Going on 19 with I Cups!! Yes I, As in I Can't Believe They're That Big! - Toronto, ON

Hi everyone! I have been looking around here for...

Hi everyone! I have been looking around here for about a year or so and decided it was time to join.
Just a little background on myself to begin. I'll be 19 in July and have had large breasts since I can remember. I don't think I ever had cute little perky boobs like all my friends, the girls just grew and grew FAST. I'm currently fitted into a I32 bra which is impossible to find in stores and the one I have doesn't even fit me comfortably. Having such a large chest has impacted me not only physically but mentally. Being so young I am constantly objectified by boys (I couldn't even call them men) who only want to talk to me in hopes of hooking up due to my chest. Apart from that, it's also super frustrating to try and fit into shirts and dresses and it's extremely depressing going with my best friends into Victoria Secret and watching them pick out cute bras and knowing I'm nowhere close to even fitting into their largest size.
It's probably a little early for me to be making posts but I really want this done. I know I'm very young and my Doctor wants me to wait a year or two but I say why not now? I've lost 30lbs and the girls have not shrunk!! If anything I feel as if they got bigger. I've been going to massage therapy for back/neck/shoulder pain and my RMT agrees that I should try to get it done before my posture and back get any worse.
I am going to my doctor again this week to get a referral and I'm bringing my mama bear for support (lol)! I have been in contact with Dr. Jugenburg's office in Toronto and am considering going to him for this surgery.
I will be posting pictures soon and hopefully updating all you lovely beautiful ladies on the latest part of my journey!


Hey ladies!
I forgot to add last time that I'm 5'1 and around 145lbs and still losing. I was 172lbs at my highest and my boobs didn't shrink at all!
Anyways, last night I went to my doctor and finally got my referral. I'm currently waiting to get a call with an appointment date, I'm excited to hear (should be by tomorrow)
I am going to Dr. Jugenburg in Toronto, I've read great reviews and experiences with him so hopefully my consultation will go well.
Will update as soon as I know more!

Body shot to give you all an idea

Still Waiting on a consultation date...

Hey girls,
there was a miscommunication with my GP and the PS office so I'm still waiting on a date! hopefully I'll find out soon, I'll update.
Have a lovely week!
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Hey! Welcome to the group. I just had my BR done this last monday, and it was the best thing I ever did! As for your dr wanting you to wait a year or two, I agree. Your body is by far not done growing yet. Although your size is very large, the idea of getting the reduction and then growing again and having to have a second reduction just isn't pleasant. Not to mention, the second reduction will most likely hurt worse due to scar tissue. Either way, I am happy you received your referral. That was the third best day for me during this journey.
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Thanks for the input! there's definitely a lot to consider going into a surgery like this (age, size, etc.) so I'll see what the surgeon's opinion is and decide if I'll wait or go ahead with it from there. I'm so glad to hear you're happy with the surgery - happy healing! :)
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That is great I relate to your story I felt the same an have been in the same sitchuation I am now 23 married with one son an I am finally going to the plastic surgent soon to book my date don't wait if you feel that they are bothering u that much then do it I waited an I wish I would have done it soon. I waited saying I was gonna have a baby first so I could breast feed but ended being to big to do it anyhow besides my son not latching. Do it I'm sure it will be worth it. Good luck keep us updated p.s. I am now a 34O at 5'3 an 179lbs could probly weigh less but I don't excirsise because I am self consiouse. Once again good luck
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thanks for sharing! I can't wait until we're both on the other side with smaller girls :)
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