not shaving anywhere for 2 wks , I got a full wax a few days before,maybe your ps wants to be the one to shave you?

Had my pre-op checkup with my family doctor...

Had my pre-op checkup with my family doctor yesterday, and today paid the rest of the fee for surgery (e-gads!)....guess there is no turning back. 3 weeks today. I am beginning to get very very nervous and second guessing my decision.
So, now I have to have an EKG cause the lab forgot that when they did the ECG. The hoops I have jumped through for pre-op are unbelievable! I've had many surgeries, in my life, but never had this many pre-op rules. I know its better to be safe than sorry, but figure that's my PS's mantra, and his malpractice premiums must be huge! I've had tests for blood clotting rates, heart function, the crazy list of rules about not shaving, not taking any vitamins, reporting any ingrown hair or blemish to the clinic (would they cancel a surgery for that?!)
Congratulation I'm schedule for feb 24th for a tummy tuck breast lift with implant, my ps ask me to quit smoke 2weeks prior my surgery and 2weeks after trying im trying to don't think about cigarette, how dificult was for you to stop?
It has not been easy, even with Zyban. I decided not to tell myself I 'quit' but just to take it one day at a time, as a countdown to surgery. I have read very frightening things about surgery and the lack of circulation. Just type in 'smoking' as a search on here and you'll get some interesting, and disturbing, info.

Less than 3 days away. I am busy trying to get my...

Less than 3 days away. I am busy trying to get my house in order for when I get back home the day after surgery. Have no idea how I'm going to manage it, but I'm sure it will be fine.

Worst is that I think I am coming down with a cold. Not good. Many of you fabulous gals talk of taking extra vitamins to help surgery, but my doc won't allow any. I am taking vitamin C and oregano oil anyway, trying to avoid this cold setting in (or they will reschedule). Not sure why my doc is against any vitamins, even multi. I guess its for bleeding risks? It took me months to arrange taking this time off, rescheduling would put me off another 6months or so. Fingers crossed. (I am better than yesterday!)

Going to take measurements today...for later comparison.

I'm already wondering why on earth I am doing this to myself. Then I feel the pain in my back and remember why, but its sooo scary. Not the surgery, not even the recovery, I hate anesthesia. Feel like my head is blowing off when I go under, and then this disorientation afterwards. Its terrible. (I once separated my shoulder on the operating table, when they put me under I bolted upright in panic, but my arm was tied down. ugh).

Any words of wisdom appreciated.
You will look amazing. Are you planning on getting implants? I am a B cup and really just want a lift w/out implants. I cant wait to see your results. I went to see a PS and he advised me to lose as much weight as possible to get the best results. Best of luck!

Surgery went well. The facility is very organized...

Surgery went well. The facility is very organized and professional. Stayed over the first night and had the worst panic attack ever! I was in pain and couldn't imagine getting through it. Some meds and I was out for 6 hours, then everything was more manageable. I had the pain relief pump for the first night and was able to get myself in and out of bed, very carefully.
Had my pain pump and dressings removed the morning after surgery and was fitted with my compression garments. I am not to use gauze, just wear the garments and shower everyday to soap incisions. Tomorrow the nurse is removing the top layer of stitches.

Only problem is that I cannot get my binder on by myself. It has bra like clips up the side, and a zipper too. Clips in crotch for bathroom. So, no shower today as noone is available to help dress me.

I am still on pain meds and gravol. Pain is all in the ab muscles and it is excruciating getting up and down, otherwise not bad.

I took some pics day2, I'll add.

Its been an interesting journey, so far. I must...

Its been an interesting journey, so far. I must say that Day 6, for some unknown reason, was hellish. The tummy incisions hurt, pulled, burnt like someone had a branding iron to me if I moved the wrong way! I still get the searing heat if I don't handle getting up from a lying position properly, otherwise its not so bad.

As for the recovery and any tips, I would definitely not need a walker or a toilet seat riser, but sure as heck could've used a recliner or hospital bed. Now I am standing almost straight and move around pretty well. The clinic put me on arnica tablets 3X/day and arnica gel on the bruises and I am to wash the incisions three times a day. I have been painkiller free since Day 7 (but day 6 I was counting down to every four hours!). Not even taking tylenol. All is good!

I had the no-drain proceedure and haven't had much swelling, just feels very very tight and one side of the incision is quite raised and tender. Hopefully that flattens down, but it might have fluid in it.

The boobs - I love them and they don't bother me a bit! As a matter of fact, by the second day I was very aware of the lack of weight and pulling on my neck and shoulders. Feels fabulous! They are definitely smaller, but I have no idea what or how much was taken out. Couldn't be happier with them.

Posting updated pics. Not sure there is much change, but the bruising sure is getting colourful!
Sorry I missed replying to this, rc, I did not have implants and am very happy with the lift!

I'm just a couple of days shy of 3 weeks, PO. ...

I'm just a couple of days shy of 3 weeks, PO. Time to go back to work. Last week I thought that 2 weeks off would have been enough, now I'm wondering if I'll last full days.

Got a haircut and colour this morning (takes the attention off what has changed with me. A friend of mine suggested it. She had a substantial breast reduction a few years ago and cut her hair short before she went back to work. Everyone told her that her haircut made her look thinner! Funny). After that outing I came home and napped. Wiped me out.

Tummy is doing well, except that I have to have all of the scabs gone before I can do the scar therapy. Almost there.

But the breast incisions are really bothering me now, and leaking a bit. Not sure if they bother me so much because the compression bra I got is not a great fit, or because my stomach isn't hurting so now I feel them! But they are really bothering me. Have to wear the bra til the 4 week mark and the compression garment for the stomach until 6 weeks PO.
I'm having a TT and BL on thursday and was seriously thinking about backing out of the BL until I saw your picks. They look so good!!! Congrats. Thanks for posting pics it really helps.

I'm having incision trouble with a breast incision...

I'm having incision trouble with a breast incision. Last week at my 2 week PO app't, the nurse took off the steri-strips and then said she was going to put some new ones on. It stung when she took them off, and in the days following I noticed leakage on the pads lining my bra. Yesterday I realized that the incision appears to be spreading out so I e-mailed a pic to the surgeons office and have to go in tomorrow to have it checked.

I'm concerned this is going to heal funny. Has anyone else had this trouble? Any suggestions? Still haven't started my silicone scar therapy as I still have areas that are not completely clear. (pic added of scar)
Hey you how r you doing when you coming back
Something similar happens toe but on the bottom, wen the nurse take off the strips my Insition was Cain of open and with a yellow liquids coming out, what I did was everytime I tuck a shower I also cleaned with 91% alcohol and then dry it up with my blower with cool air, I hope this could help you.
Your bod looks great! Sorry to hear you are having trouble with incision. I have read other similar stories on this forum. The best thing to do is leave it alone and let it heal on its own. I have seen worse so yours doesn't look too bad. I hope it all works out in the end. Best wishes.
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