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It has been 5 months since I had hyaluronidase...

It has been 5 months since I had hyaluronidase injections to dissolve juvaderm which caused artery blockage in my face. A large amount was dissolved into the right side of my face and the hyaluronidase dispersed throughout my face and underneath my eyes. I Have still dark circles which I was told was hollowness and large indentations due to tissue loss. I look much worse than I did before and at least 10 years older. Do not believe that there are no serious side effects to both juvaderm injections and hyaluronidase as I experienced both.

Hello Torontodisaster, I too have tissue dissolved via Vitrase/hyaluronidase. I had seen a medical practitioner that has injected a large amount of Vitrase in my perioral area post Juvaderm injections of the lips upper and lower lips. I now have wrinkles all around my mouth upper and lower lips. In addition, my frenulum had also separated and basically dissolved With that said.. I am sorry for your injury and for what it's worth I can relate and understand your emotional pain. God bless
What do you consider a large amount of Vitrase? And do you know the dilution ratio? I think my dilution ratio was 125U of hyaluronidase to 10ml of saline. This is apparently considered to be a weak solution very dilute and yet the damage was incredible. I only had two tiny injections on each side. My lower lids are ruined - black, indent along orbital bone, puffy bags, weakened orbital septum, thin skin, visible veins, more wrinkles than before and deeper than before, a ridge of doughy edema around the orbital rim etc etc. Absolutely dreadful. I have attempted a refill with HA filler but it does not look the same. The skin and tissue are just so loose now and nothing can fix it. I am in despair. Honestly despair. It has been 4 months.
Hyaluronidase absolutely ruined the skin under my eyes. Did the damage done to your face by hyaluronidase ever come good?
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