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Im 47 years old and have been thinking about...

Im 47 years old and have been thinking about having my eyelids done since I was about 30. I've always had excess skin on my eyelids....it runs in my family. So I finally decided to go ahead with it and I had my procedure yesterday. Even though I had thought about doing it for so many years, when the day finally came, I was soooo nervous. I thought about backing out right up to the final moment....I contemplated calling the doctor and telling him that I was sick or that I was in a car accident...I was even willing to break my own finger, just to get out of it!! But I knew if I backed out now,
I would regret it. Its normal to be nervous, I just had to have trust in the doctor I had chosen. So once I had my final discussion with the doctor and they took their pictures, They got me settled in the OR and gave me an Ativan to relax me because I was going to be awake for the procedure. Once that kicked in, the doc injected the local freezing which did not hurt at all. Once frozen, he begun....weird sensation knowing that someone is cutting away your skin and you can't even feel it! The procedure did not take very long at all and it was nice to be part of the conversation while the work was going on.
The swelling and redness began right away, but no pain.
Iced my eyes a lot, slept sitting in a recliner chair that I borrowed from a friend. That has been the only real uncomfortable part of all of this so far.
I'm not very pleasant to look at right now, but hopefully in a few days that will start to change.


wow, you are brave going through your surgery awake! I can only imagine how nervous you were , coming up with a good excuse to miss surgery..Breaking your own finger and feigning a car accident..those are pretty good ones:) I'm glad you went through with it.. You will be so happy you took care of those eyelids, not only will you appear more youthful, but refreshed. I don't see any pictures, but those are the two words I keep hearing.. my only regret ; I wish I would of done it sooner!! Please keep us posted on how you are doing, and best wishes for a speedy recovery.. p.s. the sleeping post op was the most difficult part of recovery for me too.. I should of thought of getting a recliner!! great idea!!
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It's only been 3 days since the surgery and I'm already seeing the difference. I'm very glad I didn't chicken out. Still swollen but its kind of shifting to under my eyes too. The bruising is improving quite a bit already. It's amazing how the body recovers. I will post pictures very soon. Thank you for the well wishes!
My turn tomorrow morning and I am nervous as heck also wondering if I have made the right choice but also know I will regret it if I don't go through with it. So thank you for your review It helped to reassure me that it is normal to be nervous.. I hope you enjoy your results and I am sure in a few days it will be beautiful
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Before and after


Wow..what a difference a few days makes.. swelling looks like its subsiding, you are healing up nicely, and looking good! thank you for sharing your pictures.. I'm so happy for you..keep us posted on how you are doing..but most of all take care:)
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Thanks for sharing!  I can't imagine being awake for something like that, I would have been really nervous too.  Keep us posted on your healing, everything looks like it is going good!

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More photos

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More photos


wow! day 4 looks great! your eyes are more open, you can see their true shape, this compared to your before pictures.. they look refreshed! and your swelling appears reduced..I cant wait to see how you progress..so exciting!! take it easy, and relax. Keep us posted
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Thanks, it is exciting to see the progression. I can't wait to see how it will look with makeup......you'll actually be able to see the eyeliner that I apply to my upper eyelids! :)

Day 6

It's already six days post op! Last night was the first night that I slept a little less elevated than I have been. Eyelids are itchy and feeling a little heavy. I see the doctor tomorrow and am looking forward to hear what he has to say about the progress. I can't wait to be able to slap on some eyeliner and mascara to get a real feel of the finished product. :)


Jalo, Day 6 looks great!!! You are going to have fun with the eye make up! I don't know when I'll get the green light on eye make up. I gotta put that question on my list for my follow up visit. Keep us posted ... cant wait to see the final product:) take care
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I'm going to have to go to the makeup counter and have someone teach me how to apply eyeshadow now! Saw the doc today and he said I can start wearing makeup in a day or two!!


Day 13

My camera is on the fritz so I haven't been able to take pictures lately :(
But, everything is progressing nicely. My eyelids feel a little tight and I'm a little concerned about the numbness on my lids, but I guess it's still soon after the surgery and that's expected. I went out yesterday with full makeup on and I found myself feeling a little self conscious about whether people could see the scars or not.

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Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sproule and his staff are excellent. During my initial consult with him, he made me very comfortable and encouraged me to ask as many questions as I needed. He had several patients waiting in his office but not once did he make me feel rushed. Even the day of the surgery, he took his time to go over anything that I was unclear about. I'm certain I delayed his other procedures for the day, because of how much time he spent with me.

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