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Hi ladies, Im 3 days po from having my 265cc over...

Hi ladies, Im 3 days po from having my 265cc over the muscle cohesive gels removed and a lollipop lift was also performed.
The pain has been more than I expected, but I'm taking percocet every 4 hours and it's manageable. I was waiting 6 hours and tried to cut my perc in half, well, I don't recommend that! You heal better when you are comfortable.
This compression sports bra is digging into my shoulders and is really uncomfy! I've taken a peek and my boobs are nice and perky, but I'm definitely afraid as to the nightmare I can't see under the dressings. I get to shower today! Yaaaay! Which may be difficult bc I can't lift my arms above my head. May need my husband for that. How the heck am I going to brush my hair too? It's long, and so far it's been in a bun on top of my head.
Anyway, day 3 much better than day 2. I slept through the night, which makes all the difference in the world. I'd just like to say, that I look so much better without my huge 34 DD's. I've missed my B's. My follow up appt is Wed, and I think the bandages come off *eeeeek*


Congrats on getting explanted!

How did the shower go? Did you feel a millions times better afterwards?

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Thanks! The shower was lovely! However, I was so exhausted afterwards, I fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours.

4 day po pics


So glad things are going well for you, rest!
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you look amazing I want to expant too! Did your PS remove your capsules as well? I have downsized a few times and I feel still too big so Im about to just explant and get another lift and be done with it! You look great CONGRATS
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Thanks so much! I also downsized before my explant. I'm really happy I actually took the plunge. I'm very sore right now, I must've over done it.

1week po

Hi ladies,
Still having pain and napping in the afternoon. I'm hoping to be back to my normal routine soon.
My po appt went really well! I was afraid to look down when the tape dressings were changed, but I did and they look so good! Bruised and still a bit swollen but not raw hamburgery from the lift like I thought. I'm so glad I did this.


How are you doing? After seeing your post op explant pics Im scheduled next week to discuss my explant, Im nervous because Ive already had 2 freggin lifts and not sure what in the world these titties will look like!! Keep us posted do you feel lighter? I have 380 cc's in gel Sientra and want them out Im tired and over the implant ride...
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Hey, I'm doing pretty good. I still have throbbing pain in my left and swelling. I get my stitches out thurs. I have tape-like dressing covering my incisions so I have no idea how it looks right now. At my 1 week po I saw them and I was in awe at how well everything is healing. I hate this sports bra and I want to burn it! Lol I feel much lighter and look so much better without my huge boobs! No regrets!
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