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I have always been big chested, i started...

I have always been big chested, i started developing at an early age and by 14 i was a D cup. Fast forward to 40 and I'm was now a 32 J or 30 HH cup, with back pain, bruises around my rib cage and awful rashes under my boobs . I really thought that this was my cross to bear but a new girlfriend of mine noticed how small i actually was one day we were at the gym and admitting that she had a breast reduction done a couple of years ago and that i should really consider having it done as it changed her life.
So i got my GP to refer me to my friend's surgeon and at my consultation she said that based on my symptoms i had a good chance of getting the surgery approved on my provincial health care. My surgeon was very nice, knowledgeable and answered all my questions.
I had my procedure on March 3rd, my surgery started at 12 noon and i was in recovery at 3:30pm. When i woke up i felt the pain in my chest instantly but the nurse immediately asked me on a scale of 1 - 10 how bad was my pain, I said 5 and they increased my morphine and within a few minutes i felt comfortable.
I stayed in recovery until 8pm and was discharged home at 8:30. I felt a bit nauseous and was very very sleepy and tired. I was given a scripe for percocet which i had to take 1 every 4hrs or 2 every 6hrs. My doctor had also put a local anaesthetic. I got home and went straight to sleep and stayed in and out of sleep until wednesday morning when i had my follow up appt with the surgeon and drains removed.
Emptying the drains wasnt that bad at all, my cousin did it for me 3 times a day and measured how much was drained from each side each time.
Wednesday was the first time i saw my boobs and i was a bit queasy about seeing the state of them and but all of the wounds were dry and i couldnt really see the incisions under the surgical tape. The prospect of removing the drains was freaking me out as i had heard so many horror stories about how it hurt, but it didn't hurt that much at all.
On Thursday i was allowed a bath and i washed my boobs gently with dial anti bacterial soap (i stood facing away from the shower and let the water fall over my shoulders) then i pat dry put new gauze and my padding and my old bra.

Its day five and i have very little pain if any at all, i still have feeling my nipples and i've taken a couple of after pics which i will post as soon as possible! i'm a bit too tired to figure it out right now lol . so far i don't regret making this decision at all. The only downside is the extreme tiredness which i'm sure will go away soon.

Before pic



Bruises around my rib cage


What a big difference. You now look all in proportion.
Thank you! I keep on looking at myself in the mirror and I'm so happy. When my tape comes off I will take more pics of the scars which I haven't actually seen much of yet.
Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing your journey with us.  You are going to feel a little tired for about the first month but this will ease up.  

Day 8 post op

I actually feel amazing today. No pain meds Tylenol or otherwise. I don't feel that tired today and actually ran some errands around my neighborhood for an hour. Which is great because up until this past weekend I got tired just eating lol! I'm really happy will the look of my scars from what I can see and will take pics of once more of my surgical tape comes off.

Day 8 post op

The pic in the vest is without a bra or medical padding
looking great

2 weeks post

2 wks post

You are looking great :-)
all looking healthy and a great shape!
Congrats! You look great and look like you are healing beautifully.

Hard day today

Today was a hard day:( woke up with left breast bruised and swollen and painful to the touch.

Checked my incisions and there is no sign of infection but of course my mind is running away with me! I took some strong painkillers and slept this afternoon so I'm hoping the bruising and soreness goes down.
chances are you slept awkwardly and crushed your boob a bit. just take it easy and use bromelian to reduce swelling
Hang in there. You are looking great. Days 15/16-24 I seemed to have more discomfort, and have read this is quite common. I think we are over the initial pain/discomfort from surgery and start to be more active even if we don't realize it. Take it easy, rest as much as you can, and try not to overdo it. You will start feeling better soon.
i bet the clue is in "woke up". you probably squashed it a bit in your sleep without realising. it is early days so take it easy.

8 weeks post

I had my final post op appt with my PS and all is healing well. I can start doing my regular exercises again and I'm happy about that because I think I've gained a little weight since the surgery.

My only complaint is that I wish I had been reduced to a smaller size ( I went from 32j /32HH to a D). From looking at all the comments it seems that this is a common complaint. I had visions of perky c cups lol!

Both breast have softened up considerably and they have both dropped . I'm able to sleep on my side and stomach again and the zingers are almost non existent (almost). The scars itch like crazy and the scars on the left breast are raised and not a neat as the scars on the right, because of this my PS says I need to put the silicon tape for the rest of the year. For all the ladies considering this I can honestly say that this was such a great decision for me. I am happy with the look of my breasts, no more neck and back pain and my clothes fit so much better. The scars are so secondary and not as gruesome as we think. For me the pros definitely out weighted the cons!!

Before and after

stunning result, very few people can be made a c or d cup i think due to the width of the breast root and safety issues around maintaining blood and nerve supplies. I am working on loving my dd's and may get down to a d by further weight loss.
Very true - which is why a lot of us end up as DD's. I think in my case it is definitely the width of the bottom of my breasts - and a lot of us who were larger to begin with have this problem.
Thanks Peediewife! My PS said as much, due to the shape of the breast she could not have gone any smaller without me getting an odd shape. She thinks i'm a D/DD and my heart did drop a little when she said it. I'm hoping to get a bit smaller now that i can get back to exercising.. That said, i love the way they look!!
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