Concerns Three Weeks Post-op After Rhinoplasty to Remove Hump - Ontario, Canada

I recently underwent rhinoplasty in December for...

I recently underwent rhinoplasty in December for the hump on my nose and thats it. I liked everything about my nose except for the hump.

This is a picture of my nose exactly 3 weeks later. As you can see there is clearly some asymmetry and uneven nostrils and generally uneven everything. The skin on the right nostril droops while it appears that the left nostril indents in far more than the right side. From the side its ALRIGHT, not great but dealable. What concerns me is the collumela and the way in which it looks unnaturally stretched. Will this improve with time? I am absolutely heartbroken and extremely depressed about these results. From the looks of it, what seems to be the main problem? is it uneven swelling or is it generally crooked? Or is it just too early to be seeing the results I want?

Is this normal after three weeks post-rhinoplasty?

do you have a frontal picture pre-op? also the profile photo doesnt show your eye. this is important to see where you nasofrontal angle is.
i mean 3 wks post op
I think that its most likely uneven swelling since this was taken 3wks ago, as far as your skin im guessing u had alot taken out of your nose and it will probly tighten back up. If u have a nicer surgeon than me he wont laugh at u when u ask him concerning questions so just talk to him in your fallow up. Not getting the results u want is very depressing, hope u feel better

I had a closed rhinoplasty December 2009. I am...

I had a closed rhinoplasty December 2009. I am extremely unhappy with the results as I am left with a hard bump on the tip of my nose and the nose completely pulls to one side. Is a revision required?

Hey can you please email me the name of the surgeon that performed your nose surgery? I am getting a nose job soon and am still deciding on a surgeon. Please email me at Thanks
I have the same problem. Regret getting the surgery.
Hi, I looked at the pic you posted and I can tell you that I am 2.5 weeks post op and have the EXACT same problem with my nose. The shape of your nose / tip and the way its going to my left looks like yours (the shape - a bit like a box) but mine's is much more swollen right now. Actually, yours even looks better than mine because one of my nostrils is more out than yours (looking me square in the face),. and my nose slants to my left a bit (but th boulbus is still swollen) at least you can see both your nostrils and yours is more even. When you look at my nose, upwards (from below my face) looks like one nostril is collapsed a bit). I still have my hump but my PS says its a callous. Your is not bad at all. My nose looks the same (right now) but swollen and tip up - thats it. Imagine being me?
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