28 Years Old, 130 Lbs, 5"4, Two Kids. Finally Getting Rid of my Inverted Nipple and Stomach - Toronto, ON

I am finally after year and years of hating my mid...

I am finally after year and years of hating my mid section, going to do something about it. I am having my upper and lower abdominal, and flanks liposuctioned. I have been on this sight for about a year or so checking out other people's results, debating between a tummy tuck (because of stretch marks on the front of my stomach) and liposuction. I decided on liposuction and see how the skin looks afterwards. The main reason I started looking in plastic surgery was to correct my inverted nipple; the liposuction was added during the consult. I was born with severely inverted nipples, which still wouldn't stay out after 18 month of Breastfeeding. As for stomach, I was an over weight child, got very heavu when I was pregnant, and have fluctuated with my weight for my whole life. Now that I am able to maintain 125-135 lbs, I'm ready to get rid of the extra fat I have around my mid section. I'm nervous but I know this will increase my self confidence and finally feel comfortable looking at myself in the mirror.

Pre-op complete. 8 days to go

Everything's paid for, the surgery date is booked, and all I have to do is show up. I am nervous. I've spend the past several days stocking this site getting a feel for what to expect post surgery. I'm hoping everything will go great.
I'm feeling kinda shitty because we just moved and I ate a lot of food I shouldn't have. Maybe gained 5 lbs, which makes me feel out of whack. I'll repost in a few days.

5 days and counting

I went out over the last few days and made sure that I had what I needed. I'm also looking into getting a second compression garment. I have read that It is extremely beneficial to have two. This whole process has been difficult for me because nobody knows. Most people in my life aren't supportive of this and only offer negative comments . So I can't talk about how I'm feeling about this. At least I have my husband (which is great but I am extremely vocal and have a hard time keeping things from the rest of the people in my life).

This may sound stupid, but I'm nervous about how I'm going to feel about my body after the surgery is done. I've always had a stomach and inverted nipples. I've never fully felt confident with my self. I'm really hoping that this will give me the ability to have something else on my mind, other than how I look and feel in my clothes.

5 more days

Nerve are getting the best of me

I've always been an emotional eater. So the last 3 days my diet has been a little unhealthy. Not horrible, but not great. So obviously I feel bad for it. I finally realized why I feel scared about what I'll feel towards my body after the surgery. The way my stomach looks pushes me harder in the gym. I'm afraid that without it, I'll become complacent and allow myself to not push as hard. I know that I won't let that happen, but my mind is running on Hugh gear right now. Over thinking every situation.

Anyways 2 more days :/

Less than 24 hours!!!!

I'm trying not to think about it much. Mostly I'm upset that I won't be able to work out the way I'm used to for awhile. I gain weight easily and don't like the idea of sitting around for so long.
I'm adding more pics before the big day tomorrow.

I accidentally posted my previous review under liposculpture. So I had the procedure today and I've been nauseous, and I'm in a bearable amount of pain (but I'm keeping up with my pain pills). I threw up once but felt less nauseous after that. My nipples hurt. So I have to keep the garments on and the bandage over my nipple on until Monday, so I'll update with pictures then.

9 hrs post op

This will be a short update. Every since I woke up I've felt nauseous, evan after the gravol. I've thrown up once but the nausea was better after that.
The pain is bearable, but the freezing (which is wearing off so we will see how the night goes). I've taking my pain med on time to avoid to much pain. My nipples are starting to ache also.

I have to keep the garment and pads on until Monday so I'll update with pictures then.

I posted in the wrong procedure

I didn't get liposculpture, I got liposuction :)

1 day post op

I normally sleep on my side.... Now I have to sleep in my back. Thankfully I'm a good sleeper and only woke up twice, one of which was to take my pills; I also have to avoid a seated position which is difficult. It's soo hard to not get up to clean and organize my house. There's only soo many video game I can play lol.

Anyways, everything hurts when I stand up, but I can't feel too much when lying down. I am keeping up on my pain pills so that makes it tolerable. My lower abdomen, sides of my hips and about 6 inches down my upper thighs are numb; kinda like when you get freezing from the dentist. Apparently that's normal though.
I really want to see the results, having to wait 4 more days is brutal lol. I can't even get an idea because I have foam under there; which I'm thankful for because I've read lots of reviews from women expressing how the hooks and zippers dig in.

All in all, I am happy with the pain I'm experiencing and the recovery so far :)

A few more pics

3 days post op

So, I'm swollen which is expected. There's some dark bruising where I can actually see. I haven't gone to the bathroom since Wednesday, which really sucks. its time to take laxatives. And it's really painful around the crease in my outer thigh when I stand up, kinda like I'm wearing underwear that's way to tight for way to long, almost a burning like pain. My upper thighs and lower abdomen are still numb. Can't wait till
Monday to take everything off and see the results.

5 day post op pics

I got to shower :)
Is it normal to not see great difference after 5 days? He said he took out 1400cc's. I'm so new I don't know if that's a lot. The nipples are the biggest different. They are raw though :(
I'll update more later. I'm a little emotions right now :/

2 week post op

So today I went and saw my surgeon and he says that everything is healing great. He used these awesome foam pads under my garment that prevented me from bruising where there were. He was very pleased with the progression so far. I expressed my concerns about not having enough taken out of my flanks, and he said that I'll see better results as the time passes. He explained that he took everything out of there, that they are swollen and because of gravity the swelling pooled in my flanks.
He is an amazing surgeon. On my way home my family and I stopped to eat,... Wild wings. Bad idea. I haven't eaten like that and it hurt my stomach :(
I felt like I deserved a treat lol. Since I've lost 10lbs since the surgery (3 of which was that lipo)
Anyways, I stopped taking the pain pills at about 11 days post op and I am not taking anything anymore.

4 weeks post op

I don't know if maybe one of you ladies can help me but has anyone felt unsatisfied with their lipo results at 4 weeks post op, and then ended up shrinking when all the swelling went down to where they were happy with the results?

4.5 weeks post op

Sorry I haven't posted anything recently. Here are some update pictures. The hardest part about this whole process, is not seeing the results you want and not knowing if it'll get there. On a positive note I've been working out again, so that makes me feel good :)
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

July So for I've had a consult, and he was great. Very honest, to the point, and didn't try to sell me anything I didn't need. I have my pre-op appointment in 5 days. Aug 13/2014 Very friendly and does an amazing job of easing anxiety. He explained the procedure thoroughly and make me feel very comfortable. I will definitely be going back to him for future procedures and will recommend him to others.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I hope in 2-3 months you will not shrink and you will be HAPPY with your results.
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Thanks, I hope so too
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:) I will stay positive for you.
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I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who has felt like there's still more to take. I have my first follow up on Thursday and I'm hoping the doctor will say things are looking good and its just swelling too. Thanks for your posts.
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Hey... I'm shrinking day by day.... Not fast enough though. I just wanted it gone and now I have to live with it that much longer.... It really sucks. But my surgeon assured me that there wasn't anything left to take and that it's swelling and fluid that has filled the space the fat used to be. The lymphatic system has to re-establish itself and that's why it take so long. Hang in there :)
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Phoenix86, I am eight months out and I can tell u I had a roller coaster ride. Immediately afterwards I could really see the difference but at a month six weeks the hardness and unevenness set in. Boy was I ever down and ready to throw in the towel. I stayed true to RS and took peoples advise and made it through. It was a struggle at times and had to force myself to keep a positive attitude and in the long run I am happy with my results. My only complaint is my left flank is slightly larger then the right but not enough for a revision so I will try coolsculpting. Good luck and keep the faith.
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It's really great to hear that I'm not alone in my feelings, and that in the end it smooths out and the results are pleasuring. As the days pass by I am seeing more. Thank you for sharing your experience with me :)
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I'm happy to hear you are having a good experience with Dr. Brown:) Don't worry yet, your swelling will go down. I am over 6 weeks post-op and still have some swelling.
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Hey,... You were definitely right about dr brown. He's great. I'll definitely be going back to him. I'm glad your healing nicely also :) Have a great long weekend
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Thank you! Enjoy your long weekend too! Take some "me" time :)
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I am glad everything is healing properly and i hope you do not have to do a revision,it has only been 16 days,so you really won't know until 3-6 months. Hang in there&stay positive :) Have a Happy Labor Day Weekend!
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Thanks. I don't think I'll need a revision. Surgeon said that he took everything there was in there and to just be patient :) have a great weekend
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Patience is key,so we just have to wait for the 6 months. TGFI!
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U c a n see the difference and will see more and more as time goes on. Good luck.
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Thanks. I'm starting to see it too :)
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plus your tummy looks swollen
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Thanks :) I think the pain pills are making me emotional :)
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cheer up...you really can tell. I am freaking, my surgery is friday next week
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there is a difference, look at your sitting down photos, there is a great difference and your only 5 days out!
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What type of lypo was it
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Tumescent lipo
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Hope you're doing well after your procedure and are getting some rest. Looking forward to seeing your post op photos. Hang in there!! :)
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Thanks so much. I'm not feeling my greatest but that was expected. I'm restless and am having trouble laying here all day lol. I appreciate the comment, check back on Monday :)
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Goodluck with everything! Let me know how it goes:)
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Thanks, getting nervous now. 4 days to go!!
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