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24 days post op and first shopping trip a success! :)

One week post op and there are really only two...

One week post op and there are really only two things I know for sure: I definitely was not prepared for such a difficult recovery! To be clear I was warned! But I had been through childbirth! Twice! How bad could it be really? Well to be honest, worse than I could have imagined. But I'm 7 days post op which brings me to the second thing I know for sure: it was a hundred percent worth it! For the first time EVER I don't have rolls when I sit. I have a beautiful new belly button that I can't stop looking at. I cannot WAIT until I can stand up and walk straight. Def a drawback! But the anticipation of trying on pants and not worrying if they will cause a muffin top is so exciting! Seriously people it keeps me up at night haha!

Well in summary about me: 36 yr old mom of 2 stunning, wonderful (of course haha) children. Amazing supportive husband. I suffered from an eating disorder for years. I have been in recovery for a long time after my decision to live and get healthy for my family. I have maintained my recovery and struggled with the decision regarding a TT wondering if it would somehow affect that recovery. Honestly what I can say with confidence is that I feel more comfortable in my own skin than I ever have in my life. The TT completed the picture.

I am going to try to commit to updating this weekly... For my benefit, sort of as a journal, and for anyone else who might take something positive away from my experience.

Take care everyone!

looks good!!!
Thanks lady :)
You look awesome! Good for you in your recovery and your decision to have TT you did the right thing!!

Day 9 and I can almost stand up straight! What a...

Day 9 and I can almost stand up straight! What a relief for my back haha!
Only 2 more oxy's left... Hoping Advil mixed with Tylenol will do the trick for the rest of my recovery!
Felt like a normal person yesterday for the first time in over a week. Put makeup on and everything lol. Walked around ikea, had to take lots of breaks but wow who should have thought something so normal could feel so good? Wonder what I'll be able to tackle today? Should really get domestic but I'm just gonna pretend my house isn't the disaster that it is haha. Shopping sounds way more fun!
How'd you get so many drugs? my PS gave me 6 pills! yes only 3 days and I had to take one prior to the surgery! I definately needed a better hook up :) Advil has been enough, really! Good luck on rehab :)
I dunno? I just filled the prescription he gave me haha! Granted I didn't take them consistenly every 4 hours or anything so they probably would not have lasted as long as they did if I had! Advil/Tylenol helps but wow percs really made me feel no pain at all haha! Def don't miss the itch though!
did you do that anarca and the brom...? I wonder if it REALLY makes a difference.

Post op day 12 Changed my username to something a...

Post op day 12
Changed my username to something a bit shorter and less annoying haha.
Muscles feel much better today. My belly is sore still obviously but I don't ache anywhere else at least. Have really gross drainage, looks like chunky bits of fat and worse than that, some of it is coming right from the drain site. Called my PS just waiting for a reply. I don't have a fever and otherwise feel fine so hopefully it's nothing. Just want the drain out more than anything else right now! Maybe then I can start to feel normal again!

Post op day 14 60 cc's yesterday so I just know...

Post op day 14
60 cc's yesterday so I just know this drain is not getting pulled tomorrow. So frustrated! Going back to work Tuesday! I can't go with this thing hanging out of me blah... So need to get back to work and my familiy's normal routine... Guess I'll be using sick leave next week until this life-sucker comes out of me... sigh....

Have been feeling good enough and mostly swell...

Have been feeling good enough and mostly swell free in the mornings (by late afternoon it's a different story eek) that I decided to take myself shopping and really see if and how things changed when it came to clothes fitting me. Prior to the surgery I always felt that my body was somehow deformed. I hated my body. Getting dressed every day felt like a struggle just to find something that didn't make me feel gross and abnormal. Pants never fit right. My waist was the biggest part of me with hardly any hips and scrawny chicken legs. Well even though the last two things are still true haha I don't even care because now I look like a woman... I have the illusion of hips because my waist is so much smaller...I'm scared to say it because I might jinx myself.... But for the first time in my life I have CURVES! The thought almost makes me cry every time haha! Anyway back to shopping... Turns out I am one size smaller now. Not a huge feat to most but to me it was indescribable and exciting because most importantly I didn't have to buy jeans to fit my waist first only to have them be too big on my hips, butt and legs! I have no muffin top! I look like a woman in my jeans and for the first time ever bought a belt because I am ready to show my waistline instead of pulling down my shirts or wearing long sweaters to hide my entire torso... Love LOVE my new clothes... Can't stop looking at them in amazement! Will post pics tomorrow! :)
Awwww that's fab news and well done :) I've come down in clothes a bit and still can't get my head round it. From surgery tops now go over my hips and bum where as before they stopped rested on my hips! From losing my weight I still take in UK 16 and 18's, (I was a size 20 at some points) to try on on because I'm worried that if I try on a smaller size it's like I've been too cocky and I won't be able to get it on. Glad to say I now always have to ask the assistant to get me 12's and I've got the odd size 10 now too! I'm too less swelling in the morning but more so in the afternoon. Can't wait to see your new pictures :) Take care and happy healing. XXX
That is such great news! I know what you mean about feeling cocky! I was so nervous about trying on clothes, my biggest fear was that nothing had changed. Thanks for the encouragement and I'm so happy for you! Size 20 to a 10! Wow!!! That's half your original size! So excited for you!
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