Incognito Braces - Almost One Week In! - Toronto, ON

Im 25 years old and decided to get braces....

Im 25 years old and decided to get braces. Choosing Incognito was my decision and it was a big one because of the costs. My orthodontist is professional and intelligent and I ASSURE you that will make a difference in your outcome. Some of these stories sound horrible.

Incognito gets bonded to your teeth in TWO sessions, to allow you to adjust with minimal discomfort. I have the smallest jawline my ortho has ever seen and crowding mainly in my bottom teeth. As I am writing I have been wearing them for 6 days and it has been amazing. IF YOU PREPARE YOURSELF MENTALLY for this process and understand that you are going to have some adjustments you WILL BE FINE and thankful for this invention!

Literally invisible to the unassuming person these braces thus far are going to give me the smile I've always dreamed of! I need a dental implant to replace my canine and am removing a front bottom healthy tooth to create room to straighten my teeth as there is NONE! It may be a little scary and embarrassing to have a missing tooth, it'll be worth it when I have a straight white smile!

I will try to keep this up in hopes it'll help someone just like some of these reviews helped me decide and be confident about choosing Incognito as my dental option!

I have a tiny minimal lisp and in two weeks the top tracks will be bonded to my mouth. I am expecting some more initinal discomfort but again am preparing myself for what is to come. I have to wear these for the next 2 years and if this is the feeling I have to live with to get the smile I want, IT'S WORTH IT!

If you're a baby, and have low pain tolerance or just are a suck.. no matter if you get lingual or regular braces... it's going to hurt. So be brave and get yo teef straight!!!!

Just some pictures of the bottom.

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Are incognito braces the same as lingual braces? And are there different types of lingual braces?
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Thank you for sharing your story!  Please, please, please post pictures!!!  We want to see your before, but it'd also be great to see how the braces look from the inside.  

How is it flossing with them?
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I ended up buying a water flosser because flossing the traditional way would be an absolute nightmare!! It would literally take hours. I bought the water-pik for about $50 and it is worth it! My teeth feel fresh and literally it takes 1 minute! Ill upload some photos, its a little difficult as my mouth is tiny but Ill do it :)
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Thank you!  It's crazy how it looks so busy in there on the inside, and then it's totally invisible on the outside :D.

I don't understand what you mean when you say the top tracks will be bonded on?
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