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Hi KikiLisa, I also had a very bad experience with...

Hi KikiLisa, I also had a very bad experience with IPL. I went for 5 sessions, I started in February of 2011 and had a session overy 3 weeks. First of all the pain was really bad, I had tears coming down my eyes constantly because of the pain, I was afraid the lady that did the treament was using too much intensity and I mentioned it to her several times during the course of my sessions but she kept denying it.

After the sessions, I would go home and my face would be swollen but the worst part is that I would notice marks in my face that were not there before and I tried to convince myself that they were just temporary. I mentioned this as well during the course of my treatment to the esthetician, and she told me not to look at my skin under the microscope and made me feel I was just being paranoid.

I went to do IPL because I had some acne scars on my left cheek and she decided to do the treatment on both cheeks and I find that both of them look worse now especially my left cheek which was the one that already had problems and now I have more scars on that side.

Looking at the pictures you posted, I also noticed that the wrinkles that you now have on your skin are similar to the wrinkles that I have got at the sides of my mouth which I never ever had before I did this treatment. I thought they were due to Retinol which is something this lady put me on in between the IPL sessions, but I'm pretty sure now they are due to the laser. I also feel very self conscious and I feel like I'm obsessed in getting my skin to look better, I want people to look at me when I talk and not at my scars. I went to a clinic in Toronto to do these treatments, I also thought I was in good hands and I'm very dissatisfied with the results. I would not recommend IPL to anyone for any reason and if I could go back, I would never do it. Now I just use serums with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to give some life back to my skin, I don't know what else to do or try and I'm also scared that the scars would get worse if I did peels or something else.

I'm sorry to hear how uncomfortable the procedure was for you, and that you aren't happy with the changes in your skin. Please keep us updated on how you are doing, and if decide to try anything else.

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