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I got 350cc submuscular, silicone implants in 2006...

I got 350cc submuscular, silicone implants in 2006. I began to have fibromyalgia, flulike, symptoms off and on, in 2011. It didn't occur to me that my implants might have anything to do with it, but I googled hair loss and breast implants, and sure enough: it's a thing! So I kept looking and I have a lot of the symptoms, all of which I was writing off as being caused by other things.
Looked long and hard for a Doctor near me who would take explant with capsulectomy seriously, but couldn't find any, so I booked with LuJean Feng in Cleveland, and then realized that there's a Dr. in Toronto, Petra Schiller, who will do capsulectomy. So I met with her yesterday and my surgery's booked for May 14. I can hardly wait.

Look at your pictures as a light to guide other women through the dark. They really help.
Sending you lots of love. Good decision. Keep us posted. :)
Thanks for the good thoughts. I will work on the courage to post before and afters after my surgery. Not sure about pics of my boobs floating around in the ether forever....

Well, my surgery is in 4 more sleeps, and I'm...

Well, my surgery is in 4 more sleeps, and I'm getting decidedly anxious. I've had to stop taking all of my naturopathic remedies presurgery, and it's making me realize how much they were helping. I have muscle stiffness, joint pain, anxiety, muscle weakness, hair loss and brain fog. I really hope these symptoms go away after I get the implants out. I'm opting for a capsulectomy to ensure that I'm doing everything I can to get healthy. Also planning to do a sort of cleanse while I'm recovering (i.e. brown rice, chicken, fish, and fresh fruit and vegs). I'll be recovering in a hotel room for 3 days post surgery. Anyone have any advice what I should pack?

Well, I'm on the other side of the surgery now,...

Well, I'm on the other side of the surgery now, and I feel fine. Less than 24 hours later, and I have had very minimal pain--the worst pain seems to be my midback from laying around for a whole day. Lots of pillows for sleeping. It turns out my left implant was ruptured. The surgeon was very surprised, but I was not--I knew something was wrong. Any questions? Ask me. I'm trying to think of things I wish I'd known before surgery, but can't think of any. I'm moving pretty easily, and really very little discomfort.

one week post op today

Well, I can't believe how well everything's gone. The most pain I've had is from the bras digging into me. I am extremely surprised how full my breasts are compared to when I first took the bandages off. Don't be alarmed immediately following surgery!
Hello there, I am curious if your hair grew back? Are you feeling better? I just made a consult because I'm sure it is the implants that are causing me issues. Thank you!!!
Petra Schiller

So far, she's a 5* She's lovely, and takes time, and listens, and believes that the patient gets a voice.

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