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I have wanted breast implants for many years....

I have wanted breast implants for many years. Unlike some, I didn't just want larger breasts (I had enough to work with naturally), I wanted fake breasts. I wanted symmetrical breasts. I wanted something to be proud of. My journey began many years ago, at the age of 21. I went to my first consult. Thankfully it wasn't the right time in my life to do it, I don't think I would have made the right choices and I didn't have enough info. Fast forward to the age of 27. After a marriage, 2 more kids, and having a solid position in my line of work, it was time! One random night I said to my husband 'I think i'm going to get those boobs I've always wanted'. The search for the perfect doctor was on! I ended up seeing 3 more board certified surgeons in person, and one through an online consultation. From the moment I saw Dr. Jugenburgs webpage, I felt the excitement kick in. He had a great deal of information on there, as well as talking about how to get the 'fake look' compared to the natural look. I was looking for the fake look, and most other surgeons focused on talking about how natural they can make you look. I understand that this is, for the most part, what women are looking for, but there are plenty of us out there looking for something a little more.... obvious ;) Other surgeons had talked about giving me 450cc to achieve the look I wanted, but I knew from my extensive research that this wasn't what I wanted. BIGGER PLEASE! When I walked into the Toronto cosmetic surgery institute, I knew this was my place. I got to meet with Grace, kim, and Dr Jugenburg. The first thing Dr jugenburg said to me is 'my nurse tells me you want to look good naked!' Yes! Finally someone who understands! The reason this made me happy was because before augmentation, I had some pretty severe asymmetry. My right side was significantly larger and more saggy. Other doctors had discussed many courses of action from using a larger implant on one side (even though my right would still hang lower) to using the same sized implant on both, and just accepting the difference. Both said 'well, they will still look great it a shirt!' That's great, but this is for myself and my husband, and we see them without a shirt! So when Dr J said that, I was so happy to finally be able to get my point across. To achieve this, I would have to get the ever elusive one sided lift. It is so hard to find info and pics online about this, I believe it is not too common to have the lollipop lift on one side. But if I ever decided to share my before pics on here, you will understand why it was very necessary for me! But anyways, to make a long story...a little less long haha... I had to put my trust in Dr J, and I did just that. He was the first doctor who let me outright choose the size I wanted, and didn't try and push for anything else. Others said the size I wanted would be too large for me and I wouldn't be happy. Here I am, 4 weeks post op, and LOVING every cc of them! I chose saline for many different reasons, but one of the main ones was because they can be adjusted to the exact size in the OR, and after the lift it would be easier to do it this way. I am SO happy I went with this, I ended up with 660ccL/600ccR, and they are amazing! Looking at the before and afters, the difference is phenomenal. The incisions look almost non existent, even on the lift side. I have seen many lift scars in my many years of research, and at 4 weeks PO these look better than most of the year old scars on some women. They are almost skin colour! As for the size, I don't think I could have picked better! In a black shirt they can look big but played down, not a noticeable augmented look, but in a fitted low cut shirt......HELLO BOOBS! If I had of went with some of the other sizes that were picked for me by the other doctors, I would have undoubtedly been disappointed. I know that for an absolute fact. Dr Jugenburg was more than happy to let me make my own choices, he is one of those doctors that understands that no one knows what you want better than YOU. With the things I didn't understand, he was more than happy to explain or make suggestions, but in the end the choice was mine, and I believe I made the right ones in all aspects. I cannot thank the TTC enough for being flexible with everything (I live about an hour away in a rush hour traffic area, so appointment times were important!), for explaining every little detail that I had random questions about, and for being an all around amazing group. And a special thanks to kim for calming all my late night fears and walking me through this process and into an amazing recovery, and to Grace for holding my hand at surgery time and telling me everything would be OK as I drifted off into a happy sleep. And of course to Dr Jugenburg and his magic hands and flawless incision lines! When you find a surgeon you are comfortable with, the journey becomes more like a relaxing stroll, it's always easier when someone is there to walk with you.

*As I side note, if anyone has been recommended a one sided lift and has questions, i'd be more than happy to help. I know how hard it can be to find info about this online!

crease incision

I am finally going for a spray tan tomorrow! But before I do, I will post the crease incision. This is me, at my most pale. My stretch marks and scars show the worst when I am this shade. When I first took off the tape, I was prepared for a thick red line against my whiter than usual skin. The tape came off and I panicked!!! There was nothing there, so the incision must be further up. Since I can no longer see the underside of my boobs, I had to poke around. I found nothing further up. I went back to the area where the tape came off, and gave it a poke. It felt slightly tender, so there must be something there. I was in my bedroom at the time with only a lamp on, so I ran into the bathroom. I saw something that resembled a cat scratch. The smallest, cleanest looking cut I have ever seen. My husband was following me around at this point saying 'that cant be it, can it?'

Yep, that was it. This is it. 4 weeks post op and this is it. Maybe it will stretch out over time, or maybe it wont? Who knows. But at this point it is laughable and I have gave myself worse scars from corners of cupboards.
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Amazing surgeon! Let me choose the size I wanted, and gave me the results I was looking for! Incisions look amazing, and the healing process was very good! Promised a little, delivered a TON! I also only ended up with one tiny bruise, and I tend to bruise from pretty much anything! 3 1/2 weeks PO and I was back to bartending like nothing ever happened!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Lovely results!
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Ahhh u posted your review:)! You look great!
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Yes!! I got my tape off and got to see them in their full glory, so it was time haha! I changed profiles though because I had the pre op pic floating around, and i'm not ready to connect the old sad boobs with the new ones yet XD I got to start my massages too! The incisions have all healed so its time! Although I AM going to miss this awesome upper pole action. Its necessary though, I naturally have lower breasts and nipples so keeping them this high just wont look normal lol. They move great now though so i'm going to try and make sure they don't drop too much ;) How are you doing? Getting back to your old self?
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Thats awesome. This month has felt like forever though lol I'm doing good so far :)I still get sore though here and there. I want to reach the 6wk mark already so hopefully i'm 110% back to my old self lol
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I felt the exact same until work hit. Now time is flying by again. I miss just lounging in bed sometimes! Now it's just back pain from doing nothing for so long, and jumping back in to work head on. I still do a whole bunch of nothing in my spare time though lol. I am totally still jealous of your awesome bra pics XD I got the OK to get some different bras now, but since I wasn't doing the massages for 4 weeks, i'm still riding high so there is no point in getting new ones until they drop (other than sports bras). I tried on one of my old bras today, from before I lost the last 30lbs from the pregnancies, and it somewhat covered my nipples haha. I just wanted to see what they would look like in a normal bra! I have a feeling once they drop, that bra size is going to jump from 32C to 32WTF.
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I have back pain almost everday. My friend who got implants 2yrs ago says she still has back pain!! Horrid. I still havent gone to see Dr. J for my 4wk post op. My appt is tomorrow but my babysitter cancelled on me so im not sure if i can make it or not :( i live pretty far from his clinic n take the subway...ive nvr done that with a stroller lol
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Congratulations- glad you're happy. You look amazing! I had BA with Dr.J a week ago and am so far thrilled with the results. Where did you get your incision?
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Thanks darling! I ended up with a crease incision on the left side, and the lollipop on the right (so the implant went in through the lift cuts). I was honestly terrified about having two different scar areas but at only 4 weeks PO, they already look fantastic. I posted pics of them on another site and the girls were pretty amazed haha. I'm going to add a few on here in a few days. I just got the tape taken off a couple days ago, and had some undissolved stitches that left a few red marks so i'm going to wait until they fully clear up. Even after 24 hours they were almost invisible! How are you feeling right now? I remember the 7 day mark was probably the worst for me. I still didn't have full movement but I wasn't as drugged up anymore so I was sad that I couldn't do everything I could do before. If it makes you feel any better, i'm one month PO and I'm pretty much back to my old self. Even after a large implant under a small chest muscle haha. And I work in two pretty fast paced bars, so i'm glad to still be able to do everything I need to!
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I'm actually feeling really good- & notice that each day gets better. I found the first few days challenging, which is to be expected. After day 5 things started to go up. I'm still very tight, sitting high (although Ive noticed slight changes as the days pass)& find that I have this constant dull pain in my left arm whenever I extend it. Im hoping that will resolve itself. Ive taken the past 8days completely off but will be going back to work come Monday, so we'll see how that goes! & Im not really looking forward to wearing the surgical bra& straps for the next few weeks but I guess c'est la vie...
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Ya I had a bunch of random aches and pains as well. The worst for me was the first few nights back to work. My back was KILLING me. I thought it was from the added weight but quickly realized it was from being a lazy butt for 3 weeks, when i'm usually insanely active at work all the time. I got lucky for the most part, I hear a ton of girls talking about random aches pains and muscle issues for months after. For me, it seems like once something heals, it heals, and no more issues come up. As for the surgical bra, I honestly still wear it sometimes haha. It seems so bad at first, but I quickly realized it was the most comfortable thing to wear at night! But ya, not the most attractive thing during the day XD Dr Jugenburg threw my strap out for me at my 4 week PO. It was such a relief!
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Im reading this now, as my back is killing me!! Yesterday (day 10) I noticed for the first time my back was aching and as I was moving throughout the day it kept getting worse and worse! I also assumed it was the added weight (which may be a little factor) but you're right, Its probably because Im not moving it as much as I did before.. It almost feels like I need a really good stretch to help it... As for the bra, I've been wearing it 24/7 but just been taking the top strap off if I have somewhere to go.... then as soon as I get back home it goes back on. I figured a few hour break here and there wouldn't be THAT bad.
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