Asymmetry; Lift + 425cc Saline augmentation - Toronto, ON

I am a 24 year old student, no children or weight...

I am a 24 year old student, no children or weight fluctuations, who has been saving for this for years. I've been the same size and shape since I was 14 (34C), and the asymmetry and large areola size have been extremely upsetting for me. I'm supposed to be in the prime of my life, and I've never had a chest I could be even somewhat okay with. I don't mind the look of my breasts in a bra, but when I get undressed to take a shower, I don't want to run past the mirror to make sure I can't see myself naked anymore. It has definitely hindered me in relationships and also personal life satisfaction, so it's time to do something about it.

After consulting with 3 surgeons I decided to book my surgery with Dr. Jugenburg in the end of July. The actual size of my breasts is fine for me, but if I only got a lift, I would still be asymmetrical as my right breast (the pictures are taken reversely) is approximately 75cc's larger than the left. My breasts are also very bottom-heavy, so I was told implants will also give me upper pole roundness/shape (thoughts anyone?) Two of the surgeons I consulted with recommended a reduction in the larger R breast before the lift/implants, so I will be getting a R breast reduction (to match the left), a lollipop incision lift on both breasts, and saline implants on both breasts.

I went back and forth on saline vs. silicone, and decided on saline. I was told that since I have a lot of breast tissue/thick skin already, I won't be able to feel the implants anyway by touch and rippling shouldn't show through as much. Cost was a big factor for me as well. But overall I just remind myself that the closest to breast symmetry is my main goal, and saline allows him to try to match them as much as possible in the operating room. Picking 2 different sized implants if I wanted silicone scares the crap out of me. I hope I made the right decision!

I am terrified of doing a lift and augmentation at the same time. I understand they are two opposing forces, and I've seen some horror stories of healing after doing both at the same time. If I had the money and time to do them separately, I most certainly would, but it is not an option for me. If anyone has undergone both procedures together, any words of wisdom would be appreciated!

Also, I have NO idea what size to pick for the implants. I'm actually fond of naturally small, perky boobs, but I've never had those and I think they'd look odd on my shape. So I'm opting for going bigger, hoping to get some of that upper-pole roundness (thoughts?). Without the sag I don't mind the size of my R breast, but as it will be reduced I need to try to guess what size is right to make me just a little bigger than my natural R breast size. I know the lift will also affect the shape/size as well, and I know they look smaller once they're in. For a long time I was just going to get a R reduction and lift, but I would still dislike the shape of my breast so for the extra couple thousand dollars I think implants are worth it in hopes of rounder shape. But I also need to consider that the bigger the implant, the more it'll affect my lift/healing/areola which is my primary concern so I'm tempted to go smaller... I have went to 2 sizing appointments at different clinics, and I'm all over the place. I'm thinking somewhere between 300-350cc moderate to moderate-high profile, but I don't know what will give me the closest to the wish pic? I honestly have no clue and would appreciate any input! (I have my final sizing appointment 2 weeks before my surgery, so I'll need to decide by then!)

I'll update after that appointment, but overall I'm super nervous. I'm not familiar with anyone who's had cosmetic surgery before, and the internet is only so helpful. Any insight is appreciated :)

Sizing appointment

Went for another sizing appointment, decided on 425cc (ish) high profile in both breasts since the R breast will be reduced to match the size of the L breast. Still happy with the saline decision so he can have most control over trying to reduce asymmetry in the OR. I'm nervous they may look too big or protrude too far, but I have wide shoulders and hips so I think it'll balance out? But I'm only 5'2. Also the base of the HP at that size is actually quite wide and seems to fit my frame, so fingers crossed!

Operation day/Day 1

I'm so grateful I got an early appointment (arrival 7:30, surgery 9:30am). The hotel did not have a room available until 2pm - have the person staying with you BE PERSISTENT! I managed to somehow get a room before the person who's surgery was before mine, and I'm sure it had something to do with the fact that the person I was staying with sat in the lobby for 6 hours watching them, and checked in all the time to ask about a room.

If any of you are looking for a play-by-play, here's how pre-op went:
-Kim double checks your medical information, takes weight and blood pressure, etc. She checked in on me and brought me a magazine since I had to wait alone for an hour which was nice; you are in good hands with this team.
-Dr. J re-takes two sets of photos, measurements, and draws his references on you
-I asked him if I could re-show him my wish pics just to remind him prior to surgery, and he said this is helpful, so I'd recommend having them on your phone or on your body when you go into pre-op. I told him I trusted him to pick a size proportionate to me in the OR, and reminded him that the lift and areola size were most important to me rather than the sizing, so any incisions he had to make to help me reach my main goals were fine.
-Met with the anesthesiologist, asked questions
-Went into the OR, met the nurses/assistant surgeon; strapped down, put on a drip, and sedated
-Procedure took approximately 2.5 hours (from what I remember), I was in recovery for about 45 minutes. They gave me percs and I threw them up immediately even though I hadn't been feeling nautious. They told me to start my antibiotics the next day instead of immediately back in the room because they didn't want me to throw them up. I threw up again once I got back into the hotel room; for the consideration of everyone, make sure to put the plastic laundry bag in the closet in the garbage can as they're not lined :)

Wheeled into the hotel room, luckily got 2 double beds (some people had to take a single king due to availability). I was pretty awake for a few hours after, no real pain (still coming off the drip), had some family visit me from out of town. It's amazing how everything changes within a few hours; by the evening the soreness came on, and I couldn't close the bathroom door on my own. I watched a few hours of TV and slept. I kept on top of my pain meds because it's easier to stay with them than to feel too much pain and try to catch up to it. I needed help from sitting to standing (have your supporter put their hand between your shoulderblades and push you up, not pull on your arms), and I couldn't close the bathroom door.

For Canadians out there, I wanted the donut-shaped ice packs for my breasts but surgery websites were charging $50 for them. All the reviews I read on this site were American and it seems like there's lots of places there that offered them, so I checked the same stores here. I checked Shoppers, Target, and Babies R Us pre-op and couldn't find anything - but then the Superstore! Seriously, go to the grocery store, they had a kit for $13.99 that has breast-shaped heat/cool packs and fabric casings so it doesn't stick to the skin, a bunch of underboob absorbant gauze pads, and then of course a journal and such intended for nursing mothers. There's no real research that shows icing does anything, but it's more of a comfort thing; my breasts are warm to the touch and I look forward to icing. I drank some ginger ale and ate a plain pretzel bagel which I kept down just fine, I'd recommend having crackers or pretzels or something easy in the room you can eat with your meds even if you don't feel that hungry.

I'm very sore but not really in pain, if that makes sense. My boobs are so swollen and warm but I really do love them so far! I'm so anxious to see the scars and size of my areola, but bandages can't come off until next week. I'm also excited for them to get softer and drop, because I was nervous that I have a wide sternum and I don't want them to look like two perfect circular balloons stuck to my chest and fake which they kinda do right now lol. But I know so much can change over the next 6 months. Of course one looks bigger than the other, they're high up and kind of square shaped, but seeing all the reviews and pics here helped me to expect all this :) That's why I wanted to pay it forward with my own, I hope this helps someone a little bit!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

It seems like a small thing, but the fact that he showed me full attention when I was asking questions was why I chose him. I am now very confident in my choice, especially after meeting with 2 other surgeons. He also didn't try to convince me that there was nothing wrong with my left breast as another surgeon had done, so I didn't feel judged. It also seems like he is competent with breast lift techniques (vertical sling) and as this is my main concern, it appealed to me. I've had some administrative issues with the clinic that are concerning to me (no one replying to e-mails, when I've left messages or canceled appointments they have not called back or canceled as per my message, incorrect cost quotes, them being 1-3 hours late for EVERY appointment I've had so far), so it hasn't been the most professional experience on that side of things. Also at my last appointment Dr. J noticed that they had ordered silicone implants for me when I had never considered silicone due to cost, so I'm extremely lucky I had made another appointment just before surgery and he double-checked or I would have had to cancel my surgery the day of as I cannot postpone my time off.

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Good luck on your journey!
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I had both done. I love my results. On this site you can post your pic, and ask advice and Dr.s from all over with give you their opinion. It's very nice. It made me feel like I was making good choices for me. I mean...where else can you get mini consultations from Beverly Hills and Manhattan PS's for free?
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I am 29 with asymmetry and weight gain due to medication side effects, when I was about 25 my only issue was asymmetry now I have to worry about reduction/lift and maybe implants. I have to do a whole new set of research and consult with surgeons the whole process is overwhelming sometimes I don't even know what questions to ask with this new journey. I am glad I read your story I don't feel so alone.
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I just had a Lift, implants, reduction and more. Maybe my profile will help you out so here it is.
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I just had both a lift and implants during the same surgery. I am now about 6.5 weeks post op and just wanted to tell you that I had a wonderful experience. I believe it was a smart decision to have both done at the same time. Why go through 2 surgeries when you it can be done in 1. Anyhow, I took the advice of my doctor. My implants were fairly small at 286cc. These brought be from a 36B to a 36C. I haven't had any issues with healing. I think if you make smart decisions when it comes to choosing the implants that you will be okay. I wanted realistic looking breasts and that exactly what I got. You seem to be unsure of many things and I hope you chosen a doctor who will truly listen to you, answer you thoroughly and guide in the right direction. You are paying a lot of money and its not just for the surgery. You need guidance before and after the surgery so make sure you speak up. Best of luck!!!
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Thank you so much for your reply! It seems like you had a really abnormally amazing experience, but these are also important to read as well as the horror stores haha :) Fingers crossed I have an experience like yours. Good to know that that cc size increased you one cup, it helps me imagine what 350 would do to me after the reduction (I'd probably stay around the same cup size but better shape, which I would be happy with). Thanks again!
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I'm glad you found my info helpful. Although you aren't in my area, I highly suggest you visit my doctors website so you can at least see his approach to things or just for ideas.
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