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DONT DO IT!!! I had butt implants done and totally...

DONT DO IT!!! I had butt implants done and totally regret it, stupidest thing ever done. Received blood infection and worst of all received an autoimmune disease two years later got sick from scleroderma. look it up there is huge link between silicon and scleroderma. Silicon is a poisonous chemical that your putting in your body that causes many diseases, the body absorbs that into the blood, very dangerous


Thanks so much for the warning! Did you have silicone implants done by a Dr. in the US? Who was the Dr.? Or did you have loose silicone injections? I am considering both.
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... did you get silicone injections? Just curious how the silicone contained within the lumen of an implant would cause scleroderma.. Did it rupture? Im considering getting this done if the bbl doesnt take. What dr did you go to? Thanks in advance.
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Butt implants are very and the gravity dropps the gluteal muscle and now i got limited scleroderma right after it


Thank you very much for the warning:)
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Who was the doctor? I am getting implants in Toronto. I need to know this is not the same doctor. I'm sorry for what happened to you. Is it any better?
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i am in Toronto too and reasearching doctors...WHO WAS YOUR SURGEON???
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