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I have to admit, at some times it tickled, but...

I have to admit, at some times it tickled, but others it hurt. It's much like laser hair removal for its similarity in pain. I am very fit and work out six days per week and eat very clean protein and veggies. For some reason, I suffer from superficial cellulite, which keeps me from feeling confident in a bathing suit. I decided to try meso after the recommendation from the doctor at the Medispa close to my house, which had great reviews online. It's been ten hours and I am not swollen, I have marks where the injections were, and I am a bit sore. Nothing crazy though! I hope it works smoothly. I am not trying to lose weight, just smooth out my skin. I will take you all through my journey in hopes of educating all.

Please keep us posted on how it is going for you. People have reported very mixed results, so its always interesting to hear someones take on it.

I'm not sure if you are familiar or not, but Cellulaze just got its FDA approval not too long ago & a lot of the board certified doctors are saying it really is a an effective treatment for cellulite, which is pretty dang exciting for those of us who have dealt with it.

Looking forward to hearing your updates!!

I will look into Cellulaze. Sounds promising. Thanks for the tip :)

I went in again, and this second treatment did not...

I went in again, and this second treatment did not hurt as much as the first time. The doctor is so wonderful, you get the feeling that she really enjoys her job and wants to help you. She uses a lot of product and spends the time. I like that, my kind of doctor!
I actually seen a reduction in the amount of fat on my lower belly, and the disappearance of a "strip" of cellulite on my outer left thigh.
My doctor that does the meso is European, and has been doing meso for more than 15 years, possibly more (I think I heard 20+), she is confident and knowledgeful about where to inject. This time she marked some spots on me with a sharpie before beginning the treatment.
I really hope I see more positive changes, and I feel less afraid this week. I am starting to look forward to the next one, and the next!
One of my closest lady friends went thru the full treatment of shots, diet and exercise and is maintain a healthy wait for almost a year now, she is doing wonderfully, first diet to ever work for her because she states that it changed her low metabolism to a higher state and she's thrilled with the first diet that has worked in her 60 plus years of living .....I'm thinking of trying it out now that she is stating that her problem knee is no longer bothering her and she will no longer need the surgery because of her weight loss helping her gain great health because of this regime.....PLEASE believe me, she has tried all diets with no success until Mesotherapy came into her life ! BRAVO for her and everyone who is feeling better and better each day of their lives ....if it works, do it :)

So glad to hear things are going well for you and that you feel confident in your doctor. You look great in your photos!

How often does your doctor recommend doing the treatment to maintain the results?

She recommends every week for me and so far alternates with superficial and then deeper each time. I am seeing crazy good results lower stomach is practically flat now, smooth and even.
I am so happy with my doctor right now, and realize that she has hundreds of people who swear by her treatments, and that she has worked and studied all over Europe as well.
I feel that I have lucked out finding this place.....
I also realize that I have good elastic skin as I did not get any stretch marks from my pregnancy. Maybe that is why this is working for me? I have thick skin? I am so aware of the bad reviews on here, and the horror stories. I feel so terrible for all the people who had damaging reactions and can only hope for the best. I pray that I continue to see wonderful results and heal well. I wish us all well on our journeys to feel complete and beautful! :)

Been a couple more times and my butt looks lifted...

Been a couple more times and my butt looks lifted and sculpted. I am having amazing results....its like a miracle. Nothing else has ever worked, I thought I would have this ugly celly forever.
I am taking a week off due to a trip, and I will update with some photos while I am gone, once I have healed from the session I had today!
Anyone going to do meso needs to make sure they go to a good doctor- this is a serious treatment and I can understand the potential for mistakes if in the wrong hands. Make sure you get word of mouth, photos etc and make sure that you notice your practitioner taking every step possible to keep things clean!

Good to hear an update from you PanamaMami! Looking forward to seeing your updated pics. Have fun on your trip!!


I just completed my fifth treatment and I can...

I just completed my fifth treatment and I can finally wear shorts! I have had close up pics taken at the medispa, which clearly show how much cellulite is gone.
This has been life changing for me......I have had terrible thighs for so long and now they aren't, In my head I still feel like I have to hide. This summer, the long shorts and skirts are off.
Im going to try and compile some new photos, I have been lazy so please bear with me!
Once again I will say my treatments are only half over, and I have lucked out finding a very skilled practitioner. The potential for disaster is very real if you place yourself in the wrong hands. Do your research and get referrals. Cellulite can be cured ladies, I am living proof. xo
Seeking contact information related to above story. Thank you!
Can you share the doctors contact info please.
Add. info: they started with 4 shots of Armesso AM Artichoke Plus ampoules (one per week, 1st session Dec 7, 2012) and the 5th shot was something stronger; something called Centella ampoules or so.
QueensQuay Medispa

I have already seen results in four treatments. If I stopped now Id be happy, but things keep getting better and better!

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