Chin Implant- So Glad I Did It!!(26 YO Female - Toronto, ON)

I originally had no intentions of posting my own...

I originally had no intentions of posting my own procedure but was asked by another user to submit and since I found Real Self so helpful in my decision, I am going to post my experience and results.

I have always been somewhat introverted about my profile; aside from having my father's nose, I had a pretty receded chin and hated to be viewed from the side or have my photo taken from that angle. When I am at my ideal weight (which is rare! haha), it doesn't bother me as much, but whenever I would put on a few pounds, It all went straight to my face and I would instantly have a double chin- just looking down would cause it. One day I decided to look into chin augmentation and realized that the quick recovery time and subtle change really appealed to me. I am also getting married next summer so I thought this year would be idea.

I searched online for a surgeon and looked at many, many reviews in the GTA. I came across Dr. Lawrence Tong, who I saw quite a few people called a "perfectionist" ( to me that is an ideal quality in a plastic surgeon). I had a consultation which was very helpful- he laid everything out for me, showed me the implants, gave me his feedback on which size and I felt no pressure one way or the other. When I left I was fairly sure I wanted to do it but not 100%. After thinking about it, I decided to go ahead and also came back for another consultation. I decided to go with the under chin incision as the idea of a small scar was not an issue for me and the healing time was considered much faster. I wanted to be back at work within a week or so and also there is less risk for nerve damage. We also decided on the XL implant with wings.

I had my procedure done on November 14th. I elected for "twilight" anaesthesia simply because of the price difference. I was told I may wake during the procedure and at that point would be given more but would feel no pain. Surprisingly I never dozed off and was very aware the entire time- however, I can only remember feeling really good. There was no pain and I could hear the Doctor which was surreal. There was one moment where I felt pain in my teeth and made noise and I was quickly given more anaesthesia. To be honest, I was completely ok with the twilight and would do it again. When I was moved into recovery I fell asleep and awoke a few hours later. I was very emotional and cried for no reason but the nurses were wonderful. Dr. Tong even came and saw me before I left which was nice as he applied more bandages because I was so swollen.

I would say I am about 99% healed at this point. I only needed the pain medication for 4 days and afterwards was fine without it. The swelling for the first week was significant and really quite scary. My chin was very square and enlarged and very intense but I knew from other reviews and my surgeon that this was to be expected. After some time, the swelling subsided and at a week I had my bandages removed. I was more nervous after the bandages were removed because I thought my chin was too square and masculine, however, the swelling continued to decrease daily and I think is pretty much done. I think a large part of it is also that your face is different, however slight, and seeing yourself differently after years of looking in the mirror simply takes getting used to.

I am posting before and afters- please be kind! I had no intention of posting photos and these were taken for comparison by me. The befores were done last minute before I left the day before surgery. PLEASE ask any and all questions and I will be happy to share!

Side photo exactly one month post op

Front photo 1 month post op

Slightly Unhappy with Front View of my chin

I have just returned from a Holiday where I took a lot of photos. I am a little bit upset about the results of the photos as the front view of my face is not quite as feminine as I would like. From the side, the results are what I had wanted but from the front I find that my chin is more square than I would like. I am not sure if trimming the wings more would have resulted in more of the aesthetic I would have liked or if it is just me adjusting to my new face. Before my chin implant, when I would smile I would get more of a feminine, pointed chin whereas now it almost widens my face. However, I am hoping that in a few months perhaps this will go away as the implant continues to adjust under my muscle. I think I will post again around the 6+ month mark and see how I feel then. I am not unhappy that I had the procedure done because overall, it is an improvement to my face, but I am slightly concerned about the change in my appearance when I smile.

Front View and Side View with a "Before"

Still struggling with the way my chin looks from the front. However, I am starting to think that if I lose some weight I will lose some of the largeness I am seeing in my face.

Approximately 8 months post op

I am now pretty comfortable with the way my face looks. In some photos, my chin looks a little bit more square or masculine than I would like, but before the surgery I hated ANY profile shots so it is a good trade off and my jaw is definitely more defined with the implant which is definitely pleasing. I think there are other types of chin implants that perhaps would have been better suited to my small face but not a lot I can do about that now! I am getting married in 4 weeks and have lost a few pounds and feel that this has helped with the look of the implant. When my face is a bit more full there is a bit of fat that gathers at each end of the implant that isn't particularly pleasing.

Overall I had a wonderful experience, very little pain or discomfort and quick healing time. It really is true that it takes a lot of time to adjust to the difference- months to be honest! Happy now with the results :)
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You look stunning! I wish there was more before pictures... :) I'm getting mine done in March.
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Oh wow, thank you! I never allowed my profile to be shown in pictures so Im happy I remember to take a couple day of surgery! Good luck with your surgery- its quite an easy process to go through although the full results take quite a few months to look natural ( at least in my case)
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Really? How many months would you say?
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I guess it's different with everyone. Mine looked natural right after surgery and still does.
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For me it was about 4 months. But I lost a bit of weight and found that helped as my implant was a bit square on me- so losing weight helped thing my face out
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Mine was a bit square and took time to settle. I also lost a bit of weight which helped it look more feminine. Perhaps I just wasn't comfortable with it for a few months. Everyone is different- glad you were so happy right away
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Which kind of implant did they use? Was it the extended anatomical chin ? Mostly what they use for women faces.
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I know what you mean though it's crazy we have something in our face! :)
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You stated you got the XL with wings, but the wings were shaved or cut down? If they were cut down why the slightly added width in your frontal view? You look beautiful, btw!
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Hi there! I think you look super lovely, both before and after! The difference in your profile is wonderful!! I have a quick question. i am really seriously considering a chin implant, but am a little concerned with the front view (which is actually what I am mainly worried about) I have an average-somewhat large nose, and a really small chin, and was hoping an implant would make me look more balanced on my frontal view. Do you think it made your nose look a little smaller from the front? It is kind of hard for me to tell, since your nose is already very nice, but sometimes we notice things about ourselves that others do not. Anyways, congrats on your results-you look great :)
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Hi Modesto818- I feel like it balances the face overall. For me it did and I had a small chin and bigger nose. I had a large extended anatomical silicone chin implant. It balanced my face perfectly and gave me definition. Pictures on my profile.
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Hi there. I don't exactly have a "nice" nose. It has a significant bump in it but to be honest I have grown accustomed and don't think i could ever change it- it is the same nose that my father and grandmother has. I have had people ask me in the past if I broke it and I have others tell me it is very victorian and aristocratic which really is not a compliment. I really think a chin implant can very greatly balance a nose though. For me, I am more comfortable with my profile now because of my new chin and I think my nose is no longer an issue although to be honest my nose doesn't really bother me. I very rarely see people who I think would ever need a nose job but a chin implant is such an easy and drastic change that I think a lot of people could benefit from. Honestly, this website is a very positive community and I think maybe posting a photo to get opinions may be helpful. I see a lot of people who get surgery but REALLY look wonderful and are just too hard on themselves.
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I agree, great results! You are beautiful both before and after, but I do like your after frontal view better. We pick ourselves apart way more than other people do, don't we?!
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Yes we do pick ourselves apart way to much! Most people don't even notice half the things we are insecure about.
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thank you…appreciate the feedback very much
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Great results!
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Thank you :)
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honestly hun, you look fab. You are comparing before and after too much, you have a great new chin that looks great! love the new you! :) x
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Thank you for your kind words- You are right, comparing before and after is enough to drive anyone crazy and I need to just be happy with what I have. I am now really used to it and am glad I did it overall.
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so glad to hear that, good news! my operation is tomorrow!! so nervous but excited x :)
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Do you know what size and style implant you have? I get a more square shapes chin over pointy now too. I was totally considering going and getting a diff one with flat wings.
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Im not sure- I just know it was the XL size. Anything smaller would not have adjusted my profile enough so overall I'm happy :)
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You look GORGEOUS!!! Love your side profile! I had chin implant surgery in 1992. So glad I did it! I am 38 now (I was 17 then!) :-)
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