Very Swollen, Split Along Incision Line.. Is This Normal? Help Please! - Toronto, ON

I am 23 years old and just had my labiaplasty done...

I am 23 years old and just had my labiaplasty done on the 12 in Toronto. Right now it looks like Edward scissors hands did my surgery! First couple days were absolute hell! Couldn't walk, sit or stand for long periods of time. Swelling doesn't seem to be going down much at all. The splits along the incision line are what really scares me! My surgeon says this is quite normal and the tissue act like sponges and absorb the moisture and will heal.. It just doesn't feel right. Anyone else out there have any of the same problems that could send some positive encouragement my way!! Any comments are greatly appreciated!


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They used a scapula and it's the trim

More pics


Hey I had my surgery the day after you had yours, I'm so guttered how slow the healing process is I was planning on going back to work tomorrow but I walk like a weirdo and I don't want anyone to know what I've had done and when I sit it feels like there's too much pressure on the stitchs! When r you planning on going back to work? I hope our Vajayjays look completely different in a months time because right now I'm too scared to look at my own vagina! Oh and buy the way I also have a few gaps where it looks like there's no stitch but I'm hoping it's just the swelling makeing things look strange. Hope your healing starts to get better:)
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I ended up taking a month off, I only wanted two weeks. I'm going for my first post op appt today. My little 'cuts' are slowly healing back together but it's def a slow process. Stitches have not started to dissolve yet and I was told 7-10 days and today is day 9! So anytime now! I'm just now starting to walk half way normal and not like a penguin! I still cannot sit down properly or drive, much too painful! Overall slow process on my end! Hope yours is much quicker!

Day 11


Thanks for sharing! I am one week post-op and I feel you with the swelling! So uncomfortable and annoying! Hope the rest of your recovery goes smooth and you get the results you want. Keep us updated!
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It does get better! I'm 11 days today and the right side has gone down a lot, pretty sure 3 out of the 4 stitches have come out which I think helps the healing x10! The left side i think still has all it's stitches so it's tender and not healing as quick. I hope once the rest of the stitches come out or I get them removed that it heals up quick! Hope you don't have any problems and everything goes well for you! Best thing I have found for the swelling is the sitz bath! They actually really help.

Day 12

Well it's day 12! Feeling much better! Swelling has gone down a lot over the last couple days. All but one stitch is gone from the right side which I'm guessing helped majorly with the swelling. Left side still has all of it's stitches hopefully they come out soon and the swelling goes down on that side to! Able to sit now without cringing in pain and only have a little bit of my waddle left when I walk! Overall things are looking good and feeling much better! Very happy I did this now :)


Hey there, how are you doing? Would love an update. 
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hows the healing going??
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