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I am 32 and for most of mY life I have had big...

I am 32 and for most of mY life I have had big boobs for as long as i can remember. I never thought I would ever get a breast reduction, but I was diagnosed with sciatica approximately two years ago and many physio sessions later the back pain is still severe and starting to affect my right leg. I also have numbness in my right arm...ironically the right boob is the larger one. My doctor brought up the topic of doing a BR a year ago and I dismissed it. I wasn't ready! My change of heart came at the end of November 2013, I went shopping for a Christmas party dress and couldn't find anything that fit right. I broke down, came home and called my family doctor. I had my consultation on January 7th, my pre-op on February 24th and my blood work is booked for MArch 6th and surgery on March 18th. I am so nervous, I have spent hours on this site...I go to bed with you ladies and wake up with you ladies, that's when I actually sleep. I am experiencing so many emotions, but this is necessary. I looked at the size of my ONE bikini this morning which I bought at a store that allows mixIng and matching...the bottom is a size 6 and the top is a size EIGHTEEN. Yup I need this. I have a vacation coming up and will be all too excited to fit in a regular bikini. Just praying all goes well LOL. Promise to add pics later :)


So, today was thee day. Finally got around to taking before pics last night. Will Do a proper update tomorrow. In and out of sleep and experiencing severe nausea, but otherwise I am ok and feel as light as a kite :)
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Best of luck, I'm 2 weeks post op and it's been a wild ride.
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how big is your bra size now? and how much are they saying they are taking? I have many the same issues and fears. I am worried I wont look right or I wont feel comfortable.
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Congratulations, let us know how you are doing
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Thank you...I wrote a pretty detailed update this morning that is not showing up. I am hoping it just needs to be moderated. :( I am doing pretty well surprisingly. I haven't taken any Tylenol 3s today, just regular Advil and Tylenol. The administrator at the surgeon's office called earlier today to see how I was doing and was shocked at how upbeat I sounded. I know I will have good days and not so good days, but right now I am feeling pretty awesome :)
Glad you did ok! Isn't that feeling of being lighter great! I'm 12 days post op and each day gets better :)!happy recovery !!!!

not feeling the greatest

Not feeling great today, I am itchy, burning and tight all around. Guess it is a part of the healing process. On the bright aide my appetite is back and I have been going to the washroom :)


keep moving about a bit but no lifting, pulling or stretching. what sort of dressings do you have on?
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A very clear dressing, not sure what it is called I will ask when I see my PS on Tuesday. I have been moving around quite a bit...maybe too much. Lol

missing my showers

I have been off all kinds of pain meds since Thursday morning. Feeling good for the most part. Today I got tired of laying/sitting around. I made a smoothie, hand washed some dishes, took out the garbage and even did a little dusting. Lol. My surgeon does not want me taking a shower for 10 days and that has been the most stressful thing. Lol. I can only take baths from the waist down. I am wrapped in a clear bandage, looks like cellophane...absolutely can't wait to get it off. As per my surgeon's orders I did not buy a surgical bra. He Told me to just remove the wiring from old bras and use those for atleast the first two weeks. Everyday the gap in the bras get wider, the swelling is definitely going down. The nurse who did my pre-op tests suggested a fruit of the loom bra from Walmart, I will probably grab a few on my way home from my PS visit on Tuesday. I really don't know what I would do without this community. You ladies are awesome!


dont do too much the first 2 weeks are crucial ;)
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Thanks Daniel, I really think I pushed it too much on Saturday. Ran a low grade fever yesterday morning and again this morning. Back to resting :)
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