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Hi ladies, I am so grateful to all of you. I am...

Hi ladies, I am so grateful to all of you. I am having breast reduction surgery in 7 weeks. I am currently a 34G, I am 5'4 and I weight 137 lbs. I am very anxious, excited, nervous, I am feeling a ton of emotions. I am wondering if I am going to miss them when they are gone. I am super excited about being able to buy bra's from regular stores instead of specialty stores. Again, thank you all for your posts.

Big Boobie Celebration.

Hi all, so last week I decided as much grief as these big girls have given me over the years, I wanted to celebrate them.

I scheduled a topless boudoir photo shoot. I felt fantastic. It was liberating yet emotional. These boobs have been a part of me for what seems like ever and I wanted to remember them.

I'm 6 weeks away from surgery and I'm starting to get nervous about the recovery. I have a question, have any of you ladies had the procedure without the lipo?? If so how do you feel the shape and size of your breast look? Do you wish now that you had done the lipo?

Can't believe I did it!

Good morning all. I haven't been very active on updating my own journey, but I have been reading your updates and I am very grateful. I was just so nervous about the surgery I really thought I might back out.

So here I am 2 days out of surgery and I am managing. Prior to surgery I was a 34G, I'm hoping I'm a full C small D. The pain isn't nearly as bad as I expected. I've been going 8 hours between pain meds. Yesterday I was told I could take a shower, I took my bra off and removed the dressings and fainted. Thank god my husband was there to help me to the floor softly. I think the shock of the blood and staples really made me queasy. Needless to say I didn't end up having that shower, I will attempt today. I did ask my husband to take a few pics and I'm very happy with the way they look. I didn't need drains and I will be seeing my PS on Wednesday morning. I'm really hoping here moves the staples then. I find them to be very uncomfortable. I will continue to update my progress.

Who would have thought showering would feel so GREAT!

Two days post op and I just had a shower. It felt fantastic, I didn't want to get out!!

Celebrating my girls pre op.

So when I decided to have the BR I thought I might as well celebrate what I have! I'm so glad I did with these boudoir photos!


Wow!! I had no idea how tiring my first venture out of the house would be. I needed to see my family dr, I didn't feel as though the T3's we're doing anything for me. She prescribed me Percocet and the difference is unbelievable. When I got home I got right back in to my PJ's and this is how I will stay until my appt with my PS on Wednesday. Hope you are all well!

Worst day so far :(

Hello beautiful ladies! Hope you are all doing well!
Today has been my worst day so far. I woke up in the most pain I have yet to experience. I've just been so down all day. Crying for no reason. I keep thinking about all of the Christmas fun I am missing out on as I recover. The good news is I'm seeing my PS in the morning to hopefully have the staples removed and not once have I said I wish I hadn't done this. To lift my spirits today I was browsing online at sexy bras and bathing suits I will soon be able to buy! Again, hope you are all well! xo

Staples are finally out!!

So I just got back from my PS follow up appt and everything is healing wonderfully! The nurse removed my staples and I can't believe the relief I already feel! Today is definitely a good day. I am going to relax the rest if the day with so e hot chocolate and Christmas movies. Hope you are all well.

One of those days :(

Hello beautiful ladies, hope you are all well. So today was one of those days. I feel like my comfy fruit of the loom bras shrunk and the bottom of the band was digging in to my incisions. Needless to say I was very uncomfortable. When my husband came home tonight we went to walmart and I bought myself two genie bras, they already feel better! Tomorrow I'm going to start icing. I really feel as though it will help. I was short with my boys today :( I felt awful, they are 5 & 6 and I just want to feel better so I can squeeze and kiss them! I can't wait to feel like a brand new woman for Christmas! I have a hair appt booked for next Friday and a manicure and pedicure, that's sure to give me a lift :D
Here are some photos taken yesterday, the day the PS removed my staples.
Hugs to all!

Starting to feel like me!!

Hello beautiful ladies! I hope you are all well!
I'm starting to feel like myself again! I finally drove for the first time today. I picked my boys up from school, they were very happy to see me!

Sleeping still isn't great, but in time it will come. I've been having the "zingers" and omg they feel weird, I almost want to itch! I have feeling in my right nipple, but not in my left. I'm finding that I'm still very swollen under my arms, I've been icing and it's feeling wonderful. This has been such a positive experience for me! I am so happy I did it!

These photos were taken last night. I'm happy with the way I'm healing.

4 Months Post Op.

Hello Beautiful Ladies,

I haven't posted forever, I did however see my Surgeon yesterday for a check up and he was very impressed at how fast my scars are maturing. He had suggested I use silicone healing sheets at the beginning of January I did and I can't say enough about them. They were fantastic.

Overall I had a wonderful experience. My Dr. and his staff were all amazing. I contemplated this surgery for many years prior to making my decision and looking back I wish I had done it sooner. I am so happy with the results. I no longer have back pain or shoulder indentations, I can wear what I want, I can bathing suit shop anywhere, I can bra shop anywhere. I am much more confident, I don't feel like my boobs get more attention than I.

To any one contemplating this surgery, it truly is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

I wish you all the very best pre op and post op.

Happy Easter!
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you look great and I can't see any scarring in your pics
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you look really good. who was your doctor I am going to embark on this journey as well.. i Live in brampton so nervous!! COngratss
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Hey, thank you. I'm so happy with how my girls turned out! I really have to update my pics and progress. Dr. Cory Goldberg was my surgeon. He's near sherway gardens. He was an awesome doctor and had a fabulous staff. I highly recommend him! Good luck with your surgery, I was super nervous to, but I don't regret it for anything!!! I feel fantastic!
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thank you so much. :) :)
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You look fabulous! Did you find out how much was removed? My surgery is scheduled for Friday and I'm trying to decide how much to take off.
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Thank you! I'm really happy with the outcome. My surgeon took 650 grams off of the left and almost 700 grams off of the right. Good luck with your surgery Friday! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
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Should have been put in a compression bra for 3 -4 weeks not a geni bra?
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Hi there, thank you for your comment. I was never told to use a compression bra, my PS said a sports bra or a reasonable fact similar, the genie bra is quite tight and I am very comfortable in it.
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carykwcorrell, each surgery is individual as is the recommendation from the surgeon. Not every surgeon uses or recommends compression bras. Some use/suggest soft, non-irritating bras like the genie bra. Never feel as if something is wrong if your surgeon does things different than another one. I don't know there's a right or wrong way. I trust they do things differently based on the specific method used for the individual surgery :-)
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Very well said! Thank you again Jenny!
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Glad you are feeling like yourself again :-)
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Thank you Jenny!
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Phew!! So glad those staples are out - I can imagine the relief. Sounds like a great plan for the rest of the day!
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Was such a relief! I can't wait to take a picture with them totally bare!
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interesting.. my surgeon said ice for the first 24 hrs straight.. which I did & I am not really needing any ain medication at all. Tylenol for discomfort.. ha ha I am not any more comfortable! I am icing a lot.. several times a day feels great.. I am just using small bags of frozen peas.. they work great!
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Thank you! Good to know. My surgeon never once mentioned it. But hey it's ice, what harm can it do lol. I think now that I have the staples out I may start to ice them a few times a day. I can only imagine how great it feels!
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Just an FYI that every surgeon is different. Some say no icing because they feel it restricts/constricts/inhibits proper circulation to the area. I'm no expert, obviously, just passing along what some surgeons have said.
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Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated!
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May I ask the surgeon you used. I'm looking to have a reduction and a tummy tuck. Thanks and congrats!
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Dr. Cory Goldberg was my surgeon! He's wonderful and has a wonderful staff! I am so happy I chose him!
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Read so many reviews where days 4 - 6 are harder than 1 - 3 , you will get through this. Spoil yourself, chocolate is good!
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Peediewife, thank you so much! I am stay positive I know I will get through this! It's funny you say to spoil myself, I have my PS appt today and I'm making my husband stop for breakfast after and I'm also stopping to buy my favourite lip balm. On any ordinary day it wouldn't be a big deal, but today and how I'm feeling it's really gonna make me smile lol. Hugs
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What a difference a day makes! Enjoy the hot chocolate!
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Sorry for your pain. I should not say but I think it is disgraceful that your surgeon used staples. I really hope they are removed tomorrow and you are taped. I am sure they must add to the pain and discomfort which is bad enough. Hope you can stay cheerful - good luck tomorrow.
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Thank you. I wish he had warned me about the staples. When I removed the dressings for the first time my husband looked shocked and he said babe you have staples. I wish I had been given the choice. I know I had a lot of skin. At one time in my life I was 205lbs and I've dropped 70 lbs so yes I had lots of skin and I was told it would be more than the lollipop incision. I just wish I had been prepared. I'm going to ask him tomorrow why he used staples. I will update! Thank you for the kind words!
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