Hello ladies: I have a consultation with a...

Hello ladies:
I have a consultation with a plastic surgeon in the toronto area tomorrow for a brazilian butt lift. Has anyone had one done in the toronto area or planning on doing one? please let me know as I would love to hear from you. I am really nervous about getting this done but I have hated by butt all my life. I have worked out for years but not been able to achieve the shape I want. I contribute this mostly to my genetics. I am single mid thirties with no childern so I figured why not. I dont see myself having any childern in the near future so I am ready to do this for me! Again, love to hear any kind of feedback

Hey there, how did your consultation go? I am in the NYC area so I don't know anything about BBL in Toronto. Good luck!!
Hey ! The consultation went really well. Dr. Jungenburg is the only doctor in Toronto that does this. He seemed very knowledgeable and definitely made me feel like he was gonna achieve the best results based on my body type. Didnt promise me a huge booty which is fine cuz I'm not really looking for that. Have u had one done or going for one ?

Going for surgery in two weeks

Hello ladies.

Jus putting a post out there as my surgery is booked for two weeks. I am extremely nervous. I have been trying to put on some weight and have totally eased off going to the gym. I may jus hit the gym a few times before my surgery just to get my cardiovascular back in check. Anyhow would love to hear from anyone doin this same surgery in the Toronto area.

Take care

bbl in less than a week

Hey ladies
Jus wanted to let everyone know that I will be going for surgery in the next week. I'm nervous as hell mainly for complications post surgery. As I read on tho I see that many ppl feel the same way. In any event I'm having this done in toronto so if anyone is doing the same thing around the same time would love to hear from you

still counting down

Hello ladies
Jus wanted to post somethin today cuz im really nervous. I'm actually in Tampa for the next few days but I go back to toronto Sunday and then sx on Wednesday. Still hopefully that someone will respond to me regarding doing the sx around the same time or even recently in Toronto. I have finally quit smoking although I should have quit a while ago. Gonna go shopping for some stuff today such as granny underwear Maxi dresses and arnica pills? This seems to be what everyone uses! Any how I'm off with the family for shopping look forward to hearing from anyone :(

quick update to fall asleep

Hello all...
still haven't heard from anyone I was kinda hoping to meet someone on here to bond with as my sx is in like 3 days. Well I went to church today and asked god to forgive me for my selfishness but please get me thru safely. .. sure how he's listening... no where in my posts have I mentioned that I broke up with my bf.... he really broke my heart and I still can't seem to get over him. . He never knew that I was goin for sx but sure wish he stuck around cuz I do still love him dearly... Ok gonna shut up now as I'm being a ladies gonna post pre-op soo

pre op pics

Hey guys wanted to post pre op pics I tried to last night but didn't go thru so I'm trying again

sx in 6 hrs

Well ladies the day had nota arrived and I must say I wanna throw up!!! I'm so nervous it's insane...I tried up loading pics the other day but it never worked hopefully when I'm post op I can put both of them up. .. right now I can't even think straight. ...I think it's maybe cuz no one in my family knows cuz if I told them I wouldn't get any support. In any case...I really thought someone would have responded to me by now but guess not. .take care ladies!
Hopefully talk to you during recovery
:0 (

sittin in the office

Well here I am arrived on time. ..waiting to go over pre op stuff with my nurse. ... feel sick to my stomach... guilty.. ashamed and not sure why im doin this sorry but F#$K!!! HOPEFULLY things will feel better soon :(


Hello ladies

Well it's all over now and from what I see so far I am VERY PLEASED. I was hoping to continue to share my journey on real self but it seems as tho no one is really interested. Not sure if its cuz I have no pics? I dunno! Any how would have been nice to share stories and help out those who are nervous like I was. In any case take care all,
I'm so sorry that I didn't see your profile sooner. It must have been really scarry for you going at it without telling your family. But you're through it! You're over the hard part. How you feeling?
Awe thanks for gettin back to me... I'm feeling really good I'm already back to work.. Jus not happy with my results like at all... My dr says that it will apparently "Fluff out" but it seems that that's a pile of you know what according to this site.... I dunno I see some real crazy results ... I did it in Toronto and did so much research on this dr... He's the only one here who does it.... I didn't expect huge dramatic results but sure expected more than this... I dunno what to do at this point ....thanks again for responding tho... Have u had one done before

Poor results

Hey ladies wasn't gonna post again but I'm looking for anyone who did a bbl in Toronto ... Would love to hear from you

You're a week out of surgery? Give it time. I've had two surgeries in the last ten years (not yet a bbl) and it takes time to see your full results. Sometimes it can take up to three months for your new body to shine. Be patient. And chin up!
Ok hun thanks again ill try my best! Do u plan on having a bbl?
Yes I'd like to have a bbl and after looking at some pics, I'm thinking I might get a lift and augmentation to my chest as well. If I'm gonna be out and I'm gonna be in pain may as well do it all at once

bbl in Toronto anyone??

If so love to hear from u
Girl it takes time, im not even focusing on my results right now cuz its going to change. Keep your head up. It will get better
Im hoping it changes but I'm pretty sure changes arent gonna be very noticeable. ..I feel so guilty for even thinking about askin my ps if he does "touch ups"
I am having one in ohio in less than 2weeks. What happened with yours do you have pics

Thinking of round two with salama

I know it's crazy but I didn't come this far to not get what I want .... I'm hoping for march or April 2014.... Anyone doin it the same time ? Would love to split costs!,


As embarrassing and upsetting it we go
Wow, girl yes you need a round two! That doc you went to should be ashamed of himself! Not right at all, sorry hope my comment doesn't hurt or offebd you but now that you posted pics, i fully see why your not happy. Do not go back to your doc again he's not going to deliver you need to come here and get bbl done.
Hey im not offended at all. I know it sucks..the only good thing is the liposuction...totally gonna look into dr.salama for round 2 ..smh..what a waste


Hello ladies!!!! I am actively searching for someone to buddy up with. I have totally made up my mind and have paid a 10% deposit with Dr. Salama. I spoke to Cynthia today and made my deposit. Please in box me or send me a message... I will be travelling alone and paying for nursing care and was told we could split costs if I find someone to share with. Thanks solo much everyone

Oops I mean thanks so much not solo much lol

Hey I'm new on this site and wanted to wish you the best I'm having my surgery in June only because I have to wait until school is out for my daughter
Hello hun! Thanks so much! Def stay in touch! Best of luck to u!

Travel Buddy Needed!! Salama MAY 23RD 2014

Hello ladies!! Was hoping to find a travel buddy/sx buddy. I am goin to Dr. Salama on May 23rd. This is round two for me so I kinda know what to expect. Even if we are not the same date...around the same time would be perfect!!! Not that I am a baller by any means but I know its an expensive sx so I would be will to pick up a little more than half the cost. I just really don't wanna go alone as I am traveling from canada :(( please in box or respond if anyone out there is interested!!!
Thanks ladies!!!
All the best to you beautiful ladies
Yaay!! Hope u get the results ur lookin for
thanks babe !! i hope so too!!
Thanks babe! That was so nice of u! Guess ill be booking my hotel soon

Second guessing my round2 bbl..need advice

Hey ladies... I was hoping to get some feedback from all you ladies of different races and religions. As you may or may not know I had my first BBL done on June 12 2013. Very soon after my sx I realized that it was totally not what i wanted. Having said that, ladies please do your research when it comes to doing a BBL. And its not that my doctor lied to me about giving me what he said he would, i guess I just refused to believe it. Now I know I wanna a big butt period. I definitely look like those chicks on his before and after website who may be very happy with their results but I am not. Im going for the gold. THIS is my deliemma. I have NO kids and Im in my mid 30's :( and the world is asking my WHY?? WHY aren't you married and WHY dont you have kids??? And the truth is it just never happened for me and Ive been ok with it up until now.

Now I feel like I may die never having kids, and then theres this part of me saying WTF are you doing a round 2 for when maybe you should be focusing on finding someone to have childern with. Now ladies please dont get me wrong I love kids and would love to be a mom but I just have never found that person to do it with. My previous relationship of two and half years just ended when I saw him a the hospital with a pregnant woman. When I asked who she was he said it was his soon to be wife. Because I work there I couldnt exactly go off on him cuz I didnt want ppl i work with to see me in that position. Anyhow after going physco on his ass... i find out she was 8 months prego and hes been cheating on her AND me i that good ol double life.. where the signs there .. in hindsight yea they were but at the time i was in the infamous "denial"...just adds to the string of fucked up relationships ive been in ... life must go on is my moto..I chose not to have kids with this man in the first few years we were together cuz I was working on a post graduate degree and wanted to get that finished. as well he told me he wasnt ready for what if i was pregnant .. would he have been faithful to me?? or would we be pregnant at the same time?? who knows .. am I inna better situation now cuz I know his true colors or do all men fuck up at some point or another .. i dunno.. sometimes its like i know he fucked up right.. .but did I too?? should I have just not used birth control pills and let whatever happen happen??
I really need some advice ladies..
I wanna do my round 2 because I feel like ive came this far let me get what I want... and then im like what if i do this I mean if i still wanna have a baby I dont have much time left...and if i do get pregnant like a year after my round 2 will i totally loose all my results...I think alot of it has to do with the fact that I dont look my age.. i still like going out to the clubs i like feeling and looking young .. but the truth is im not lol
I would really like it if you ladies would please gimme some input cuz honeslty .. altho my round 2 with dr. salama is not till may i really need to make my decision here.... do i go thru with this or abandon ship and focus on getting back on the dating scene and looking for that someone who wants to settled down and have kids soon .. or am I still damaged from what just happened and just focus on me and feeling and looking better (which ofcourse includes a bbl lol) I may or may not find someone but I do know that I WILL have sx if thats what i really want...sorry ladies to babble on .. just an emotional basket case right now.. just wanna hear your input

thanks dollz
whatever you decide to do it will be right choice......
Thanks babe!
you are very welcome- warm hugs!!

Still seeking a travel buddy Dr. Salama for May 23rd or around that date!!!

Hello putting my doubts aside and planning on goin full force!! I really would LOVE a travel buddy!!! Please in box me !

so glad Cynthia told me about the recovery house

Hello ladies... so I spoke to Cynthia and spoke of my concerns. She definitely made me feel alot better. Im still worried about the whole pregnancy thing...and ruining my results if I ever doooo get pregnant...but she basically told me that even if I do chose to my results may not be affected if I jus take care of my body and eat well ( lets see how that goes lol) she also told me about a recovery house that I never knew about..this was another major concern as I have been sooo worried about traveling alone. The info she sent mr basically makes me feel like the recovery house has everything I need an more!! I feel sooo much better about goin thru with it !!
I need a travel buddy my date is march 25

Really damn nervous but

I have decided to go ahead and book my flight to Miami for my round 2 bbl with Dr. Salama. I am gonna buy cancellation insurance tho lol. Been looking at the cost for my flight and a direct flight from Toronto is only 400 bucks taxes I figured I minus well do it. It already December and I told myself if I still want a round 2 by jan 2014 then im gonna do it damn it ..
I really need help from some bbl veterans tho. So its like really hard to get all these vadetted and sqeems and waist cinchers in Canada. I did order some from a us site during after my first bbl.. but can u ladies please tell me what the difference is between all these things ?? And when exactly do I use all these things?? What do u ladies recommend I order to take with me. any help would be really appreciated ladies. Thanks sooooo much :)

wish pics

Jus a few wish pics

more pics

Finally I can up load pics from my phone!!!
Hello hunnie!! Yes I will definitely post pics...gonna get on that shortly. ..ive kept my profile without pics cuz it jus depresses me ...BUT as I get closer to my round too Im feeling more confident!! Stay tuned
hi there I was hoping you could post pictures to see your results (before & after) and maybe the surgeon who you went to
Hey I'm going n march 25 to salama If u was going I would have love to buddy up

lipo burns

Ok.. so I read one patients review that got badly burned by Salama and was not treated the best by him afterwards... God bless her and I pray she gets well I am noticing more and more patients getting burned by him and im like wtf??!! Is this just something that started happening? ?? I didn't even know this was possible!! I still haven't booked my ticket and thank god cuz I am not sure I wanna take this risk now!!! Its crazy cuz I called to office and was told this wad caused by not following post op instructions. I read that garments which I was told was part of the post op care is does NOT cause burns. I was also told that due to confidentiality laws dr salama cannot join rs and start defending himself with regards to these patients... I would jus hate to travel from Canada by MYSELF cuz im telling NO ONE ...only to get burned come back home and need skin graftin?!?! Fml!! What the hell would I do!!! Gawd now im sooo confused! ! Anyone else worried about this? ?? Please lemme know
People get burned by the laser when he leaves it too long your skin gets very irritated and dissolves later more likely right after you leave his care and then they say its your fault.. Garments dont cause deep burns only superficial which is what happened to me i have like a brown scar looks like a birthmark n that was caused by my garment if it was second degree where it looks like a bad burn that is definetly their fault.. Good luck everything is a risk
Well that makes perfect sense ugh! !... so basically I won't know if I was burnt or not right away? Like I would need to wait a few days to see ??
Thats right, actually if the burn is really bad ull see it right after surgery or sometimes the nurse will see it n not say anything in some cases , that way u go home and they blame it on u when u got that shit at there care. Its a risk i mean some people are lucky some arent but only 3 out of 10 ppl get brnt wit lipo .


So after all this buzz about getting burnt from lipo... Ive learned what I needed to.
I am armed with this new found knowledge... I have seen patients burnt from all popular surgeon's on this site AND I personally have calculated that doctor Salama has almost double the reviews of any other doctor out there and he STILL doesn't have as many burnt patients as he should according to a mathematical probable break down. Having said that. .IF I do go thru with round 2 then Salama it is...I have looked at so many b4 and after pics on other ps websites and none them compare to this mans work. So seeing as there is a chance of getting burnt from any of theses rather chance it from the one who I know consistently delivers!! Thank u ladies for all ur thoughts!! Happy New year's! !!
I'm scheduled to go to him also but I may back out. I model to pay for school my body is literally my job I can't afford burns. But from all the surgeons he makes amazing vixen bodies and yes he does have a huge load of reviews here. If I were u I'd be very upfront with him and talk about the aggressive lipo. I'd rather have a smaller ass with no burns than huge burns with a huge ass love. Much prayers to you :)
Thanks so much hun!! I am gonna be very upfront about my worries and hopefully I can some how put my mind at ease
Good luck on salama ! He's gonna hook up up with a donk ! Who you went to in tdot?

Round 2 BBL

Hello ladies...
If you have been reading my profile at all its plain to see that I am totally confused about doin round 2. One moment I wanna do it and the next minute I feel like im crazy!!! I just wanna hear from ladies who are goin for or done a round2 bbl. I am scheduled for May 9 2014 and altho it seems far away. .. its been like 7 months since my first round so I guess I am trying to say that time flys!! Does anyone have any advice for me :( or feeling the same way? Would love to hear from you!
I am waiting on my quote from dr. Johnathan fisher at vanity cosmetics. Check him out too! A lot cheaper with the same results and qualifications. Good luck!!
I am gettinga minor revision with salama in march Just lipo not touching This booty it's perfect how it is :) I have to done my research, I trust him I have spoken with him and i am confident he has fixed any issues with burns, though he is not the only surgeon on rs who has had burn issues they just don't speak up as much I think he is the best
I totally agree...I have searched this site inside and out..and there are many ladies who have gotten burned by many different doctors. Ur jus gonna look soooo good. I dont even know what u see needs touching up but hey whatever u gotta do to perfect that boootay!!! Thanks for all ur positive feedback glad to see u back :))

Wanna get pregnant :((

Ok guys so I'm back with my decision making dilemma. So awhile back I posted something about me questioning my round cuz eventually I thought I wanted to get pregnant cuz im like in my late 30's... buttme posted something on my page that said "ur baby daddy/husband will find you" that kinda stuck in my head and I was hoping it was true but in the back of my head I was kinda like "yea right"...well low and behold I THINK it happened but I know its still to early to say for sure...but I do believe we are both in this for the long haul... so ladies wtf do I do...if im gonna have kid I wanna do it sooner than later... but I also know if I dont do this now...and I have a kid ..I may NEVER be able to this again. I just wont have the support. I am scheduled for May9th 2014... do I go through with this now and plan a pregnancy later and risk losing my hour glass shape? ? Or at least TRY to maintain my shape during a pregnancy like 6 months later??? I jus dont know anymore can someone please gimme some advice??
I started my bbl journey, got a sx buddy, starting paying for everything n found out i was prego. Im 33 n my 1 child is 12. Now i was super mad bcus all i could think about was my booty. Lol after having a heart to heart talk with myself. I decided after i have my baby i will have a mommy makeover. I say have ur baby if that is whats in ur heart. Plastic sx aint going no where. just take care of urself during ur pregnancy. N u will hv more fat to get a bigger butt with lol.
Good for you hun, the sx ain't going no where get your baby first
This is such a hard decision...anyways i will be 30 in two years time i hda my son when i was in my second year at uni and my boy is such a handsome boy but if i knew half of the things i know now. i would put myself first and then sounds so selfish but ive learnt my lesson. i choose to get pregnant then have the procedure guess i was wrong. my friend did the procedure and she maintained her results...all you have to do is seat with your doctor have a good chat and express your concerns then make a decision and tell your man....wish you the best of luck doll...we here to support sorry for bragging about my experience

Baby or BBL

I jus wanna thank u ladies for taking the time to read my story and share ur advice. I really dont know what I would do without u guys. Soooo I have been thinkingggg and here is my thought process ... there are a few ladies who have said put off ur sx and focus on bab and I feel like logically that is the right thing to do.... BUT just feel like if I dont do it now I wont get the chance to do it later ... I dont really have a support system as I dont have much family and I kinda dont wanna be worrying about doin this sx after. I wanna be in the best shape of my life. After my sx I wanna really stay healthy and fit and continue this should I get pregnant. Also I jus really want the ass aspect of the bbl. I dont mind if my waste is not tiny after cuz I can work with that. As long as I get the bum I want I am confident I can stay fit post baby. Also I currently moved back home rented out my property for the year which ends in September and I kinda want to be in my own space while pregnant. My mom and sister aren't very understanding people they judge a lot so me being pregnant at home is totally gonna be a mess....the last thing I wanna at least feel this guy out a little longer before I have a kid with him. He is younger than me without kids. As time goes on I feel like he is the one I wanna do this but ladies I REALLY want my bbl in May:(( uggghhhh I have NEVER been so confused in my life!!
Girl get your bbl. heck that sx will haven men fighting over you trust me you will get preggo after the sx when all them dudes checking you out ;) I can tell u really want it. I have literally everyone around telling me not to do sx but hell it's my body I own it!
Lol...I think ur sooo right!! And I think im gonna go thru with it the more I think about the more I feel like it does make more sense to do it first. And ur right girl ppl think we are crazy for wanting this but I think its jealousy for some of them. They wish they had the courage and money to do it too!! I think this is why I haven't told anyone cuz I jus dont want anyone that doesn't understand to get involved! ! And it is ur body girl u wait once u get the sx everyones gonna hate on u!! Go for it girl!!
Hey doll I sent you a private message

Baby or bbl.....

Hello ladies if u have been following my madness u will see that I am a very confused individual when it comes to my round 2 bbl and this is mainly cuz I was supposed to get it right the first time and carry on with my life..but things didn't go the way I wanted then came other relationship bullshit...and my latest ordeal was wondering if it's baby time first cuz now I met this guy who I think may be worthy enuff Lol. So I got caught up in that...posted it on my page got alot of feedback (thank u so much for that ladies) and then outta no where comes a GOD SENT!! So happens she was looking for a buddy to travel from Toronto as well for the same time period!!! I was like wtf?? Like totally got excited and honestly I believe now more than ever this was meant to be. She is totally the reason why I am officially moving forward ladies (cant thank her enuff for reaching out to me) we are booking our condo probably today. To think its only like 4 MONTHS away now. Ive already waited 8 months and my desire to do this has NOT im gonna go for it ladies! I feel really good about my decision and I can't believe how well it's working out. Im gonna be saving a TON compared to goin alone..not to mention now I have a pal as opposed to being all alone and that makes a HUGE difference !! Im so happy with my decision and I am goin to trust and put my faith it God during my journey.
You look good already salama gonna make you stop traffic dangerous
Thanks girl! ! I reallllly hope so!
You gone look awesome, you already have a nice body


Hello ladies...I just thought I would drop a quick line and let u know that cynthia called today and told me dr salama said im a good candidate!! Im super excited and I feel really good about this I think I may gain few more pounds jus to be safe!! Anyways ladies im posting a back pose! This is me after round 1 and gaining about 20lbs since
I wish you the very best of luck love, and every thing happens for a reason, and believe me your ass will only get bigger if and when you have a baby. trust and believe you will be fine. as far as the condo did you use a certain agency or is it Dr. Salama place? i have been looking for trusted renter and really don't know who to trust. Thank you. f.y.i and yes Cynthia is right its how you eat while your pregnant depends on how you gain the weight. xoxoxoxox
I got mine on and booked with the secure rental protection(for 40.00) your rental and money is guaranteed or they refund you like if it's not what was advertised or you get there and have problems
Hey doll. Thank u so much. Like I honestly dont know what I would do with this site. I really am gonna do my level best to have a healthy pregnancy if and when I do get pregnant. As for my rental I asked bigbootytinywaist for her advice and I found a condo on the homeaway website. Before I found a travel buddy I was going to stay at the recovery house because I was travelling alone but the money I am going to save now is crazy. I found a place for 1500 for two weeks and I am splitting that with my buddy. We had to make a secured deposit thru pay pal of like 20% which worked out to about 315 dollars. It is located in a place called sunny isles. My buddy is not going to the same dr so we had to kinda pick a place in the middle this place is apparently 15 mins from dr. Salama. Anyhow sorry to ramble on..if u want more details inbox me and I will send u all the info! ! Take care

does coco butter really work

Hello ladies! Ive that rubbing coco butter on ur butt is supposed to help to stretch the skin to accept more fat...but...I thought pregnant ladies use it so they dont get stretch marks. ..wouldn't that mean it keeps the skin tight?? Any advice would help I really want to do everything for THE BEST outcome! Thanks dolls

a few more wish pics

Loving this kim k pic!! Its crazy I showed this girl at work and she was like "ew her butt is gross!!" Smh ..where the REAL ladies at ??
We have the same date with salama but I'm trying to get one that's a few more days earlier cause of school..good luck will be following your journey :)
Thanks doll!! And I really hope u get the date ur looking for! And if not maybe we will see each other? !?! Lol
Congrats on that it gets rid of stress

three months to go..

Well ladies on may7th I should be in MIA getting ready for my round 2 bbl. I must say I am soooo sick of trying to keep this extra weight on. Its gotten to the point where I don't wanna even look on the mirror :( my bf still has no idea what im gonna be doing and honestly im not gonna tell him till im on the other side (god willing) I think he is gonna carry on about I vain im being so fuck it. ..when it's done im sure hes gonna loovveee that ass!! Anyway ladies I jus wanted to post a little somethin so u guys know where im at !! Take care ladies. Be back soon:))

any happy or unhappy with arm lipo

Cynthia suggested I should do it! Any feedback back on arm lipo ladies? Good or bad

Getting closer to round two!!!

Hello ladies

Well jus checking in im only 78 days away from my round two which is pretty good considering I have been waiting since last June to do this again!!! Its been a crazy decision making process but I must say there hasn't been a day that has gone by with out thinking about it!!! Im pretty excited and cant wait for it!! Back in june 2013 a part of me thought that by this time my life would have totally change and a round 2 would be the furthest thing from my mind but boyyyy was I wrong I still want it soooo bad I can taste it (not literally cuz that's kinda gross Lol) anyhow ladies cant thank u enough for all ur love and support and for sharing all of your experiences with the real self community. Now lastly...I jus have a question. did u ladies that didnt stay at the recovery house travel back and forth to the office after sx? Im thinking that a taxi is the answer but jus putting the question out there... my conod is in sunny isles which say is like 4 miles away from the office...thanks ladies

Getting nervous

I can't believe I'm almost two months away this is crazy as I have been waiting almost a year since having my round 1 bbl. I have to admit I'm pretty nervous and I have my moments where I doubt my decision still and my doc but I know at the end of the day I have thought about this every single day since my first round of bbl ...I'm goin thru with this no matter what!! Take care ladies !!
Im sure you will . Good luck
I think you should have a baby first. Worst thing you dont want to do is get a banging body and then get all sloppy lookn after baby. Ive seen some people get real sloopy. After four kidz i still looked good jus no ass. Good luck. Keep in touch
Hey girl ! Thanks for ur advice but im into deep to change my mind now... I have like 45 days left to go so imma go thru with it ...if I do get pregnant... I promise to try my best to stay fit. I mean u said u did it after FOUR right! Damn congrats girl. Hopefully I can maintain most of it after one ! Take care !

arms lipo'd

Hey ladies... well im getting closer and closer to my day and I have to say im getting kinds nervous now. Im getting worried about post op complications etc. Im also wondering if you ladies think getting arms lipo'd is worth it? My arms aren't my best feature. My skin is a little loose or "soo soft" as ppl say. ..smh.. so im kinda worried about irregularities or deformities post op... jus wondering if any ladies experienced any of this when they did their arms...
Thanks dolls
I had my arms done and I haven't kept track of measurements but I do notice a difference for sure. They are still sore and definitely made lifting myself off bed harder in the beginning but I think it's worth it If that's a problem area for you.
Thanks girl it definitely is a problem area now never used to be but now I just hate my fat arms.. its been ruff gaining weight for the second time around tho... im also kinda worried that he may say I have too much fat and can't do my arms cuz THAT will kill me :( I read a profile on rs that happened to someone now im worried..its so hard to not get to see ur surgeon in person until the day b4 sx .. hope this is not the case ...thanks again doll!!
I had my arms lipo'd wwith my BBl & BA and my arms hurt like hell. It was worth it for me. My bat wings don't hand down as far, lol. I'm not sure how others feel about it or if they 've had good results but I'm pleased with my results. It did take a few days where I had full control of my arms because they hurt so bad. My sister fed me. I refused to let her take me to the bathroom though, lol.

round 2 on its way

Hello ladies just touching base as my date is soon approaching. I am getting so nervous about everything from complications to not getting what i want again!! I know I have to just think positive but i cant help but think omg if i come out of there not getting what i want again its gonna be really rough,,, dont get me wrong im not expecting outrageous results all i want is more projection and i want this belly gone again... i really hope thats not asking for too much... im paying more attention to the ladies that have been in my shoes and didnt get what they want and i am noticing that some ladies say they wish they asked for more. In my case I told my doc the first time that I want as big as possible but from the jump he said he cant go too big but he could gimme a nice shape with nice roundness... he didnt lie to me at all but I guess I still thought I would get more as I looked way bigger than most of his pre op patients..but ladies this was a doc from Canada so he doesnt really get down with big booties,, anyhow I guess what I am taking from that is that I am gonna ask Salama do put in allll the can and then some cuz honestly after the swelling and volume loss almost everyone says they wish they went bigger. whether or not that means that they said not too big or not I dont know but Straight up aint no time for round three!! This is it so as I said earlier Im gonna tell Salama to fill er up !! Whatever he can squeeze in just do it!! exhale....i just hope i get as close as i can to my wish pics !!! keep you ladies posted .... muahh
Thanks so much for the heads up on the discount! I will be purchasing a squeem (:


Hello dolls I just thought I would share this with you because its a great deal esp if ur in Canada cuz this type of wear is hard to find here ,, there is a site called classic shape wear that has some pretty good stuff and I found a coupon code for forty percent off it really works and i just used it to order the vedette 136 that alot of ladies swear by... the coupon code is GET40 and as i said it works but it expires on march 27th which is tomorrow .. so hopefully this helps some ladies out!!
ay girl i c ur from canada so am i ... im from toronto to be specific i just have a ques for ur round 1 did u do any massages when you got back home? if so where did u get them and what is the cost cause i wont be getting all my massages in DR since they're covered by my insurance
Hello hunnie! I didn't get any massages actually. My ps said to do it myslef meh..what did I know:$ anyhow this time I will FOR SURE be getting them done here when I get back. Ill keep u posted if I find anywhere! Goood luck babe. Ill be following my fellow torontonian lol
What sizes are you guys ordering? I would love to get something but am scare that I may be purchasing the wrong size.

times flying now

Ok ladies time is jus flying now. Im really trying to get my mind around this and pray everything goes well and that there are no complications. Shout out to my travel buddy im like a mess compared to her lol shes probably sorry she met me LOL love her tho shes a rock!! Well spoke with justin the driver. For 300 hes gonna take me every where I need to go during my stay. Im cool with that! No worrying about cab fare etc. So thats done. Ordered a few things online ill make a list when im closer to my date!! Take care ladies. Much love. Sorry if there are grammar/spelling errors sitting inna meeting at work lol??
Good luck! :)
Thanks sooo much :o)
Thank u lovely doll for sharing the shape wear coupon deal I got mine ASAP and I saved a lot of money they don't usually have a sale this big and everything is 40% this is great! Thank u naffass

short notice travel buddy??

Hello wonderful ladies. I have come across an unfortunate situation whereby due to unforeseen circumstances my travel buddy cannot come with me at this time. Its totally beyond her control and shes been so amazing regardless im so glad I met her and will continue to harass her with my problems in life cuz shes jus so amazing! !! On the other side of things however. .. I still would love to go thru this experience with a buddy and was hoping someone out there is lookin for the same thing! !! Please lemme know ladies!!
Thanks so much!!

really scared :(

Hello ladies! As I posted a few days ago... my sx Buddy is unable to travel with me :( I am pretty scared to do this all alone now. I don't know if im crazy for wanting to go thru with this traveling from canada all alone? !?! Omg! What the heck will I do for two weeks in Miami all by myself??? Please ladies if u know anyone looking for a sx buddy around the same time pleaseeeee let me know. I have a condo and care giver booked so we can def work something out!!
Thanks so much ladies!!
Youre in good hands hun he is very good. I havent seen your preop pics but some shocking bodies at his office and recovery house. If u have a good caregiver than dont worry about you'll be fine sometimes you heal better on your own
If your condo is in good loc you can go for walks.
Awe! Thanks doll! Perhaps ur right. I think im jus getting really anxious now knowing NO ONE knows im doing this! And im gonna be alone. I am using a lady who worked at the rh house but decided to free lance! Thank god for this site : )) im gonna pray and leave it in God's hands !

so nervous

Well here I am ready to get this done in just 3 short weeks. Im so nervous and scared especially cuz now im traveling alone. I know I will have my care giver to take care of me but the work up is sooo scarey. I was really looking forward to my sx buddy but I certainly don't wanna dwell on that cuz I know shes gonna support me via texting. I did get a response from one doll but im still waiting to hear back from her. If ur out there pleased check ur inbox lol. And if there are any other ladies going to salama in or around may9th please lemme know ! Ladies im soo worried :(

Take care....
Nothin but ?
We're close in sx date! I will definitely follow and after my sx if you have any questions, pm me and I'll be more then happy to answer them =)
Thanks girl!! Can't wait
I'll follow you hun, message me anytime you need to chat with someone. I can inbox you my cell if u want. Is the recovery house out of question? Is it too late? Some people like to heal on their own but if youre really worried maybe that'll be a good option


Well ladies .. .I cant believe that I am soo close !! I am getting so many emotions right now its crazy!! I am trying to think about anything until I get there cuz i know once I get there I will feel alot better being in the office and actually seeing Dr, salama and his team... right now there are so many what ifs in my head ,,,as in what if i dont wake up lol,,, and i dont wanna think like that cuz it makes me sick to my stomach! i pretty much followed the bbl list on line and i really hope i have everything i need ! im pretty sure i am gonna over pack cuz this is jus what we females doooo!!
take care ladies !! keep you all posted!!

I meant to say

I am trying to NOT think about anything until I get there
Do u have any before pics doll?
How super exiting please keep us posted we what to see pics. Good luck to u doll.

how many pounds

Over ur ideal weight should one be? This is my second round so my fat did not not go to my abdomen as much and more so in my arms and thighs but im like 20 lbs over my ideal weight and I dunno if that's too much?! Any help or comments would be appreciated !
Hi Hun :) do you plan to post before pics?
Yes ! For sure I will. I owe my rs sisters at least that for all the ♡ and support ive gotten. Im really excited but I wanna keep calm and not set my expectations too high! I pray for the best possible at outcome! !
Awesome! That's exactly the right perspective on things!! I can tell you want a big ole booty--Round 2's typically deliver on that.....very excited for you hunni :)

Last minute sx buddy

Hello ladies well here I am back again looking for a sx buddy:( I have only 10 days left ... I did get a buddy last week but I think she may not be able to go as well now :( im just seeing if anyone out there needs a buddy. Please lemme know!
Hey girl I just read that ur going to be in M.I.A all by yourself :-( u have my number and I am going to be there on the 18 u can call me any time and I maybe I will see u in the office.
Awe ! Thanks so much girl! ♡♡
If u are 20lbs overweight youre fine, i was too and he got 3500 cc out of me but i sm assuming he couldnt fit more cuz my skin was so tight thats why he gave me 900. So if he could fit it in i could have had an 1700 cc booty.

still gonna remain positive

I'm sorry ladies I know maybe ppl dont wanna hear about lipo burns truss me I thought about choosing to be ignorant about it but I guess the truth is truth and burns are a risk of lipo ...thats the bottom line I jus feel like I need to speak about it on some level. I am scheduled for may 9th I.e next week with Salama. My ? goes out to those ladies who have been victims of this. May God be with u thru ur hardships and ur healing. And thank u for sharing ur journey with us. It really means so much to us!
Hi @nuffass. Congrats & I'll put in a prayer for u. My BBL is scheduled for July 15 with Dr Mendieta. I'm nervous & scared. I too am worried about weight gain. He said I should consider gaining aprox 10 lbs but I don't want to gain too much. Florida only allows 4 liters to be liposuctioned. That's a little over 8lbs. I'm also late 30's with no kids but wants them. Keep me posted. I'm looking at your post even if I don't post.
Hello hotgirl2b ! And thank u for ur support and prayers...always feel like home when u come across someone in the same boat so thank u for that ! And I know the weight gain thing is yet another factor I've been contending with..but with 7 days to go I think the jobs done! Lol...I definitely will keep u posted !! Take care nd imma keep my eye on ur page as well !!
Good luck hun and happy healing. Will definitely keep u in my prayers. This whole thing about people getting burns is scary .Definitely address your concerns with him I will be following a journey good luck honey.

thank u

Even if ive said it a million times before its still not enuff!! Thank u ladies all ur advice comments suggestions mean the world to me! Thats all I gotta say. I wanted to dedicate a post jus to say that!!
How much are they charging you to do your arms?
Im not 100 percent sure yet. Cynthia suggested I do my pre op first and get salama opinion first!
Hey sweetie! I'm sorry you're worried about lipo burns, it's a big concern for me as well but you'll be in my prayers. You're such a kind woman and I genuinely appreciate you sharing your experience the least I can do is pray for your surgery and recovery to go smoothly :)

Can't believe im so close...

Well here is the final count down and man oh man does this feel so crazy. I cant explain exactly what im feeling right now but there are definitely mixed emotions. I really hope I get as close as possible to my goal this time. And im keeping real I don't expect to look like any of those girls in my wish pic but that's why its only a wish lol. But those pics reflect my overall desires!

Take care ladies ... I will continue to post ..stay tuned :)

God will guide the doctor don't worry doll.
Good luck hun :) keep us updated

hellllllo ladies

Sorry I didn't update sooner ..I had limited access to the internet and im from Canada so roaming on my phone is crazy expensive!! Ok so I wanted to update u all and tell u that my recovery is goin really well...the first day I got home from sx I was feeling really well and didn't get much sleep. Yesterday it caught up to me but still not bad. The pain is extremely tolerable for me so I feel good about that. Results seem really good so fat but I honestly promised myself I would not post pics in my blood garment. And plus im really swollen and the shape isn't formed yet... I want to give it some time. DR SALAMA IS AN AMAZING DOC AND I AM BURN FREE!! He told me he gave me 1300 cc's!! He is sooo down to earth. When I met him in person my heart was soooo at ease :)) im so glad I went to him!! And he smelllssss soooo good lol. I wanna say thank u to all u ladies for ur prayers and well wishes it means sooo much to me!! Please lemme know if u have any questions ! I will update soon :)
Which doctor did you have from Canada? I'm from Toronto.
How are you doing
Hey girl im doing well. Totally went mia but I am doing great. love my results still wake up thinking its gonna go away lol. planning on going back to salama to do my arms.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I am pleased to say that I am almost two weeks post op. I had a BBL done with Dr. Salama. I was always sure that he was the doctor for me however when I got to the office and met him I was even more confident. He is an amazing doctor that delivers amazing results and I wouldn't recommend another doctor for this procedure. I also would like to thank the staff at Elite plastic surgery for their outstanding care! I absolutely love my results and cannot believe what Dr. Salama has done to my body

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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